The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2784 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2784)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2784 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2784

“What?! Deana?!”

The elderly Lord Thorne heard Deana’s voice,

 and the whole person was almost as if struck by lightning!

He heard his daughter’s voice, but he couldn’t believe it was true.

So at this moment, he felt that his heart suddenly doubled, 

and the violent beating made the entire 

chest pain faintly trembling.

While clutching his chest, he subconsciously confirmed: 

“You…are you really Deana?!”

When these words came out, the surrounding Thorne children were also shocked!

Dalton blurted out and asked, “Dad, is it really Deana?!”

Logan hurriedly said, “Dad, turn on the speaker!”

Lord Thorne hurriedly turned on the speaker of the phone

 and heard the phone on the other end. 

Deana choked and said, “Dad, it’s really me, I’m still alive, 

and Zara is still alive, right by my side.”

Zara also said cryingly: “Grandpa…It’s me…I’m Zara…”

The entire Thoren family suddenly boiled!

Lord Thorne stood up suddenly and blurted out and asked: 

where are your mothers now?!”

Deana said hurriedly: “We are on the outskirts of Aurous Hill. Dad, there are no people here. 

You have to work hard to arrange someone to pick us up.”

Lord Thorne said excitedly: “Hurry up and tell me your specific location,

 and I will Come  with your brother!”

Deana said: “I will use this phone to add your WeChat and send you the address.”

Lord Thorne blurted out: “Give me an approximate direction first.

 Which direction are you in Aurous Hill? I’ll go there first!”

Deana hurriedly looked at Isaac Cameron. Isaac Cameron spoke about the north side silently, 

so Deana hurriedly said, “Dad, I’m in the north of Aurous Hill.”

“Okay!” Lord Thorne was excited and hurriedly said: 

“You can send me the address on WeChat now, 

and I will go out right now!”

After hanging up the phone, Lord Thorne excitedly said to Dalton 


 get ready for the car, and you two will pick them up with me.”

Allie hurriedly said: “Dad, I will go too!”

Lord Thorne waved his hand: “Allie, don’t go there. 

Let the chef, doctor and aunt at home prepare them, prepare meals, get ready for physical examination,

 and also clean up the bedroom.”

As he said, he sighed distressedly: “I don’t know how their wives came

 here these days, and whether they have suffered.”

Allie nodded repeatedly and said, “Okay Dad, then I will make arrangements.”

Lord Thorne gave a hum, greeted the two sons and hurried out.

On the other side, Deana also sent the specific location to his father Lord Thorne.

Dalton drove a seven-seater commercial vehicle from home and drove his father and younger brother hurriedly

 towards the northern suburbs.

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