The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2740 (Charlie Wade) part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2740 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2740

 2740 / 2

Ziva Hank nodded and said with emotion: “I used to think Aurous Hill was just a medium-sized city.

 I didn’t expect it to develop so well. It seems that the domestic situation is indeed very different 

from what the Western media advertised.”

Charlie smiled and said, “That’s natural. Western media are all lemon essence, and it’s sour all day long.”

Ziva Hank agreed and said: “It’s true, they like to report the smearing content every day.”

With that said, Ziva Hank felt that he was getting more and more uncomfortable. 

Thinking about the shameful style, he couldn’t help but feel a little depressed, so he deliberately said to Charlie: 

“MR. Wade, do you often buy underwear for your girlfriend?”

Charlie didn’t expect Ziva Hank to talk about this suddenly, 

and while embarrassed, he also answered smoothly: “How is it possible, today is the first time…”

Ziva Hank pretended to be surprised and asked: “Really?!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Of course it is true.”

Ziva Hank asked again: “Will you be embarrassed when you enter the store?”

Charlie sighed: “That’s quite embarrassing… There are prosthetic models wearing all kinds of underwear everywhere.

 I don’t dare to look at my eyes. I can only point to a model casually and buy it back quickly. Up.”

Ziva Hank nodded lightly, and thought to himself: “It seems that the style is not what MR. Wade intended…”

Immediately, when she saw Charlie talk about it,

 she seemed to be a little cautious, and she couldn’t help laughing in her heart: 

“I didn’t expect that such a powerful person as MR. Wade 

would be embarrassed…”


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