The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2810 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2810)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2810 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2810


Fitz quietly came to Zara in the middle of the night, 

with only one purpose, which was to figure out what Zara and her mother

 had experienced this time, and who saved them.

At the dinner table, he also heard his mother talk about the specific process of his experience, 

which is the so-called version of the story where a mysterious person rescued but never showed up.

Although there are no obvious loopholes in logic, 

Fitz always feels something is wrong.

In addition, his grandfather Lord Banks felt that this incident was probably related to his benefactor, 

who had rescued himself and his sister in Japan, so he wanted to ask Zara in private to see if she could make sense of her.

As soon as he entered Zara’s room, Fitz asked with concern: 

“Zara, you haven’t suffered much these days, right?”

“No…” Zara smiled moved, and said: “Brother,

 didn’t you say that when you were at the dinner table, 

you didn’t have any bitterness, but instead, 

I ate and slept every day and grew a lot of meat. “

“Nothing…” Fitz breathed a sigh of relief and sighed: 

“Brother is afraid that you will suffer. After all, in such a big car accident, 

it would be hard to get hurt.”

Zara nodded, and followed his words: “It’s actually a trivial matter.

 After all, they have arranged a very professional medical team.”

Fitz asked curiously: “Zara, what did you say about the mysterious person who saved you and mom? 

Why did they quietly rescue you? And they still quietly treat you, 

without letting the outside world receive any news. “

“I don’t know.” Zara said: “I can’t say this well… 

After all, I haven’t seen anyone, and they didn’t tell us why they came to save us…”

Fitz looked at Zara and said seriously: “Zara, telling the truth with your brother, 

is there any secret that you didn’t say in front of grandpa and them at the dinner table?”

Zara hurriedly said: “No, I’m talking about the actual situation.”

Fitz frowned, and suddenly asked, “Zara, the one who saved you and your mom, isn’t he the benefactor, right?!”

Fitz’s sudden sentence made Zara a little surprised. 

After a while, she came back to her senses and hurriedly denied:

 “How could it happen… I tried every means to find my benefactor before.

 Besides, the benefactor should be in Japan, and he won’t come to Aurous Hill either.”

Fitz has been observing Zara’s expression. 

He found that when he was talking about Benevolence, Zara’s expression was obviously a bit awkward and nervous,

 and her denial was also a little bit trying to cover up.

Out of his understanding of his sister, he was almost certain that her sister was lying.

The person who really saved her and her mother should be the benefactor who saved herself

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2810 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2810

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