The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2763-2764 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2763-2764)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2763-2764 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2763-2764

At this time, Adrian Peters ( banks butler ), the butler of the Banks family, said to the side: “Master, I always feel that this matter is very strange, and the Wade family still can’t get rid of the relationship.”

 Lord Banks sighed: “Yes. Even if the Wade family did it, we didn’t have any good ideas this time. After all, from the beginning, zayen deliberately avoided the sight of outsiders. Now there is no evidence that he has been to Shangri-La.  , How can we assert that he disappeared in Shangri-La? Even if this matter is raised, we are still making trouble.”

 Adrian Peters ( banks butler ) said depressedly: “Then we can’t just eat this dumb loss, the second young master has disappeared, and the eldest young master has also disappeared. When did our Banks family suffer from this loss… If this is spread out, it will be in front of outsiders in the future.  , The Banks family lost all face…”

 Lord Banks clenched his fists, there was always nowhere to vent a bad anger in his heart.

 How could he not be annoyed when the two sons disappeared one after another.

 However, the two sons are like sinking into the sea, making people unable to find any information or clues. This is full of weirdness.

 Moreover, even though Lord Banks knew that the Wade family must have inseparable ties, he still didn’t want to believe that all of this was the Wade family’s work.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2763 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2763

 Because in his knowledge of the Wade family, the Wade family absolutely does not possess such abilities.

 Take the situation when the second son James disappeared. At that time, the top master of the Banks family, Master Hett, stayed at the Aurous Hill International Hotel together with James to ensure the safety of James.

 But even so, James still disappeared under Master Hett’s nose.

 Afterwards, in addition to pleading guilty to  Old hatt also concluded in one word that the strength of the person who kidnapped the second young master must be above him.

 Just this sentence left Lord Banks’s heart lingering.

 He couldn’t figure out how could there be anyone in Aurous Hill who could be stronger than Elder hatt, and secondly he didn’t believe that Wade family’s subordinates could have such a top expert.

 So, he said to Adrian Peters ( banks butler ) with a cold face: “Aurous Hill is an extraordinary place, maybe there are really some amazing masters living here, I don’t know if the old guy Mai can find relevant clues this time.  I have invited a top metaphysical master from the UK to quietly go to Aurous Hill. If he can find a clue, this person will surely kill him and get rid of my troubles!”

 Adrian Peters ( banks butler ) couldn’t help asking, “Master, what do we want Mai and his great-grandson to do? The two of them took so much money from us and were unwilling to help us kill people. The price/performance ratio is too low!”

 Lord Banks also inevitably said a little annoyedly: “Mai, an old thing! I saw my father’s respect for him, so I asked him to come over in a humble manner. I didn’t expect this old thing to be so ignorant to praise this time.  If he can help me find the man behind the scenes, everything is fine. If he can’t find it, I don’t think he needs to return to the United States!”


 After several hours of flying, Kairi (xion’s mom ) finally arrived in Aurous Hill before dark.

 As soon as the plane landed, Isaac Cameron’s men directly used a helicopter to take her from the airport to Shangri-La.

 Hearing that people had arrived at Shangri-La, Isaac Cameron immediately came to Charlie’s room and knocked on the door.

 When Charlie opened the door, he respectfully said: “Master, Kairi (xion’s mom ) is here, when will you see her?”

 Charlie said: “Just now, where is the person?”

 Isaac Cameron replied respectfully: “I asked my subordinates to send her to my office.”

 Charlie nodded: “Go, go to your office and meet her.”

 Isaac Cameron asked hurriedly, “Master, do you want to invite Miss xion over?”

 “Don’t worry,” Charlie said: “I want to talk to her first.”


 Charlie and Isaac Cameron came to his office together. Isaac Cameron opened the door first. At this time, a middle-aged woman in her 40s and 50s with only one arm was sitting on the sofa of the office.

 This woman is xion’s biological mother, Kairi (xion’s mom ).

 Kairi (xion’s mom ) was also a standard lady back then. His appearance was originally a first-class beauty. In addition, he was tall and well-proportioned because of years of martial arts practice. However, he lacked an arm that seemed a bit offensive.

 Seeing Charlie and Isaac Cameron walking in, Kairi (xion’s mom ) hurriedly stood up, her expression and demeanor were somewhat cautious.

 In her opinion, after all, the other party is the Wade family Young Master, with a noble status, and she is just a member of a martial arts family and a disabled person, so she also feels a little inferior in her heart.

 As soon as Charlie entered the room, he smiled and walked towards her, and said, “Hello, you should be Ms. Kairi (xion’s mom ), right?”

 When Kairi (xion’s mom ) saw Charlie, from the details of Isaac Cameron opening the door for him, he guessed that this person should be the Wade family Master.

 So she said very humbly: ” Master Wade, you are just an inconspicuous female in the Elms family. You can’t afford to be Young  Master Wade, you are so polite…”

 Charlie smiled slightly: ”   Ms. Kairi doesn’t have to say that. In terms of age, you are my elder, and I naturally have to respect it.”

 Kairi (xion’s mom ) did not expect that Charlie didn’t even have the slightest air of a young master, and the first impression of him deep in her heart was very good.

 Moreover, she vaguely felt that the young master in front of her, although she could not see any martial arts cultivation skills, always gave people an unfathomable feeling, and should not be an ordinary person.

 So she asked respectfully: ” Master Wade, I don’t know why you are looking for me?”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2764 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2764

 Charlie smiled and said: ”   Ms. Kairi, please sit down first, don’t stand and talk.”

 “Okay…” Kairi (xion’s mom ) nodded and sat back on the sofa.

 Charlie also sat down opposite her and said, “I heard that    Ms. Kairi’s family is a famous martial arts family in China?”

 Kairi (xion’s mom ) hurriedly said: ” Master Wade, our Elms family has indeed practiced martial arts for many years, but it’s not very famous. After all, there are many families in China who are more powerful than the Elms family. There should be many people who are stronger than the Elms family.”

 Charlie smiled and said, ”   Ms. Kairi doesn’t have to be so humble. As far as I know, the Elms family is one of the four major martial arts families in China. It can be ranked in the top four, which proves that it is definitely not a vain name.”

 Kairi (xion’s mom ) smiled faintly, and said: “The martial arts family itself is nothing special. In the final analysis, it still has to live by the real top family. Otherwise, if tElms family like ours does not have the financial support of the top family, I am afraid that the descendants of tElms family will be connected.  There are no conditions for practicing martial arts.”

 After that, she looked at Charlie and asked curiously: “Young  Master Wade, you want to see me by name, I don’t know what is the matter? Is it that the Wade family is interested in cooperating with our family?”

 Charlie smiled and said: “Of course I want to cooperate deeply with    Ms. Kairi and the Elms family, but I don’t represent the Wade family, but myself.”

 Kairi (xion’s mom ) was a little puzzled. The Wade family Young Master said that he did not represent the Wade family. Could it be that he had established himself?

 At this time, Charlie said again: “By the way,    Ms. Kairi, I invite you over this time, mainly because I want you to come over to meet an old person. As for cooperation, we can discuss longer.”

 “Old friend?!” Kairi (xion’s mom ) asked in surprise: ” Master Wade, I don’t know who is the old friend you are talking about?”

 Charlie smiled and said, ”   Ms. Kairi, don’t worry, you will know who it is when she comes in a while.”

 After speaking, he winked at Isaac Cameron and said: “isaac, go get someone over!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2764 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2764


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