The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2754 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2754)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2754 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2754


Ziva Hank’s expression was already dumbfounded.

She really didn’t expect that her father had always thought that his sexual orientation was a girl.

In fact, it was just a period of rebellion, used to deal with and prevaricate Dad’s rhetoric.

At that time, my father always wanted to make him fall in love and marry earlier, so he would often help him find some 

high-achieving students of the same age in the school where he worked, and even some of his proud disciples.

But at that time, Ziva Hank was not in a relationship at all. 

Half of her mind was studying, and the other half of her mind was used to keep the world in mind.

 She often participated in various environmental protection and anti-war propaganda activities, 

and even personally met a few friends. Let’s go to Syria to make 

anti-war films.

At that time, it was the pinnacle that she was blinded by the hypocritical universal values ​​of the West.

 He received higher education in the West, so he felt that the universal value of the West was the key to saving

 the entire world and even the entire mankind. .

Westerners call for environmental protection and energy saving every day, but the per capita electricity consumption in the United States is three times that of China. 

With 5% of the global population, the United States consumes 25% of the world’s oil and creates 25% of the world’s 

greenhouse gases.

Young Americans promote anti-war and peace throughout the world every day, without knowing that their country is the real global war machine.

However, after experiencing the disaster in Syria, Ziva Hank finally woke up.

She finally understood that the premise of having the world in mind is to first figure out what the real world looks like.

At the moment, the Chinese people are down-to-earth, live and work in peace, make every effort to make their lives better,

 and at the same time never take the initiative to send troops to attack other countries and provoke disputes.

 This is the true universal value.

Seeing this clearly also made her a little bit more understanding of her father’s previous bitterness.

At this moment, Hank looked at Charlie and asked, “Charlie, Your uncle doesn’t have many acquaintances in Aurous Hill. 

You have been here for a long time. If you have a suitable girl by your side, you can introduce him to Ziva. “

Charlie nodded, not knowing how a face came to mind, so he said seriously: 

“Uncle , I know a nice girl, she has a personality similar to Ziva, and her name is quite similar.

 Ziva, one is called Zara, Ziva and Zara, and the names match well.”

“Good thing!” Hank, who was already drunk, hurriedly asked, “Does she like girls too? If so, you can introduce Ziva to meet you!”

Charlie said embarrassingly: “This… I don’t know the truth. Should I ask her if I have a chance?”

“Okay!” Hank nodded repeatedly: “Then you must take it seriously, uncle thank you in advance!”

Ziva Hank didn’t expect that her father would start Charlie to introduce her girlfriend, so embarrassed,

 she mustered up the courage and said to Hank: “Dad, there is actually something that I haven’t told you clearly…”

Hank was taken aback and asked quickly: “What’s the matter?”

After that, he asked nervously, “Is there anything more explosive to tell me? Ziva, although my dad is not very old,

 my heart can’t bear too much toss, can you give it to me first? Dad, tell me, what is the matter?”

Ziva Hank lowered his head, not daring to look at Hank, and explained in shame: “Actually…I don’t really like girls…”

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