Dragon Husband 901-905

Chapter 901

Everyone was like a fool, staring blankly at the big museum owner who was suddenly angry.

According to the legend, isn’t the owner of the big hall known for his good temper?

Why is it suddenly angry now?

Su Yuchun slapped Su Yuchun in front of everyone!

Didn’t this directly prevent Su Yuchun, or even the entire Nanban Li family from coming to Taiwan!


Everyone was puzzled.

Su Yuchun, who was waiting for the opening of the good show, didn’t feel in a daze until his face was hot, that the good show seemed to start on her own body!

She covered her face with a look of shame and anger, looked at the master of the hall and said: “Master of the hall, what are you doing!”

The host of the hall snorted coldly, and didn’t directly point out.

He was really angry.

It seems that this old woman is not righteous!

I actually want to save a person with a bad mind!


He even believed her just now, and almost clashed with the doctor Lu!

He casually said: “What is it? Seeing your mood is turbulent, I will slap you to calm you down, which is good for your body.”

The audience was stunned.

Who doesn’t know if the main hall owner said this is true or not.

It sounds ridiculous.

Is slapping good for your body?

However, this was spoken from the main hall of the main hall, and everyone did not dare to refute it.

The main hall owner sneered again, and said: “You just fell ill, because your heart is surging, which intensifies your heart attacking poison. Am I wrong?”

Su Yuchun nodded blankly, “It seems to be wrong.”

She was pissed off by Wiliam.

The owner of the pavilion looked at Su Yuchun indifferently, and said, “Are you equally excited now?”

Su Yuchun felt a little excited in the mist.

I was expecting the master of the main hall to humiliate the boy’s excitement.

“It seems, yes.” She replied blankly.

“That’s it, calm down now?” The main hall owner asked again.

Su Yuchun’s head was stunned, and said stupidly: “It seems, it’s still a little bit, or else, would you slap me again?”

Everyone is speechless, since ancient times, want to slap?

Su Yuchun is the first person.

The master of the pavilion felt sick in his heart, and said in a cold voice: “Play it yourself, the effect is the same.”

Su Yuchun didn’t dare to have any doubts, she really raised her hand and slapped her face three times.


The slapping sound resounded through the audience, she was really slapped.

Because she was really afraid of getting sick again.

The taste of the ghost gate is really terrifying.

Seeing this weird scene, Mulan asked Wiliam in a low voice, “The master of the pavilion makes sense, is it true?”

Wiliam ticked the corner of his mouth and whispered back: “He is talking nonsense.”

Mulan has a black line.

It’s over.

When everyone got involved with this kid, it became very dark.

Will he also change?

After Su Yuchun slapped her face, her whole body was no longer good, and she asked in fear, “What about now?”

The main hall nodded, “It’s okay.”

Su Yuchun didn’t dare to get excited at will now, and asked the master of Daguan: “Then this kid, what do you plan to do?”

The owner of the hall asked Su Yuchun, “What do you want me to do?”
The sarcasm in words is obvious.

But Su Yuchun had already lost her mind, and said viciously: “Of course he can’t survive and die!”

The master of the hall looked at Su Yuchun coldly and asked, “Really? Then do you know, who is he?”

Su Yuchun replied instinctively: “It’s just a humble servant.”

The owner of the hall suddenly laughed.

Get down!

In your eyes, my famous medical teacher can only be regarded as a subordinate?

After all, who is insulting doctors!

Su Yuchun suddenly persuaded him to see the master of the large hall talking and talking.

She couldn’t understand why the master of the hall refused to start with a servant.

In the end, she could only think that after the master of the museum saw clearly that he was a hairy boy, she became uninterested.

After all, he is highly respected, how could he personally deal with a kid.

It makes people laugh.

Thinking of this, she stared at Wiliam fiercely, as if she was saying, boy, today you are fortune-telling!

You are so humble that even the master of the restaurant is unwilling to cook it yourself.

“Then the master of the pavilion, should you treat me first? Your time is expensive, and I’m afraid it will delay your trip.” Su Yuchun said awkwardly at last.

Old lady He didn’t want to make a move when seeing the master of the hall, and she felt aggrieved.

