The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2798 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2798)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2798 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2798


After Zara’s accident, what I miss most and worry about most is his brother Fitz.

After all, in their small family, 

there are a total of four people. 

Mother has always been with herself, and father has some stains, and these stains make her a little unacceptable, 

so she naturally misses her brother the most.

Moreover, when she was in Japan, she experienced life and death with her brother, 

so the relationship between brother and sister was deeper.

Although Fitz was disappointed in his heart,

 he still pretended to be distressed and gently patted her back, 

and said with emotion: “Zara, it would be best if you and your mother are fine. 

During this time, I am almost worried… “

When grandfather Lord Thorne heard this, 

he looked at him coldly, somewhat dissatisfied in his heart.

He always feels that his grandson has become a little hypocritical recently.

Fitz was really anxious at first because of an accident with his mother and sister. 

He even quarreled with his grandfather and drove to Aurous Hill by himself overnight.

However, in these days, Lord Thorne felt that Fitz seemed to pay less attention to the affairs of his mother and sister.

Although he has been in Aurous Hill, he has rarely directly participated in the search for the whereabouts of the two. 

He is busy doing concerts every day. It feels as if the importance of concerts is a 

bit more important than his mother and sister.

However, Lord Thorne naturally didn’t say anything at this time, 

and the dissatisfaction in his heart was also crushed by him.

At this time, Dalton said: “Fitz, you and Zara sit down quickly.

 It just happens that we are just starting to eat.

 You also have two drinks together to celebrate the safe return 

of your mother and sister!”

Fitz hurriedly said: “Good uncle!”

After sitting down, Fitz and other family members toasted again to celebrate,

 but he always had a doubt in his heart: 

who saved his mother and sister.

However, with so many people on the table right now, 

it is difficult for him to question Zara in detail,

 so he can only temporarily suppress this question to the bottom of his heart.

Just when he and his family were pushing cups and changing cups, 

the phone suddenly received a WeChat message.

He looked down and saw that it was his grandfather 

Lord Banks who sent the WeChat message.

He hurriedly clicked and saw the message sent by Lord Banks, which read:

“Fitz, I want to know if the person who saved your mother and your 

sister this time is the Chinese who saved you in Japan? 

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2798 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2798

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