The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2758 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2758) part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2758 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2758

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As he said, he took out his cell phone and said: “I’ll call Charlie first and ask what’s going on.”

At this time, Charlie was meditating and resting in Shangri-La.

Previously, he had consumed too much aura in Syria, which always made him feel more or less mentally regressed

, and he felt that he hadn’t woken up.

He also wanted to follow the method mentioned in the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”

 and try to absorb the so-called heaven and earth aura from around him, but what kind of heaven 

and earth aura comes from this modern metropolis with iron 

walls and iron walls?

Moreover, more than ten meters below the ground are underground garages and foundations,

 with very little soil, and even the green trees are transplanted from behind.

Such trees are meaningless even if they have a century old tree, because when these old trees are artificially transplanted,

 their aura has suffered a huge loss. When transplanted into cities, the soil is shallow and the pollution is heavy.

 It is good to be able to live. What kind of aura is there.

This feeling is like being thrown into the center of the Sahara Desert, with unobstructed bursting sunlight above my head

, and endless dry desert under my feet. Even the moisture in the air has long been evaporated to the extreme. 

Isn’t that a foolish dream to find water here?

When the phone rang, he opened his eyes from disappointment and frowned when he looked at the screen of the phone.

“Lord Wade?”

“It seems that the old man is here to ask the guilt.”

Charlie hummed softly and pressed the answer button.


Lord Wade’s voice came.

Charlie asked, “Anything?”

Lord Wade blurted out: “Charlie, tell the truth to your grandfather,

 did you do the thing that Zayne disappeared in Aurous Hill?!”

Charlie gave a hum, and said calmly: “Well, I did it, what’s the matter?”

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