This kid really doesn’t know where the blessing he was cultivated, his fate is so big!

“How about we move to the back hall so that you can administer the needle?” Su Yuchun asked for instructions again.

However, the main hall owner laughed again.

Su Yuchun laughed so much.

How could this old man be nervous, slap in the face for a while, and sneer for a while.

“Your illness is still not in time.” The main hall owner said suddenly.

When he said this, he hesitated in his heart.

He even took a peek at Wiliam.

Originally, the main hall owner wanted to prove to everyone that this lowly man in their eyes was a superb medical master.

However, he is also considered Qiqiao Linglong Xin.

If Wiliam wanted to talk about this, he would have said it long ago.

Why wait for yourself?

Moreover, Su Yuchun and Wiliam seemed to be at odds with each other before, and fell to the ground with anger.

If Wiliam wanted to save, he would have saved it long ago.

Therefore, the owner of the large hall boldly concluded!

Wiliam didn’t want to save this old woman!

I don’t want to let the old woman know that he can save!

Since Wiliam thought so, then the master of the pavilion wouldn’t be too difficult.

Moreover, the master of the museum has his own principles, and he will not save people who have bad intentions.

That’s why he would say the words to suspend saving people.

Su Yuchun was dumbfounded when she heard this.

“Master, why! I’m dying! If you don’t do anything, I don’t know if I can survive the sun tomorrow! You can’t do this!” Su Yuchun became nervous all over.

Her life was in the hands of the master of the main hall, so why did she suddenly turn back.

“Then are you dead? Hoho, I have seen your condition, and it is not serious. The few people who fell ill before were all very sick and I can only treat them. Wait until you are very sick, let’s talk about it. Or, I will act now. Material, you choose yourself.” The main hall said directly.

Su Yuchun’s whole person is ill, is there still such a statement?

Have to wait until your life is hanging by a thread to save?

Pit mother!

Su Yuchun faintly felt that she did something wrong, which upset the main hall owner.

She thought about it again, but felt that what she said just now was perfect, and she didn’t provoke the master of the hall.

Strange, what is wrong?

Her head is about to break.

At this time, Mrs. He was selfish, and asked: “Master, since there is still some time now, can you help me see…”

“Don’t look at it!” Old lady He didn’t finish her words, and was interrupted by the main hall owner.

Mrs. He raised her throat with a heart, and asked incomparably aggrieved: “Daguan master, you still don’t…”

“Don’t save!” The master of the hall interrupted Mrs. He again.

Then, a strange smile appeared.

“Unless, you kneel to him!”


Finger Wiliam!

Chapter 902

With the words of the main hall, the audience was in an uproar!

Everyone looked at the main hall owner in disbelief, wondering why he would say such words?

And Mrs. He turned her face pale with anger!

Let yourself be a respected elder, go to kneel a kid!

how can that be!

No longer caring about the identity of the main hall owner, she angrily rebuked: “Da hall owner! What do you mean! Are you trying to humiliate me! Or do you want to humiliate our entire Nanban Li family!”

The master of the hall laughed coldly: “Since it can’t be done, so be it.”

The main hall owner also saw clearly just now. If this old woman hadn’t jumped out halfway to testify, how could the main hall owner believe Su Yuchun’s words?

The old woman in front of me is not a good thing!

“Why do you want me to kneel on him! Is there anything extraordinary about him!” He said loudly again.


The owner of the hall laughed even more.

This is not a simple excel!

This young man is already at the pinnacle of medical practice.

It’s not something that can be described by others.

However, the main hall owner still said casually: “The old man hates the most antagonistic thing in his life, you can figure it out.”


Granny He was taken aback!

She suddenly understood.

It turned out that Wiliam had just been accused of breaking the taboo of the main hall owner!

For a while, Mrs. He was very upset!

If I knew it, I wouldn’t jump out to testify against Wiliam, maybe the master of the hall would help!

It’s okay now, annoyed the main hall owner, and the other side also completely tore his face with Wiliam.

Who will save yourself now?

Mrs. He was finally scared for a while.

The master of Daguan looked around, and finally his eyes fell on Wiliam.

Four eyes face each other.

