The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2749 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2749)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2749 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2749


When Charlie parked the car at the gate of Heaven Springs,

 Don Albert had already arrived.

As soon as Charlie came, he hurried over with the manager of Heaven Springs and said respectfully:

 “Master Wade, the diamond box has been arranged for you.”

Charlie nodded, pointed at Hank beside him and Ziva Hank who had just got off the bus, and said,

 “Don Albert, let me introduce you. 

This is Professor Hankhe from Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics,

 and the one behind is Professor Hank’s. Daughter, Miss Ziva.”

Don Albert hurriedly stepped forward and said politely: “Professor Hank and Miss ziva, i, I am glad to meet the two of you!”

Hank and Ziva Hank also politely nodded with Don Albert.

Charlie said at this time: “Don Albert, if Professor Hank and Miss Ziva need help in Aurous Hill

 in the future, you must bother more.”

Without saying anything, Don Albert blurted out: “Master Wade, don’t worry, with your words, in the future,

 as long as Professor Hank and Miss Ziva speak, Don Albert will definitely

 go all out!”

Charlie nodded and said to him: “You first take Professor Hank and Miss Ziva in, and arrange the food and drinks first.

 I have something to do when I go out. I will be back in 10 minutes.”

After finishing speaking, he said to Professor Hank again: “Uncle hank, you go with Ziva first, and I will come in a while.”

“Okay.” Hank nodded and said: “Then let’s go in and wait for you, don’t worry on the way.”


Charlie handed the father and daughter to Don Albert, 

and hurriedly returned to the cab, started the car, and turned around to go to the 

shopping mall just passing by.

With the experience of buying underwear in the morning, Charlie relaxed a lot this time. As soon as he entered the store, he asked

 the salesperson directly. Because the set in the morning was black, he bought a black upper body separately this time. underwear.

As for the size, given that the body had been broken by Ziva Hank in the morning, he simply added two sizes and changed from A to C.

After buying the underwear, Charlie rushed back non-stop and parked the car again in front of Heaven Springs.

 When he was about to get off the car, he suddenly realized that he could not go directly to the box with the underwear bag,

 otherwise he would be watched by Hank. When you arrive, you may still think that you are a hooligan.

So he took the underwear out of the bag, then folded it up and 

stuffed it into his pocket.

Although the pockets are bulging, but fortunately no one would have thought that it contained a piece of female underwear.

At this time, Hank and Ziva Hank were sitting and chatting in the diamond box.

Hank wanted to know the details of the kidnapping of his daughter in Syria, so he asked a lot of questions.

Ziva Hank replied absently, but all his thoughts were about underwear.

It was the first time that she encountered such a dilemma.

 The disconnected underwear was hanging crookedly inside the clothes. It felt so uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

At this moment, Charlie opened the door and walked in.

Seeing Charlie, Ziva Hank felt even more irritable.

It’s not that Charlie hates Charlie, it’s mainly because Charlie bought her this set of underwear, which really pitted her.

“The one underneath is extremely revealing, and you can endure it by gritting your teeth, but the one on the top… 

hey… it’s really going to kill the popularity!”

Charlie also saw that Ziva Hank’s expression was weird, guessing that she must be very uncomfortable

 now, maybe she has been complaining about herself, so she thought about finding a suitable opportunity to give 

her this new one in her pocket.

However, this kind of thing must not be done in front of Hank, otherwise it might be how the old professor misunderstood him.

Seeing that Charlie was coming, Hank greeted Charlie to sit down beside him.

The diamond box in Heaven Springs is the most luxurious one in the whole Heaven Springs. 

The huge round dining table can satisfy at least twenty people dining at the same time, so it looks a 

little deserted when three people sit.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2749 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2749


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