The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2767 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2767)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2767 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2767


Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom has been looking for Xion for so long.

Although he has been reluctant to give up, he also vaguely feels that the chance of getting her daughter back is very slim.

Even, she has accepted the fact that her daughter was killed in her heart, but the core driving force generated by

 the mother’s love deep down in her heart urged her to continue to look for it, because this is her only sustenance.

During this period of time, Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom feels that as long as her daughter is alive, no matter what price she pays,

 she can accept it. Even if her daughter pays the price of injury and paralysis, as long as the daughter is still alive, she will be satisfied.

However, she didn’t dare to dream about it.

 Not only did her daughter stand in front of her intact, she even made a huge breakthrough in her cultivation.

This is simply a blessing in disguise, and it is a blessing in the sky because of killing!

The fact that Ren Mai is a great success is a height that countless martial arts masters dare not reach for a lifetime!

Apart from anything else, Ren’s pulse is great, at least Xion’s cultivation base, at the original speed of cultivation, has stepped forward for five to sixty years.

Even if she allowed her to practice for another fifty or sixty years, she might not be able to cultivate Ren Channel to the fullest.

Therefore, the daughter is so lucky, how can she, a mother, not be excited.

And it was the Wade Family Young Master who saved her daughter’s life and allowed her to improve her cultivation by leaps and bounds. 

Therefore, deep in Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom’s heart, he was even willing to use his life to repay Charlie ‘s great kindness.

Seeing Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom kneeling in front of him,

 Charlie  was about to step forward to help, Xion also hurriedly followed his mother and knelt down.

Mom knelt to Grace for herself, how could she stand.

She knelt next to her mother and choked with sobs:

 “Young Master Wade, if you can see your mother again, she depends on your kindness. 

From now on, if you can see her again, Xion is willing to follow you by your side and do your heart and soul!”

When Xion said this, he was actually a little selfish in his heart.

She knew that Charlie  was not the kind of person who bound each other with kindness, so she was very worried that

 after Charlie  let herself meet her mother, she would directly ask her mother to take Her away.

Although Xion missed her mother, 

wanted to see her, and let her know that she was alive, she did not want to go back to where with her mother.

This is because she wants to be able to stay with Charlie  in the future.

On the one hand, it is indeed for repaying the gratitude, and on the other hand, it is only because he has already fallen in love with him.

Moreover, she also knows very well that her identity as an illegitimate daughter is not worthy of Charlie ‘s identity.

 Just like her mother Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom and father Zayne back then, although they have feelings, 

they are ultimately divided into masters and servants, so She hoped that she could stay by Charlie  like her mother was by her father’s side.

That’s why she told Charlie  that she was willing to stay by his side and follow him.

When Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom heard this, she understood her daughter’s choice in her heart.

At this moment, she was struggling deep in her heart.

She didn’t know what her daughter was thinking.

It’s just that she recalled the ill feelings between herself and Zayne, and then thought of the hardship of raising Xion alone.

 She was afraid that Xion would follow in her own footsteps in the future.

If possible, she would never want her daughter to end up like her own in the future.

When she felt a tingling deep in her heart, Charlie  suddenly said, “Xion, I saved you at the beginning, 

and I didn’t want you to reward me with your own life, so you don’t have to follow me all the time in the future.

 , You can completely change your appearance and start your new life with a clean identity.”

Xion hurriedly shook his head and said, “Master Wade, if you leave the present situation, 

if you know it well, if you don’t have your asylum, if you don’t have your shelter, if you don’t have your asylum,

 Xion will probably still fall into the hands of the Japanese. I’m afraid no one can protect me…”

Speaking of this, Xion whispered sadly: “So… if Xion hopes to stay with Charlie , on the one hand, 

he can do something for Charlie , and on the other hand, he hopes to continue to get Charlie . Asylum…”

At this time, Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom suddenly realized that her daughter and herself are actually quite different.

Back then, as Zayne’s bodyguard, he had been serving Zayne wholeheartedly.

 It can even be said that he dedicated his entire youth to him, and one arm was also dedicated to him.

Then he gave birth to Xion for him, which is equivalent to devoting to him in disguised form in the second half of his life.

But the daughter’s difference is that this Young Master Wade is her lifesaver.

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