The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2805 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2805)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2805 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2805


I think you have no self-knowledge at all!”

Charlie hurriedly said, “Mom, it’s all a family.

 There is no such thing as eating for nothing. 

Do you have to go out with your dad to be self-reliant and self-sufficient in the future?”

When Elaine heard this, she waved her hand and said:

 “Oh, my son-in-law, that’s not what mom meant. Mom just thinks that Jacob doesn’t make money all day long,

 and he doesn’t do housework. It’s like a slap master. Suitable……”

Although Elaine wanted to ridicule Jacob, she didn’t want to lead herself into the ditch.

 If Charlie really asked herself to go out and find something to do, 

then she wouldn’t have such a good leisure life from now on.

Jacob also hurriedly said: “In this way, I will be responsible for mopping the floor, 

sweeping the floor, and wiping the table to take out the trash in the future. 

It will all be mine!

Charlie shook his head helplessly, but he was not polite to Jacob. 

It just so happened that the villa was large in size and it was

 troublesome to clean up. 

Charlie was not used to asking the aunt, after all, 

he had been living in the orphanage since he was eight years old. 

The problem of the young master, now it is not used to someone specially waiting around him.

Seeing that Jacob took the initiative to contract housework

, Elaine’s balance in his heart became a little more balanced, so he didn’t bother to continue quarreling with him.

Now she is looking forward to Isaac Cameron’s arrival, because Isaac Cameron 

said that she will send Charlie a SPA VIP card from Shangri-La, which is what she cares about most now.

A few minutes later, Claire cooked the noodles,

 took it out and passed it quickly in cold water, and put it in a bowl,

 topped it with his own garlic moss fried pork gravy, and 

placed it together with chopsticks. 

Charlie approached him and said with a smile, “Dear Husband, how about my craft!”

Charlie sniffed it hard and exclaimed: “It smells very good, it must be delicious!”

After speaking, he immediately took a sip.

This taste really didn’t disappoint Charlie.

The taste of fried pork with garlic moss is very good.

 The garlic moss is very fresh and the heat is well controlled, 

so the taste is excellent. The pork belly is cut into diced meat by Claire,

 and the rich meat flavor is simmered in the pot. 

The original aroma of garlic moss is mixed together, which is very appetizing.

And the noodles are cooked just right, and the hardness is also very suitable. 

At first glance, it is cooked with a pinch, and then passed through the

 cold water very accurately, so the noodles are fragrant and strong.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2805 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2805

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