The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2775 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2775)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2775 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2775


In fact, this kind of blood-saving heart-saving pill was not worth mentioning to Charlie.

Even if you give the Elms family fifty or one hundred a year, it’s just a matter of hooking your fingers.

However, the reason why he wanted to limit the number to five a year was to make the Elms family fully aware of how precious this thing really is.

Charlie also knew that from the point of view of the efficacy of the Blood Rescue Pill for martial arts practitioners,

 giving two pills a year was enough for the entire Elms family to 

work for himself.

The reason for giving them five is to give the Elms family a chance to rise so that they can focus on

 training three or five warriors with better talents in a planned way 

each year.

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom naturally knew the value of this pill, and realized that it was a huge development opportunity for the Elms family,

 so she had no time to ask her father for instructions, so she agreed directly on behalf of the entire Elms family.

She knew that her father would not refuse! Elms family, won’t refuse!

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom agreed, Charlie smiled slightly, and continued to throw bait: “From now on, 

at the end of the twelfth lunar month of the lunar calendar every year, I will make a year-end assessment based on the performance of the Elms family in one year. 

If the karma works for me, I will naturally give the Elms family a few extra pills at the end of the year.”

When Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom heard this, her heart was even more excited.

 She said without hesitation: “Then I will thank Master Wade for the more than a hundred people from the Elms family!”

After that, Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom asked again: “Master Wade, in your opinion, is it necessary for the

 Elms family to migrate from Mocheng to Aurous Hill?”

Charlie thought for a while and waved his hand: “The movement of Elms family is too much, 

it is unnecessary. After You returns, you can discuss with the Patriarch of the Elms family first. 

If he has no objections, then send ten ur ppl  The young generation with the strongest family will come to Aurous Hill.

 At that time, these ten people will be led by You. I will find a suitable house for you in advance so that you can settle down in Aurous Hill.”

With that, Charlie looked at Xion and said, “As for Xion, he will stay with me for the time being.”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom hurriedly said: “No problem, I will return to Mocheng next day and tell my father about the situation.

 I believe my father will not refuse, and I will follow the arrangements of Master Wade for the rest!”

Xion also followed her mother and bowed and said, “Xion obey Master Wade’s instructions!”

Charlie nodded, took out two more blood-dissipating heart-saving pills, handed them to Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom, and said: “Ms. Kairi, 

these two pills, please take them back and give them to your grandfather to taste them, so as to avoid being unfounded and making him bad. judgment.”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom was a little pleased, but also a little nervous and said, “Master Wade, one should be enough…”

Charlie said with a smile: “One of the two pills can be tried by the father, and the other can be divided into several portions,

 put into the water, and let the younger generation of Elms family try it. 

Actually, it is for young people.

 There is no need to take one at a time, otherwise at least 30-40% of the medicinal power is not absorbed by the body at once

, and naturally all was wasted. This step-by-step method can make better use of all the medicinal effects.”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom suddenly said with some regret: “Oh, I knew I wouldn’t take a whole pill just now…”

Charlie smiled and said, “It won’t be a hindrance, there will be opportunities in the future.”

After that, Charlie said again: “You take these two pills first, and the remaining three pills.

 I will give you all at once when you have confirmed and the person arrives in Aurous Hill.”

Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom said in surprise: “Master wade, you have given us four one after another just now. If you count as five a year,

 there should be one left!”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “The two that I gave you and Xion before are not counted. 

That’s a little bit of care I gave to you mother and daughter.

 I will give you two extras each year from now on, these two. It has nothing to do with the Elms family.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2775 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2775

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