Dragon Husband 906-910

Chapter 906

The people at the scene were silent, looking at Li Chengfeng together.

Su Yuchun said: “You speak out and listen?”

Li Chengfeng glanced at Wiliam, and said meaningfully: “Since the people who banned the Li family in the south have nothing to do with the Jackdaw family, it seems that finding a relationship doesn’t work now. Now I think. The way is to offer treasures.”

“Offering treasure?” Su Yuchun was taken aback.

As Li Chengfeng said, if the path of contact is unworkable, then the only way to bribe is with a baby.

However, what kind of treasure does the Li Family of Southern Forbidden City have that can enter the eyes of the Jackdaw family?

You know, the Jackdaw family tamed the beasts, and they tamed the rare and exotic animals in the world.

There is an endless stream of people who come to ask for the beast, and many of them are high-ranking officials.

So if the jackdaw family has seen more treasures, will they appreciate the things of the Southern Forbidden Li family?

“What can we do with the Li Family in the South…” Su Yuchun seemed to mumble to herself, but when she was halfway through, her eyes suddenly widened!

“You! Did you mean it!” Su Yuchun actually shouted out loudly at the end.

Obviously, furious!

Li Chengfeng’s neck shrank, and said helplessly: “That’s why I told you to decide for yourself. After all, this is a big matter, so be careful.”

All the people who banned Li’s family in the south, heard Li Chengfeng’s words, and all reacted.

It turned out that the treasure Li Chengfeng was talking about was not the treasure of the Li family in the south!

Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu!

Su Yuchun’s first feeling is that this suggestion is simply ridiculous!

How can you move the treasure of the Li family in the south at will!

Still moving as a treasure offering!

Isn’t this slap everyone in the face of the Li family in Nanban?

However, Su Yuchun’s second reaction was silence.

The people at the scene obviously also thought of the key points in Xiezhong.

That is the thirty-six soul dream Kuizhu is no longer complete!

The first bead, the blue heart and blood bead, and the tail bead, the jade pearl, are gone.

The Thirty-Six Soul Dream Kuizhu is nothing but a good-sounding name, but it’s actually not worth mentioning.

Su Yuchun also has her own selfishness.

Since Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu has become useless, why can’t it make the most of it?

This grand meeting is about Su Yuchun’s life and safety.

Could it be that the life of the head of the Li family in Nanban is not as important as a few beads that can only be seen and cannot be used?

The reason why she didn’t agree to it immediately was because she was observing everyone’s face.

After all, what Li Chengfeng said was wrong, and the matter is big.

If the people below unanimously objected, Su Yuchun would not dare to take the risk of desecrating his ancestors against everyone.

Li Chengfeng, as if he knew Su Yuchun’s concerns, suddenly stood up and said in a righteous manner: “Everyone knows that the treasure of the Li family that we banned in the south is now in name only. But, my mother’s life , And the life of Aunt He is the most important thing in front of everyone! Could it be that the people of our Nanjin Li family are so immortal, guarding a pile of insignificant beads, and want to lose Nanjin Li alive? The two elders of the family? They are now the pillars of our Nanban Li family! Without them, our Nanban Li family will really have nowhere to go. Everyone is right!”
After Li Chengfeng finished speaking, he glanced at Su Yuchun.

Su Yuchun cast a look of encouragement.

Li Chengfeng suddenly became more confident. He continued: “So, since our hopes for the recovery of the Li family in the south are in the two elders, why, we can’t sacrifice the ego and become the greater ego! Maybe, the dedication of these beads , Can really achieve the Nirvana rebirth of our Southern Forbidden Li Family! Let’s vote for it! I am the first to agree!

Li Chengfeng’s rhetoric is actually just a coincidence.

He took the initiative to raise his hand in order to let everyone speak out in public.

Everyone in the Li family can see whoever raises their hands and who does not.

Especially Su Yuchun and Mrs. He both saw it.

Who dares not to lift?

As a result, even those who responded with a single call can only raise their hands in agreement at this moment.

Seeing everyone raised their hands, Su Yuchun showed a hint of seriousness and said: “Chengfeng! How could this be! Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu is also the heirloom of our Southern Forbidden Li family, how can I… …”

Speaking of this, she still had red eyes.

Wiliam saw this coaxing drama, only to find it ridiculous and sad.

It is ridiculous that these people are addicted to acting.

The sad thing is that the Li family was dignified in the south. In the early years, the wealthy family that was comparable to the Lu family in North fell to the point where they used the treasure of the town family to please others.

There is no shame.

When Su Yuchun acted, Li Chengfeng followed suit, and rightly persuaded him a few words.

Finally, the matter was finally settled.

However, when it was time to give a bead, the people at the scene quarreled again.

Some people said they would give the second bead, while others said they would give the penultimate bead.

The words are inconsistent.

Li Chengfeng moved his throat, and suddenly said: “We have banned the 36 soul dream beads of the Li family in the south, and now there are only 34 left. One is a sacrifice, and two is a sacrifice. Why don’t we just take one step? In place! I suggest to take out four beads directly! As a show of sincerity!”

Li Chengfeng’s words caused a sensation again.

At this moment, some people scolded in public, “Li Chengfeng, don’t you fear that your ancestors will be angry if you do this! Thirty-six soul dream beads, beads are so precious, you actually want to take out four at once! It is to shame the ancestors!”

Su Yuchun did not speak at this time.

Li Chengfeng knew what Su Yuchun was thinking. He bit his head and said: “Think about it, everyone, anyway, the beads are missing. This is one of the reasons. And the second reason, if we take out one or two to the Jackdaw family to offer treasures. , Do the Jackdaw family look down on it? Think about what we are going to do at that time? They look down on it, don’t we want to get back these two beads in a small way? This is the real face slap Ah! And it’s not worth the loss. So, I think, either don’t do it, or just do it beautifully!”

The people at the scene were silent again.

What Li Chengfeng said is indeed reasonable.

But they feel sad in their hearts.

The treasure of the town, which has been guarded for decades, now he has to take out four of them at once in exchange for a few invitation letters.

“I think if everyone has any comments, let’s just set it like this? