The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2796 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2796)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2796 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2796


what are the distinctive buildings outside the window?”

“No.” Deana shook his head and said: “In our ward, the windows are covered with opaque black glass film.

 Nothing can be seen, and our mothers and daughters have been in the room during this period. 

We eat and drink, provide all the daily necessities we need,

 but just keep us from leaving.”

Lord Thorne asked in surprise: “Then how did they let you leave now?”

“I don’t know.” Deana lied: “They suddenly brought me and Zara out,

 and then gave me a mobile phone to let me contact my family,

 and then I called you.”

Lord Thorne frowned and pondered: “This thing sounds strange.

 The person who saved you should be very powerful.

 He rescued my kid. He gave you treatment . 

In the end, even the identity was lost. He didn’t want to disclose, 

and he released you back without any conditions. 

I can’t figure out why he is busy with this big circle…”

Logan   said, “Dad, maybe the other party is the opponent of the Banks family.

 They couldn’t understand what the Banks family did, 

so they rescued Deana and Zara.”

Lord Thorne asked in response: “The opponent of the Banks family? 

Who? The wade family? Although the Wade family is ranked second,

 how can they have this kind of ability?”

Logan   nodded slightly: “Dad’s words are reasonable…

 Wade family should not be able to bear this…”

After speaking, he hurriedly asked Deana again:

 “Deana, you and Zara have been rescued for so long,

 haven’t you found any clues?”

Deana quickly said: “I haven’t left the ward these days. 

I only saw doctors and nurses, but the doctors and nurses didn’t tell us anything.”

Logan   asked again: “The person who saved you never showed up?”

Deana said, “No, I don’t want to expose my identity.”

Lord Thorne didn’t have much doubt, and sighed: 

“It seems that the knights are not only in the novels of Old Man , but also in real life.”

As he said, he suddenly thought of something and asked Zara:

 “By the way, Zara, when you and Fitz were in Japan, you were also saved by a mysterious man?”

“Yes…” Zara said hurriedly, “Thanks to my benefactor that time, 

otherwise, my brother and I will die in the hands of Japanese ninjas.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2796 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2796

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