The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2800 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2800)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2800 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2800


 Seeing Charlie came back, he hurriedly stepped forward to help him take off his

 coat, and said in surprise: “My husband, 

why did you come back in such a short time when you went out this time?”

Charlie smiled and said, “This time the matter is relatively simple, 

I will come back directly after handling it in the past.”

Claire hurriedly asked: “Then have you eaten dinner? 

I made marinated noodles at night, it was delicious, or

 I will order you some noodles?

Charlie asked curiously: “Claire, aren’t you busy during this time?

 Why do you have so much time today, and you still have to cook by yourself.”

Claire smiled and said, “I went to the Emgrand Group for a meeting this afternoon. 

The first phase of the plan has been fully approved by the Emgrand Group,

 so I can relax a little bit. It just happens that it’s early to go home today. 

The garlic moss grows quite well, so I picked a little bit and cooked the 

garlic sprouts fried pork and marinated noodles.”

With that said, she hurriedly took Charlie’s hand to the restaurant, and said as she walked: “Your trip is so short,

 it must be very hard to travel back and forth, you just do it first, and I’ll cook the noodles for you!”

Seeing Claire caring about himself so much, 

Charlie was also moved in his heart, nodded lightly, and smiled:

 “Then hard work wife.”

Claire smiled sweetly: “There is no hardship, no hardship at all.”

Entering the restaurant, the old father-in-law Jacob and his mother-in-law had just finished their meal.

 Seeing Charlie come in, Jacob said with joy: “Oh! Good son-in-law is back, where did you go this time? I came back so soon.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said to his heart:

 “Although the time to go out this time is not long, the distance to go is really far.

 A trip to Syria is 6000 kilometers, which is worth one and a half round 

trips from Aurous Hill to Japan.”

But naturally he couldn’t tell  that he had gone to Syria,

 so he smiled and said: “This time I went to Haicheng, not far away, 

and it only took three hours to drive.”

” Jacob asked curiously: “According to that, your client this time is Travis Lane, the richest man in Lancaster?”

Charlie borrowed the donkey from Po and said with a smile:

 “Dad’s guess is really accurate!”

Jacob chuckled, “Old man’s brain is not covered!”

Elaine  curled his lips on the side: “Just your mind, what can’t you do, what’s not enough to eat,

 and you still have a face?”

Jacob was impatient, and blurted out: “I said Elaine! I didn’t hire you right now? 

What are you doing with this?”

Elaine said disdainfully: “Why? I’m still committing a crime to tell the truth? 

his family doesn’t have my voice yet?”

Charlie said hurriedly: “Mom, Dad, you two shouldn’t just seize the 

opportunity and quarrel, it hurts your feelings.”

Elaine hurriedly said, “Hey, good son-in-law, let me interrupt.

 I don’t have any feelings with Jacob anymore. After all, we are separated.”

Jacob hummed: “Hey, hey, you can be regarded as saying something. 

I don’t have any feelings with you. We are now neighbors at best.”

Elaine immediately slapped the table and shouted angrily: 

“Jacob, did you give you a face? Let me say, 

you have three sentences waiting here. Have you become more skilled?”

Charlie hurriedly finished the game: “Oh mom, don’t be angry, isn’t Dad kidding you?”

After finishing speaking, he quickly looked at Jacob, 

winking his eyes and said: “Dad, you just finished eating, and you are idle. 

Or you can go for a run. Now the weather is getting warmer. 

It’s helpful to go for a run by the river. It’s so fun to digest and keep fit.”

The meaning of Charlie’s words was to let Jacob go to Matilda.

Doesn’t Matilda like to go for a run by the river? 

It happened that Jacob used his own words to find Matilda.

But as soon as Jacob heard that he was going for a run by the river,

 he waved his hand and said, “I’m not going… 

my calf is still pumping and painful. 

It’s definitely not going to be better after ten and a half months!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2800 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2800

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