The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2744 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2744 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2744


only after learning about her deeds. Stanford, I learned more about your mother’s deeds,

 and my admiration for her is beyond words…”

Charlie couldn’t help being a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Ziva Hank also knew 

very well about his mother’s affairs.

This also made Charlie feel ashamed and embarrassed in his heart.

I don’t know much about my mother, or even worse than an outsider. This is indeed because

 I didn’t do enough. Otherwise, I should have found a way to understand my mother’s life.

At this time, Hank looked at Ziva Hank, and said seriously and seriously: “Ziva, I have promised Charlie, after he rescues you,

 you will be the person in charge of Charlie’s ocean shipping business, and I will As a consultant,

 I am obligated to provide you with all the help I can provide, so when you return home safely this time,

you must never run around again. Stay steadfast and work hard in Aurous Hill. We, father and daughter,

 work together. In any case, I have to help Charlie to do this


Ziva Hank nodded and said without hesitation: “Dad, don’t worry about this, I have already promised MR. Wade…”

After speaking, she hurriedly said: “I am actually the most worried about my ability… 

This time in Syria, I realized that I do have a lot of shortcomings in all aspects, especially when it comes to 

seeing people. , I am a little too optimistic, so I am worried that I will not be competent…”

Charlie said at this time: “Miss Ziva, don’t worry about this matter. We are doing a serious business. 

We rely on financial resources, planning, resources, channels and contacts, rather than intrigue, 

so you just have to. To run the company, sort out the business, and understand the connection of resources, 

the rest will be a matter of course.”

Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Google’s Larry Page, or Tesla’s Elon Musk

After all, he said again: “Look, whether it’s Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Google’s Larry Page, 

or Tesla’s Elon Musk, they all have a background in computer technology. They are commonly known as code farmers.

 They may not be very good at seeing people or knowing intrigue, but what they really understand is technology, 

the market, and how to use their technology to make products that best meet market needs, 

so as long as If they can do what they do best, they can succeed, and so do you!”

“MR. Wade, since you have said so, then I will do my best to not let you down!”

When Ziva Hank heard this, his originally nervous and bottomless heart really relaxed a lot.

However, she was relieved in her heart, but her body couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief.

Because she was sitting on the sofa, she felt that her upper body was tightened by improper inerwear, 

which even made her breathless.

Hank saw his daughter’s unnaturalness, and couldn’t help asking, “Ziva, what’s wrong with you? 

Is it uncomfortable?”


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