The master of the pavilion knew the current situation, and it was inconvenient for the two of them to talk.

So the main hall held a earnest look at Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded slightly as if he knew the psychology of the main hall owner.

The master of the hall just laughed and walked outside.

“Hey, the master of the hall! Don’t leave! We ban the Li family from the south, and we still need you!” Su Yuchun shouted from behind.

However, the master of the hall was determined and ignored Su Yuchun’s plea at all.

After the main hall owner left, the scene was silent.

Everyone dared not speak.

Everyone can see that these two old women are in a bad mood.

Both of them could be saved, but now they both have their lives hanging by a thread.

In the end, Su Yuchun stared at Wiliam fiercely, and shouted: “Come here! Get this kid up for me, I want to teach him a lesson! To vent my anger!”

Lin Dan was eager for Su Yuchun to make such an order. She was the first to jump out and said, “You still don’t listen to Grandma Su!”

But just when everyone was about to do something, a voice suddenly sounded, “Hold on!”

It’s Mrs. He!

Mrs. He’s face is hard to see the extreme.

She was definitely the person who wanted to get Wiliam cramped the most.

But now does she dare?

Without Wiliam, who will save her!

She knows that the Otsumu Liuqi on her body is dead and not stiff, and she may burst out again when she is dead.
Therefore, Wiliam can do nothing.

“Don’t do it, speak well if you have something to say.” Mrs. He added.

These words made Su Yuchun very upset.

She glared at Granny He.

Old lady He could only bite the bullet and said, “Little girl, this kid, it’s still useful to keep it.”

She was extremely embarrassed when she said this.

The front foot just eased the relationship with Su Yuchun, and he didn’t think that the back foot would have a dispute with her again.

It’s all because of this kid!

Mrs. He came to Su Yuchun and whispered: “Little sister, this matter has to be discussed long-term, my life now…”

Su Yuchun didn’t want to be embarrassed with Granny He on the spot, so she could only snorted coldly and stopped talking.

Only then did Mrs. He relax and let Cheng Su walk to Wiliam with her back.

And Wiliam looked at Granny He with a cold expression.

Mrs. He moved her lips, and in the end she could only forcibly squeeze a smile that was even more ugly than bitter, and said softly: “Wiliam, it was a misunderstanding just now, don’t take it to heart.”

Wiliam did not speak, but Mulan said jokingly, “Really! You came to frame Wiliam as a white-eyed wolf. This is a misunderstanding? If it wasn’t for the pavilion owner who didn’t want to make trouble for a younger generation, maybe Wiliam would be tortured by you. Looks like? Is this a misunderstanding?”

The people at the scene were extremely embarrassed.

Mrs. He’s reason is too lame, and it only adds to the laughter.

But Mrs. He is helpless now, so she can only continue to say: “Wiliam, even if I was wrong about what happened just now, if you don’t think about our friendship, you also help to consider Nanfeng, and…”

As she said, she leaned to Wiliam’s ear and whispered: “And my poor boy, Mid-Levels…”

Mulan jumped with anger when she heard these words.

Shameless dog stuff!

It wasn’t just a vow that Wiliam didn’t need to save his life.

Now the situation has changed suddenly, and she needs Wiliam to help her again, so she pretends to be like her grandson.

Also played the emotional card.

How could there be such a shameless old woman in the world!

“Wiliam, don’t worry, as long as you don’t leave the Southern Forbidden Li Family, we will definitely treat you as a guest of the Southern Forbidden Li Family! Respectful and respectful to you!” At the end, Mrs. He bit her head.

This made Su Yuchun very upset, but she didn’t say it in person.

After speaking, Mrs. He looked at Wiliam sincerely, as if she wanted to see Wiliam agree.

Wiliam looked at Granny He from beginning to end, expressionless.

In the end, Mrs. He suddenly reddened her eyes and said with a choking voice, “Wiliam, I was really wrong just now. I shouldn’t have done this to you! I’m just a little old woman who wants to survive. Are you really? I want to see, an old lady who is about to die, knelt down and confessed her mistake to you!”

At the end, she was howling.

This scene made the people at the scene even more embarrassed.

Everyone knows that Mrs. He is using a bitter trick and is selling badly.

