The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2802 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2802)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2802 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2802


 The doctor said that I would be hospitalized for another two days of observation and pay less hospital fees. 

What happened? You just took away the girl’s check Yes, if I remember correctly, the amount on the 

check is at least 170,000 yuan, right?”

Elaine suddenly didn’t know how to refute,

her expression was green and white.

Jacob sneered at this moment: “If I learn from you, after you break your leg, the first thing I do is ask a girl to swindle some money. 

But Jacob is not that kind of person. We are a qualified person. , Understand?”

Elaine was anxious. He picked up the crutches and smashed Jacob on him. 

He cursed and said, “Quality? I will let you talk about the quality and see if I don’t interrupt your leg!”

Charlie hurriedly stopped her and said with a bit of annoyance:

 “Oh, it’s okay! You can’t say it, right? You two will perform the martial arts at home as soon as you get home. 

Don’t forget that Claire and I are still there. .”

When Elaine saw that Charlie was a little angry, she hurriedly laughed and said,

 “Good son-in-law, don’t be angry, it’s not against you, it’s all against Jacob’s dog.”

Jacob originally wanted to fight her a few more words,

 but Charlie seemed to be upset when he thought about it,

 so he simply sat a little farther and muttered: “I don’t know what you do.”

Elaine stared angrily, and Charlie said directly at this moment: “It’s OK, mom, 

don’t be here and don’t let it go, so be it, you must be annoying to recuperate at home these days, 

or I will let tomorrow My friend prepares a VIP card for you at Shangri-La.

 From now on, you can go to Shangri-La to have a SPA every day, so you can just relax and unwind.”

As soon as Elaine heard this, her brows were instantly delighted,

 and she cheered and said, “My god, son-in-law, are you true? 

I heard that the spa at Shangri-La is the most expensive and high-end SPA in Aurous Hill. 

Just do it. It costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to order any item!”

Charlie smiled and said: “Shangri-La is the best hotel in Aurous Hill after all. 

Spas are all integrated with the hotel. Naturally, the grade cannot be low, but the money is not a problem. 

Their President isaac happens to be my client. , I can ask for an internal price even if I go to him, maybe I can get a free one.”

“Oh, that’s great!” Elaine was very excited, and said excitedly:

“Good son-in-law, then you will help mom to contact you tomorrow morning? Mom is really tired of staying at home these days,

 if I can go to a SPA sooner. Relaxation is not only good for physical and mental health, it might also be helpful for the recovery of my legs!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2802 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2802

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