The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2742 (Charlie Wade) part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2742 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2742

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However, Hank was not in that mood at all, carefully trying to figure out the meaning in her eyes.

Seeing the girl in front of him staring at herself but not speaking, Hank didn’t have the patience to 

continue spending here, and directly said: “If there is nothing wrong, please go back.”

After speaking, he closed the door directly.

Ziva Hank outside the door was stupid.

I didn’t even dream of it. Dad couldn’t recognize himself just by wearing a mask.

Not only could he not recognize himself, but he closed the door.

Charlie, who was leaning on one side of the wall,

 looked at her with a smile at this time, and asked in a low voice: “How’s it going, have you taken it?”

Ziva Hank said angrily: “It’s a big deal to invite you to dinner tonight!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Not tonight. I have to go home tonight. My wife is still waiting for me at home.”

Ziva Hank asked in surprise: “You… are you married?”

Charlie nodded: “I have been married for four years.”

Ziva Hank suddenly felt a little empty in her heart,

 but she adjusted it quickly and said, “Well, I will talk about the meal another day. Anyway,

 I will stay in Aurous Hill to work for you in the future, and I can honor the bet at any time.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Okay, remember this meal first.”

After all, he pointed to the door of Hank’s office and smiled: “Would you like to give your dad another chance?”

Ziva Hank raised his hand in anger and knocked on the door again.

Tuk tuk.

Hank inside was obviously a little irritable. He opened the door with a bit of sullenness. 

Seeing that it was still the girl, he asked, “What is the matter with you?”

Ziva Hank stomped angrily, took off the mask directly, and blurted out:

 “Hank! You can’t even recognize your biological daughter?!”


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