Relying on the old and selling the old is really a shameless job.

“Enough!” Aside, Li Nanfeng suddenly shouted loudly.

He can’t see his eyes, but his heart is already riddled with holes!

The grandmother at this moment must be extremely embarrassed, extremely embarrassed!

Grandma, grandma, how could you become like this!

Is the power of the Li family in the south really important to you?

Don’t even need face!

Wiliam glanced at Li Nanfeng, then suddenly shook his head, and said, “Well, I won’t be investigating what happened today.”

With that, he strode forward and walked out.

Mulan quickly followed out.

Behind him, Mrs. He thanked him again and again, “Wiliam, you are a good person! I will treat you well in the future!”

It’s just that everyone around saw Mrs. He saying respectful words, but her eyes were filled with resentment!

Chapter 903

Mulan followed Wiliam and stomped her feet with anger as she watched Wiliam walk with determination.

“Wiliam, Wiliam! I really don’t know how to say hello! People are riding on your head! You don’t have to resist, and you still indulge that old lady so much! You are going to piss me off!” When he arrived in front of Wiliam, he almost poked Wiliam’s nose and cursed.

Wiliam looked at Mulan amusedly, “I’m not angry, why are you angry? The emperor is not in a hurry?”

“My eunuch, you look like you! You’re an eunuch! Your whole family is an eunuch! Didn’t you treat me with awesomeness! Use this awesomeness to deal with those people, isn’t it? I just dare to attack us, like a grandson outside!” Mulan cursed loudly.

At this time, Wiliam looked at Mulan seriously, and said, “I naturally have my plans, you don’t need to know too much.”

Mulan’s eyes were breathing fire, and in the end, she could only stamp her feet, “Then you come out to dry the wool! Go in and continue to be a grandson!”

“I came out to meet someone, but you, why do you follow?” Wiliam asked Mulan back.

Mulan was taken aback, yes, why did she follow?


I don’t want to be a grandson in it!

“Who did you meet? Is there anyone you know in Lingcheng?” Mulan said without a word.

Wiliam suddenly looked forward, and the corner of his mouth twitched, “No, it’s just ahead.”

Mulan looked forward instinctively, and she saw a person standing not far away with a smile on her face.

But seeing that person clearly, Mulan was dumbfounded on the spot.

That person turned out to be the main hall owner!

Didn’t the main hall owner just leave?

Why are you here now?

Could it be that he was waiting for Wiliam here?


Wiliam was in the Jackdaw family before, but he was very kind to the 10,000 masters.

Mulan was still in fear just now, and the main hall owner would directly impose sanctions on Wiliam.

Fortunately, the lord of the big hall didn’t even bother to fight with this little man, and Mulan was a little relieved at that time.

Now when I saw the master of the museum, Mulan felt more and more uneasy. She whispered: “The master of the museum wants to seek revenge against you outside, right?”

Wiliam smiled and strode forward, “Who knows? Go and see if you can.”

Mulan didn’t even react, and Wiliam walked out.

“Hey, wait for me! I’m so angry!” Mulan yelled quickly and followed.

At this time, Lu Yehao glanced at Mulan for a while, and suddenly asked an inexplicable sentence, “Have you chosen your little skirt?”

Little skirt?

What kind of thinking?

What logic is this?

Why did you jump on the little skirt?

“You kid, I know that you are adamant to my body! I won’t let you succeed!” Mulan didn’t react at all, and had to say bluntly.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Didn’t you say that you were going to show me the handstand in a short skirt? Or the one without leggings?”

Mulan’s footsteps stopped on the spot.

She suddenly remembered that she said something like this when she and Wiliam walked out of the Jackdaw family.
But at that time, it was aimed at the Jackdaw family, maybe the whole city arrested Wiliam.

But Wiliam said that the Jackdaw family would come to him finally.

how can that be?

That’s why Mulan said this sentence.

Could it be…

Mulan was thinking, and suddenly she saw the master of the museum not far away, and suddenly made a respectful gesture to Wiliam!

Don’t want to be sincere!

This scene made Mulan’s head buzzing!




Why didn’t the master of the hall attack Wiliam?

Looking at the attitude, it seems to be very respectful to Wiliam!

What a special thing!

what happened!

Thinking of this, Mulan quickly walked over, trying to understand the reason.

Wiliam looked at the main hall owner in front of him, and said with a smile: “The main hall owner, you are welcome, I am a junior and you are a senior.”

The master of the hall still bent down and said in a deep voice: “Mr. Lu does not need to be self-effacing. According to you, the doctors are in no particular order, and those who reach them are first. Your medical skills are thousands of times better than mine, not to mention, you You are kind of enlightened to me, this bow, you are well-deserved!”

Wiliam smiled, “Also.”

Mulan on the side heard it in a cloud of mist, “What kind of medicine is a thousand times better than the master of the hall? What kind of enlightenment? Master, what are you talking about? The person in front of you is just a bastard.”

The master of the hall just got up and smiled at Mulan.

He knew that Mulan was the person next to Wiliam, so he was not angry.

He looked at Mulan and explained earnestly: “I sighed that the medical skills demonstrated by Dr. Lu in the Jackdaw family were inferior, and I couldn’t keep up with it. As for the enlightenment, the few clicks he clicked on my shoulder were for me. Pointing out a miraculous path, it is not an exaggeration to say that God Doctor Lu is half of my mentor.”

Mulan’s eyes widened, “No? He’s in the Jackdaw family, isn’t he silly, making it difficult for you to handle? And his last few times, isn’t he just hooking up with you? ?”

The owner of the pavilion looked at Mulan, and suddenly laughed, only to think that the little girl in front of him was cute.

“What the hell is going on now? You don’t have to do anything against this kid, and you still admire him in every way? By the way, in the Nanban Li family, you didn’t act against Wiliam just now because you were in awe of this kid? Not because of your disdain? “Mulan is still at a loss.

The master nodded and said, “That’s natural. I was so excited to see the genius doctor Lu just now. I was so excited that I wished to worship at the feet of the genius doctor Lu on the spot to thank the kindness of encounters. It’s a pity that the situation was wrong. I would like to thank God Doctor Lu for a chat.”

Mulan is stupid, shit!

How could things become like this!

This kid made a fool of himself, and even made a long-famous master in such awe.

Is Wiliam really such a god?

“By the way, Dr. Lu, Wu Bili from the Jackdaw family is going to find you in the whole city. Look at this, can I tell Wu Bili about this. After all, Guo Yulin, I have heard of this person. It’s a pity.” The main hall owner suddenly asked.

Wiliam nodded, “Yes.”

The owner of the main hall was overjoyed, “Mr. Lu is really kind, a role model of my generation, and he deserves it!”

Wiliam smiled casually.

He set up this game, and in the end he wanted to form a relationship with the Jackdaw family again, so through the mouth of the master of the hall, it was a good opportunity.

Mulan on the side was really dumbfounded, and asked silently, “You mean, the Jackdaw family is looking for this kid everywhere? Is this kid able to save Guo Yulin?”

The owner of the pavilion smiled generously, “It’s not that it can be saved, but that now in the world, no one can save it except him!”

At this moment, Mulan’s face became extremely ugly.

She just stood there stiffly, her head completely messed up.

Wiliam asked amusedly: “What are you thinking of! So absorbed.”

Mulan exploded directly, and her eyes were red from aggrieved, “I wonder which little skirt is suitable for handstands! Okay! Dog stuff! I hate you!”

Chapter 904 Master Lu!

Mulan found out very sadly at this moment.

I completely underestimated the kid in front of me!

When she was in Yuncheng before, she only felt that this kid was powerless and superior, and he was a well-deserved master of unicorns.

However, with this preconceived impression, Mulan instinctively thought that this kid was very good at martial arts, and he was definitely not good at medical practice.

After all, there are too few who can go to the extreme in both directions.

So good, let others live?

Therefore, Mulan thought that Wiliam’s medical skills were definitely not as good as the master of the main hall.

No thought, no thought.

The owner of the main hall actually admired Wiliam so much, even to the point of awe.

In other words, Wiliam’s medical skills are more powerful than the master of the main hall.

Before, people in the Jackdaw family had no eyes and didn’t know the magic of Wiliam, and they made things difficult for Wiliam.

