The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2761 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2761)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2761 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2761


Seeing that Lord Wade had no longer had his previous worries, 

Charlie said: “If there is nothing else, I’ll hang up first, and I’m tired of all the troubles, so I need to take a good rest.”

Lord Wade said hurriedly: “Well, well, take a good rest first, and grandpa won’t bother you!”

Charlie was about to hang up the phone, suddenly remembered something, and said: “Oh, yes, 

I plan to do ocean transportation. In the future, the Wade Family shouldn’t grab this business from me, right?”

“What?” Lord Wade exclaimed: “Do you want to ship ocean freight?”

“Yes.” Charlie said lightly: “Already in preparation, I will tell you after the project is launched, 

I will take over the dividends released by the Banks Family at that time, and in the market south of the Yangtze River,

 I hope the Wade Family will not come to interfere. .”

Lord Wade hesitated for a moment, then bit the bullet and agreed, saying: “Okay! In this case, then 

I fully support you in starting a business in Jiangnan!”

“Okay.” Charlie said: “If this is the case, then hang up first.”

Lord Wade hung up, with mixed feelings.

Stephen Thompson, who was on the side, had been listening silently, and when he saw him hung up the phone,

 he asked, “Master, what did he say, master?”

Lord Wade probably repeated what he had said with Charlie on the phone just now with Stephen Thompson.

Afterwards, he sighed: “Charlie is really amazing. 

She went to Syria alone, and even called the commander of the opposition force a brother, 

and also asked Zayne to spit 100 million US dollars to the other party. This is tantamount to cultivating overseas contacts.

 It’s a big deal, and this time Zayne disappeared, the Banks Family’s dumb loss is settled.”

After speaking, he said with some boredom: “It’s just that Charlie suddenly said that he would engage in ocean transportation

, and hoped that I would not interfere in Jiangnan’s business. Hey, I originally wanted to take the opportunity to grab this business market from the Banks Family.

 As a result, he wanted it, and Jiangnan I had to give it to him. In this way, we will suffer a lot of losses for ourselves…”

Stephen Thompson asked him, “Then what are you going to do?”

Lord Wade said helplessly: “I won’t move the Banks Family for the time being.

 Let’s see if he can do it. It would be a good thing if he can take advantage of the trend and make it bigger. 

I can give him the transportation market in Jiangnan at that time, but By then there will be conditions.

 I will use the Jiangnan market for him to return to Wade’s house in a fair manner.”

At this moment, while waiting for Lord Wade’s news, Lord Banks urged his subordinates to collect clues.

However, just like when James disappeared, the entire Aurous Hill was a black hole, devouring his 

two sons and all information related to them.

At this moment, Adrian Peters ( Banks Butler ) reported a piece of news: “Master, the eldest master arranged the financial

affairs of an overseas company this morning and transferred 100 million U.S. dollars to a Swiss bank account!”

“What?!” Lord Banks blurted out: “Quickly check it out for me! See who owns that collection account!”

Adrian Peters ( Banks Butler ) reluctantly said: “Master, this is impossible to find. 

The main reason that Swiss Bank can take the world by storm and survive to this day is to protect the privacy of customers with all their strength. 

It is impossible to find out whoever checks it.”

After that, Adrian Peters ( Banks Butler ) said again: “However, the Swiss bank was forced to sign agreements with some countries. 

Under certain special circumstances, it can provide customer information for certain countries, 

but this is also limited to the national level. If you It may be possible to find the relationship above…”

“It doesn’t exist…” Lord Banks slapped his lips: “The people all over the country are scolding me.

 I have a lot of opinions from the front. 

They didn’t directly ask me to explain in the past. Go to them for help with a face, isn’t that hitting the gun?”

Adrian Peters ( Banks Butler ) said helplessly: “Then there may be no other way…”

Lord Banks frowned and muttered: “I don’t quite understand. Since Zayen 80% fell into the hands of the Wade Family,

 what is the point of the Wade Family’s 100 million dollars? They can’t care about such a small amount of money…”

Adrian Peters ( Banks Butler ) opened the mouth and said: “Maybe it was the smoke bomb they deliberately released?”

“Smoke bomb?” Lord Banks was even more surprised, and said: “It’s not interesting to have 

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2761 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2761


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