The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2793 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2793)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2793 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2793


How could the Rothschild family sit back and watch the Wade Family fishermen profit?”

As he said, Banks ( Butler ) continued to analyze:

 “Bruce’s wife’s natal family is indeed very good, but in my impression,

 She has always looked down upon Wade Family. Back then she pearl in the palm of his hand married Wade Family. 

Lord Banks waved his hand and sighed: “It’s not the Rothschild family or bruce’s wife, but the Japanese Chinese!”

“Japanese Chinese?!” Banks ( Butler ) was even more surprised: 

“Master, the largest family in Japan is the Ito family.

 Among the top four families, there is no Chinese family, 

and even the first Ito family in Japan does not have us.

 Its comprehensive strength is strong.”

“You don’t understand.” Lord Banks said: “This strength does not necessarily refer to economic strength, 

but strength in force!”

After talking, Lord Banks said again: “At the beginning, Fitz and Zara were kidnapped by the Matsumoto family in Japan.

 Several top ninjas guarded them. After killing them, 

they would throw their bodies to Ito’s residence in Kyoto. 

The whole plan was designed. The clothes are perfect, but in the end these top

 ninjas were killed by a Chinese youth who didn’t know where they came from…”

Banks ( Butler ) exclaimed: “Master, do you suspect that it was 

the mysterious Chinese youth who saved Deana and Zara this time?!”

Lord Banks said boredly: “I don’t want him to be 10,000 people, 

but now it seems that it is basically nailed… 

Besides this person, who else has such a strong ability to be able to deal with that car accident?

 Deana and Zara rescued? Except for this person, 

who can abduct James without showing off under Master nose? 

Except for this person, who can make him disappeared?!”

Banks ( Butler ) blurted out: “Master, if this is the case, then your personal safety protection must be strengthened! Otherwise,

 if this person wants to act on you and our defensive power is not strong enough,

 it is not his opponent at all… …”

Lord Banks nodded repeatedly, and said in agreement: “Yes!

 The biggest problem now is that our military strength is severely insufficient. 

The Elms family has been withdrawn. Only He and some other bodyguards are in the nursing home.

 I am afraid that it will be unbearable in front of the mysterious man. hit……”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2793 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2793

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