The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2794 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2794)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2794 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2794


With that said, he immediately told Banks ( Butler ): 

You will fly to Northeast Desert City right now!”

Banks ( Butler ) exclaimed: “Go to Mocheng? Master, you let me see Lord Elms (Wilfred)?!”

“Right!” Lord Banks said: “Go to see Lord Elms (Wilfred), and apologize to him about Xion’s affairs on my behalf,

 and tell him that if the Elms family is willing to continue to serve the 

Banks Family regardless of previous suspicions, 

I can give them a year or two. One billion yuan!”

“Two billion a year?!” Banks ( Butler ) said dumbfounded:

 “Master, the remuneration we gave them before has increased from 200 million a year to 600 million.

 To be honest, this amount is already very high, you If it rises to 2 billion all at once, this is more than a three-fold increase!”

Lord Banks waved his hand: “What does it count to triple?

 The key is that the most important thing is to solve the urgent needs! Now behind the Banks Family there is a powerful enemy that is invisible and intangible.

 If you don’t defend yourself, someday, I was also arrested by the other party. Isn’t the Banks Family finished?”

Banks ( Butler ) hurriedly bowed and said, “Master, I understands!  I  will set off now

 and go to Mocheng to see Lord Elms (Wilfred), the head of the Elms family!”

Lord Banks nodded, directly wrote a one-billion-dollar cash check,

 handed it to Banks ( Butler )’s hand, and said:

 “Take this check with you, hand it to Lord Elms (Wilfred), 

tell him whether he accepts my invitation or not, this He can keep any check.”

After a pause, Lord Banks said again: “If he accepts the invitation, it is considered that I prepaid 50% of his salary;

 if he does not accept it, then the money is considered to be my compensation to the Elms family, xion’s matter. After all, I am sorry for them.”

Banks ( Butler ) couldn’t help but said, “Master, if Lord Elms (Wilfred) really chooses the latter, 

wouldn’t these billions of dollars be meat buns and dogs?”

Lord Banks shook his head and said: “You don’t understand, most people who learn martial arts have a sense of arrogance, 

especially those who have made great achievements in martial arts like Lord Elms (Wilfred), even more so! 

I understand Lord Elms (Wilfred)’s character, he is destined to only Will choose to reject my invitation completely,

 or accept it directly, it is impossible to choose to take the money and not do 

anything, so this is just a polite and win him more favors.”

Banks butler hurriedly said: “Okay master, I understand, then I will start!”

Lord Banks nodded slightly and said,

 “Go, there is no airport in Mocheng.

 You have to arrange the helicopters at nearby airports in advance,

 so as to save time as much as possible.”

“Good lord!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2794 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2794

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