Now that it is learned that only Wiliam can save Guo Yulin, that is not crazy!

For a while, Mulan actually had a faint expectation, looking forward to going to the Jackdaw family again to see that Wu Bili’s suffocated and respectful face to Wiliam.

That would be so pleasant.

By the way, there is also the Li family in the South forbidden just now!

That Su Yuchun had the same poison as Guo Yulin.

In other words, Wiliam can save!

No wonder Wiliam was not panicked at all when Su Yuchunji was about to compete with the master of the hall.

It turned out to be confident.

Even if he counted down to three and two on the spot before, he was not angering Su Yuchun.

But he has a deep understanding of Su Yuchun’s condition.

Also, there were three questions Wiliam posed to the master at the time.

“You want to compare medical skills with me?”

“You, want to sweep me out of the medical path?”

“Do you have this ability?”

It is not a mystery.

It is true that the master of the hall has this ability to surrender.

Now think about this kid, which one can you believe and which one can’t believe?

Mulan looked at Wiliam’s indifferent face, she was stunned for a while.

Hehe, if two dogs, Su Yuchun and Mrs. He, find that Wiliam is so magical, they can save their lives.

That’s how sour and cool!

Mulan couldn’t wait.

“Well, you go back first, I’ll talk to the master of the hall.” Wiliam suddenly said to the master of the hall.

Mulan was taken aback, and said instinctively: “It’s nothing, I’m not in a hurry, I’m not a thing, I’m idle and I’m idle.”

She didn’t want to leave Wiliam.

She discovered that there were so many secrets in Wiliam.

Which one comes out, can’t shock one party!

If it hadn’t been followed by myself just now, how could I see this scene where the main hall master was impressed.

It’s really cool, don’t want it, let me go, don’t want it!

Seeing Mulan’s face and reluctant to go, Wiliam had a black line, “Why are you like a kid, go go.”

“No, I really have nothing to do.” Mulan settled on Wiliam with determination.

The master of the hall looked at Mulan’s childish look and couldn’t help but smile.

“You have something!” Lu Yezhen said angrily, wishing to take the root to drive her away.

“I have nothing to do!” Mulan made a loud voice!

“Go back and figure out which short skirt to wear! Isn’t this a problem?” Wiliam finally made a big move.
Mulan was about to collapse on the spot.

Can you not mention this messy thing!

Mulan thinks about putting on a short skirt to act for this kid. Before she wears the base scene, her face suddenly turns red.

She stomped her foot and ran back in shame.

“You bastard! I hate you!”

After dismissing the grinning little goblin, Wiliam said to the main hall owner: “Sorry, the doorman made you laugh.”

The master of the hall shook his head, “The girl is also a good-tempered girl, but she is a wonderful person.”

After speaking, the main hall owner entered the topic and said: “Mr. Lu, I have a lot of doubts in my heart. I want to ask you for further advice. I don’t know if you can…”

“Find a place, let’s talk while drinking tea.” Since Wiliam agreed to come out to meet the owner of the pavilion, he had this plan.

The owner of Daguan is also a long-standing figure, but what Wiliam values ​​more is his sincere heart to the medical profession.

Such a foolish person, it is natural to have a discussion with Wiliam.

The owner of the pavilion was overjoyed, “I will arrange it now!”

The two finally talked for more than two hours in a small tea house.

Until the end, the main hall was ruddy, and he burst into laughter.

Countless gains!

If he could digest and assimilate all Wiliam’s insights on the path of medicine just now, then his cultivation level in the path of medicine would definitely be able to go to the next level!

The owner of the main hall respectfully knelt in front of Wiliam on his knees, and said in a choked voice, “Mr. Lu, please accept me!”

Wiliam drank the tea, accepting the worship calmly.

“I dare to call you a mentor, I don’t know if I have this honor.” The master of the hall suddenly said.

Wiliam’s tea suddenly hung in the air.

Daguan master, is this apprentice?

For a while, Wiliam also hesitated.

He hesitated.

Finally, he sighed and said, “I, Wiliam, a man with a bloody feud and a close relationship with me, might not end well in the end, do you think about it?”

