The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2782 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2782)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2782 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2782


In the evening, the sky was getting darker.

A Rolls Royce Cullinan is speeding on the Aurous Hill Ring Expressway.

The one who drove was one of Isaac Cameron’s men.

Sitting in the co-pilot was Isaac Cameron.

Sitting in the back row were Deana and Zara, mother and daughter.

Isaac Cameron, the co-pilot, looked at the map on the navigation, and said to the two of them:

 “Please wait a moment for the two of you. 

We are less than 10 minutes away from our destination.

 When we get to the place, they can call the family. Called.”

Deana and Zara were a little excited and intolerable.

 It has been so long since the accident, what they fear most is that their family members are overly worried, so now they can’t wait to let them know that they are still alive.

However, since Isaac Cameron had said everything and had to wait another 10 minutes, the two did not say much.

Waiting for so many days, not bad for the last 10 minutes.

At this time, Deana’s father, Lord Thorne, was holding a family meeting in the old house of Thorne

‘s house in Aurous Hill with his sons and daughters.

In recent days, they have been searching for the whereabouts of Deana and Zara after rushing over from Eastcliff.

Like the banks family, they also used all the resources they could use, but they couldn’t find any clues about the mother and daughter.

At this time, Lord Thorne was at a loss for this matter. 

He looked at his son and daughter, frowned and asked, “What about you? He said he is going to have a meeting tonight, why hasn’t he come?”

The eldest son Dalton said: “Dad, Fitz sent me a WeChat message just now, 

saying that he is deciding what

 concert-related matters are with this year’s performance venue, and he won’t be back for a while. Let’s start first.”

“Naughty!” Lord Thorne said with dissatisfaction: “I know this kid is usually quite sensible,

 how can I not know at all at critical moments? What is more important now than the life safety of his mother and his sister? !”

Dalton reluctantly said: “I know that this kid has not been busy with Deana and Zara’s affairs recently,

 but he must still have other things to do. It is impossible to find their mothers. Leave everything behind.”

The second son, Logan  , also persuaded: “Yes, Dad, I know that this child must know it in his heart,

 but he hasn’t found any clues for so long, so he must be a little discouraged in his heart, so don’t worry about it.”

Lord Thorne said with a bit of sullen tone: “I always feel that this child is a little absent-minded recently.

 I’m afraid that he, like the rest of the Banks family, has indifferent affection!”

Lord Thorne’s eldest daughter, said at this time: “Dad, let’s talk about business first. 

If I have time, I’ll talk to him. This child is what we grew up with, although The surname is Banks,

 but it’s definitely different from his father and his grandfather.”

Lord Thorne sighed and waved his hand: “Come on, let’s not talk about him. Let’s summarize your situation today. Any clues?”

Hearing this, everyone shook their heads helplessly.

Lord Thorne grimaced: “What? There are no clues at all?!”

“No.” Dalton said earnestly: “I have activated all the relationships that can be initiated, and I have also looked for a lot 

of private investigators and informants from the security department, but I have not found any relevant clues related to their wives. .”

Lord Thorne hurriedly asked: “Are the detectives and informants not being careful enough to search for clues?”

Dalton smiled helplessly and said, “Dad, in the process of finding clues, they have dug up seven or eight foreign spies by the way. 

The intensity of this search is absolutely unprecedented, but they still haven’t found any valuables. Clues.” Thank you!

Lord Thorne sighed: “Hey! This is really a ghost! At the scene of such a big car accident in the tunnel, 

the two of them were able to evaporate from the world without leaving any valuable clues. This is incredible.”

Allie hurriedly said: “Dad, it is incredible. The more proof this matter may have room for reversal. 

Otherwise, let alone the impact of the car accident at that time, if something strange does not happen, Zara and the others are probably dead.”

Lord Thorne nodded and said, “This statement also makes some sense, but I have not been able to find any relevant clues. I am really anxious.”

Dalton said: “Dad, I have already settled the relationship. Tomorrow noon, I will be able to temporarily call the supercomputer

 of the Academy of Sciences and use the face recognition system to run all the surveillance videos within a 300-kilometer

 radius of Aurous Hill to compare. Let’s see if we can find any clues about the facial features of Deana and Zara.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2782 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2782

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