The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2804 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2804)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2804 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2804


When Jacob heard this, he was a little anxious and wanted to say something,

 but with a mouth, he felt that he could not find a 

suitable reason to refute.

“In this family, although I didn’t behave like Elaine all day long,

 I really didn’t make any contribution…”

“Previously, I did make a fortune from Zhang Ermao by relying on Teng Teng Antique. 

I thought it would be a way to make a fortune,

 but who would have thought that after that, there will be no more…”

“The bastard Zhang Ermao is also very fascinated. 

He used to be there every time I went to Antique Street,

 but in recent times, every time I go to Antique Street, I can’t find this guy’s figure!”

“Don’t say that you can’t find Zhang Ermao’s figure.

 Later, I started with some antiques with the mentality of picking things up,

 but basically I lost a lot of money. Although I didn’t lose a lot of money, I spent thousands of dollars to buy it.

 As soon as I went to a professional organization to ask for a price, 

people opened their mouths and gave me a dollar or two, basically a total loss.”

“Later I joined the Calligraphy and Painting Association,

 and I was busy with things in the association every day. 

Although I am doing well in the association,

 that type of association is mainly a mix of reputation and qualifications.

 When it comes to making money, it is really useless…”

Therefore, Jacob pondered it over, and found with emotion in his heart:

 “Oh, so I seem to be really lackluster. My good son-in-law Charlie bought me a car, 

helped me pretend, helped me slap my face,

 and followed me every day. Butt, but me? I haven’t done anything for him…”

For a time, Jacob felt more guilty in his heart.

He looked at Charlie and said awkwardly: “Charlie, what do you think is suitable for Dad in this situation?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Dad, don’t you mix well in the

 Calligraphy and Painting Association?”

Jacob sighed: “It’s a good mix, but after all, 

I still can’t mix money.”

Charlie waved his hand: “You and your mom don’t have to bother about making money. 

If this family is supported by me and Claire, 

you two can retire with peace of mind, or do something you like to do.

 I think painting and calligraphy The association is pretty good. 

It is in line with your hobbies. It can also cultivate your sentiment and

 meet some new friends. Why not do it?”

Jacob said with a little shame: “This is always free food at home,

 and Dad’s heart is also upset.”

Elaine curled his lips and said sarcastically:

 “Oh, Jacob, do you still know that you are eating for nothing? 

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2804 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2804

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