The main gaze of Daguan is firm, “I have been obsessed with medicine in my whole life, and devoted myself to it. It is my biggest dream to be able to advance in medicine. I am willing to be my teacher!”

“Well, get up, you apprentice, I admit it.” Wiliam finally said slowly.

Only then did the master of the hall stand up excitedly, “Master Xie Lu pointed me out!”

“Go, that’s it for today. If you have any doubts in the future, you can call me.” Wiliam said.

The main hall nodded and walked out.

He went directly to the Jackdaw family to tell Wu Bili about Wiliam’s prohibition of Li’s family in the south.

Of course, the main hall owner would naturally not say much about Wiliam’s other aspects.

In the Jackdaw family.

Wu Bili saw the master of the museum go back and forth, and then heard the message of the master of the museum, she was shaking with excitement.

“That genius doctor actually banned Li’s house in the south!”

To be honest, Wu Bili looked down upon the Li family in South Ban.

In recent years, I haven’t had a deep relationship with the Nanjin Li family, because the current status of the Nanjin Li family is unworthy.

Now that the genius doctor appeared in Li’s house in Nanjin, Wu Bili was surprised.

After discussing with the owner of the main hall, Wu Bili finally decided!

Two days later, a grand welcome dinner will be held in the Jackdaw family!

Congratulations to the great doctor Lu!

Soon, this sensational message of the whole city also reached the ears of Nanjin Li’s family.

Everyone heard that not only the master of the Daguan will appear at Li’s house in Nanban, but there is also a legend that this welcome dinner is the master who welcomes the master of the Daguan!

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He were both excited.

Since he is the master of the master, his medical skills are definitely better than the master of the master!

In other words, in the dinner two days later, there were two people guaranteed to save the lives of Su Yuchun and Granny He!

This banquet is going to be killed!

But the problem now is that the Jackdaw family simply despises the Southern Forbidden Li family.

How can I be invited to the Jackdaw family?

Chapter 905

“Meeting! Meeting right away! Call all the doormen and brainstorm together!” Su Yuchun shouted with a ruddy face.

Soon, the family meeting of Nanban Li’s family was held.

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He sat in the most central position, while the other doormen sat around them.

“Two days later, everyone might have heard of the grand gathering of the Jackdaw family. We have to attend the grand gathering of the Li family in Nanban. This is about the face of our Li family in Nanban.” Su Yuchun first decided. Must go to the tone of participation.

Of course she wouldn’t directly say that she was going there to ask for help.

This is too shameful.

“Everyone think of a way to see if there is any way to let the Jackdaw family take the initiative to invite us to participate. If this matter can be done, I will reward those who come up with ideas.” Su Yuchun said again.

However, after hearing these words, the people at the scene were silent.

Originally, if he spared his face to ask the Jackdaw family, maybe the other party would take a few invitations for the sake of the same martial arts family.

But now, Su Yuchun actually wants the other party to take the initiative to invite the Li family in Nanban.

This is the difficulty of climbing to the sky.

In the past few years, the Jackdaw family has been in full swing.

The Li family is banned in the south.

The status of the two families is getting bigger and bigger.

But this is only an external cause.

There is also an inside story circulating in Lingcheng.

It seems that there was a big battle a year ago. Su Yuchun, who banned the Li family in the south, and Guo Yulin of the Jackdaw family were in an alliance.

But in that battle, Su Yuchun survived alone in danger, causing Guo Yulin and others to be seriously injured.

This directly caused the Jackdaw family to have an antagonism with the Southern Forbidden Li family.

However, this is only a small message, and everyone dare not say it in the open.

Now it is not easy for the Jackdaw family to take the initiative to show favor to the Li family forbidden to the south.

“Say, all of you are dumb?” Seeing everyone lowered their heads, Su Yuchun couldn’t help being angry and came up.

Li Chengfeng bit his scalp and said, “Mom, this is really a bit difficult. Think about it, who is usually closer to the Jackdaw family? Maybe you can get through the relationship in private?”

Everyone, look at me, and I look at you, but there is no talk.

At this moment, Mrs. He suddenly looked at Wiliam and asked with a smile: “Wiliam, aren’t you usually smart? What can you do? Why don’t you speak up?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam together.

