The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2743 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2743 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2743


When Hank heard Ziva Hank’s words, he was shocked.

When he saw Ziva Hank’s face, he shouted in horror: “Ziva?! Is it really you?!”

Although Ziva Hank was standing in front of him, 

deep in Hank’s heart, he still couldn’t believe that the woman in front of him was really his daughter.

Because, in his heart, he firmly believes that his daughter must still be in Syria now.

There is no possibility that she will suddenly appear in front of her.

Especially since I just talked to Charlie,

 even Charlie hasn’t seen her now.

Moreover, the United States did not send anyone to rescue her, so the Syrian 

opposition forces who have taken her daughter have no chance of releasing her back.

Ten thousand steps back and said, even if the Syrian reactionaries were really merciful, 

she would not be able to appear in Aurous Hill so soon.

Therefore, at this moment, he thought it was a time disorder, and he didn’t know what to

 respond to in the mist of the whole person.

When Ziva Hank saw her father, she was originally very excited and very thankful,

 but she didn’t know why, after her father didn’t recognize her, she suddenly felt a little unhappy.

So, she looked at Hank with anger, and complained: “I am a living person standing in front of you, 

don’t you believe me?”

Hank hurriedly said: “Believe, I believe…but…but how did you come to Aurous Hill?! 

This…this is impossible!”

Ziva Hank shook his head helplessly, turned to look at Charlie who was standing against the wall, 

and said to his father: “Hey, how did I come to Aurous Hill? You will know if you ask him.”

Standing inside the door frame, Hank didn’t even know that there was a person

 hidden outside the door by the wall.

He hurriedly looked out to see that it was Charlie who had just taken off his mask and looked at him.

Charlie saw the shock and doubt in Hank’s eyes, smiled and waved his hand, and said, “Hi, Uncle Hank.”

“Charlie?!” Hank was even more dumbfounded, and hurriedly asked: “This…what the hell is going on?!”

Charlie smiled and asked him: “Can you go in and say?”

Hank came back to his senses and said excitedly: “Come in!”

Charlie and Ziva Hank entered Hank’s office together, and Hank took Ziva Hank and sat on the sofa with him.

Charlie shook the mask in his hand and laughed at himself: “It seems that this thing is useless for me.”

Hank said impatiently: “Oh, tell me what is going on! Didn’t you just say that people are in Syria?

 you two lied to me together?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Isn’t this trying to surprise you!”

Hank said quickly: “Surprise! It is indeed a surprise! This is really a great surprise!”

As he said, he hurriedly asked again: “Quickly tell me, how did you come back? 

Why did you come back in such a short time? Did the process go smoothly?”

Charlie smiled and said, “It wasn’t going well at the beginning, but it soon became very smooth.

 I just met the commander of the opposition over there and made a friend with him. The other party was also happy,

 so I gave Ziva to him. Let it go.”

Hank hurriedly looked at Ziva Hank who was aside, and asked: “Ziva, you haven’t been wronged over there, right?”

Ziva Hank adjusted his sitting posture and said embarrassingly: “They locked us in the cellar

 and really wanted to kill us at first, but fortunately MR. Wade rescued us in time, 

otherwise we would be executed one by one…”

Hank said to Charlie with great gratitude: “Charlie, you can bring Ziva back without incident. 

Uncle really owes you a life! From now on, uncle’s old life is yours, you let uncle do it. What?

 Uncle dare to hesitate a little bit, thunder and thunder in the sky!”

Charlie hurriedly said: “It’s not like Uncle Hank, I’m just a little help, not to mention that you are a good friend of my mother,

 and I should help you!”

Ziva Hank heard this and exclaimed, “Dad! Isn’t MR. Wade the son of Aunt Ava you often talk about?!”

“Yes!” Hank nodded and said, “He is your only son of Aunt Ava, Charlie!”

With light in his eyes, Ziva Hank said to Charlie excitedly:

 “MR. Wade, it is true that your mother is the biggest idol in my life! I decided to go to Stanford


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