Wiliam knew that Mrs. He wanted to lose face in public.

He smiled slightly and said, “You all have no way, what can I do?”

Mrs. He laughed and said, “Don’t you want to go to see that grand meeting? I know you, first of all, you are a healer, so you don’t want to see the master of the legendary master? Don’t you want to be more diligent in medical treatment? Most importantly, you don’t want to know more people in Lingcheng?”

Mrs. He thought she had accurately grasped Wiliam’s two lifelines.

Wiliam wanted revenge, so naturally he had to make friends with more people.

And medical science seems to be what this kid has been pursuing.
Wiliam smiled coldly.


Isn’t the master of the main hall master himself?

Why goodbye?

He slowly said: “What you said is wrong. I will naturally go to the event two days later, and I can’t stop it. But I think if I go, I don’t need any invitation letter or something.”

After hearing Wiliam’s words, everyone at the scene blushed.

Apparently everyone wanted to laugh, but tried their best to hold back it.

Is this kid on a nerve?

Can he go to the grand gathering held by the Jackdaw family?

Don’t need any invitation letters?

Could it be that his face alone is higher than the prestige of the entire Nanban Li family for decades?

I don’t know how to live or die.

Seeing everyone’s appearance, Mrs. He knew that her goal had been achieved, so she stopped making trouble for Wiliam.

She didn’t want to be too stiff with Wiliam all at once.

Only take it slowly.

At this time, Li Nanfeng, who was sitting next to Wiliam, suddenly asked Wiliam in a low voice, “Wiliam, do you really have a way to participate in that event?”

Wiliam nodded.

Li Nanfeng’s expression became a little embarrassed, and he whispered: “In that case, look, can you let me and Suyi go to participate…”

Wiliam glanced at Li Nanfeng in surprise, but soon understood.

Li Nanfeng naturally had his plans.

He didn’t want to be suppressed by the current Nanjin Li family.

Therefore, if Li Nanfeng wants to get ahead, he must have some personal connections of his own.

Completely detached from the connections of Nanban Li’s family.

Today, whether it is Su Yuchun or his grandmother, he is extremely suppressed.

This must make Li Nanfeng uncomfortable.

Wiliam wanted to understand this, but he didn’t mind supporting Li Nanfeng.

After all, Li Nanfeng’s heart is still right.

So Wiliam said, “Okay, I’ll make a call.”

With that, he took out his cell phone.

The voice of discussion at the meeting stopped abruptly.

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

This kid is getting more and more real?

Can you get the invitation letter with just a phone call?

What makes everyone who has gathered the power of the entire Nanban Li family to find a solution?

Everyone immediately looked at Wiliam with scorching eyes.

And Wiliam made a phone call casually, and said to the phone casually, “Get me two invitation letters.”

After saying this, he hung up the phone.

At the scene, there was no sound!

After a few seconds, there was a sudden burst of laughter.

Now everyone can’t help it anymore.

This kid, pretending to be a bit too much, can’t he use snacks?

Make a phone call casually, and just say a word to the phone.

Even the other party couldn’t hear clearly, and didn’t know the answer, so I hung up the phone.

It’s completely supporting the scene.

Can you ask for two invitation letters just for a call within two seconds?

It’s just wishful thinking!

Besides, he is a kid from the country who knows the Jackdaw family?

It is even more impossible.

Everyone was smiling, only Wiliam and Mulan were calm.

After Mulan was baptized by Wiliam during the day, she no longer dared to see Wiliam.

She knows what welcome feast the Jackdaw family will host this time. The protagonist is absolutely welcoming Wiliam.

So Wiliam can get an invitation letter 100% with a phone call.

Before that, Mulan might laugh at Wiliam like everyone else.

Now, she was scared, and at this moment she still didn’t think about which little skirt to wear for these two guys to perform handstands.

Su Yuchun shook his head. Fortunately, this kid is not from the Li family in Nanban, otherwise I don’t know where I am really embarrassed.

Li Chengfeng suddenly said: “Mom, I have a way, but I don’t know if it’s feasible or not? Do you still need to decide by yourself?”


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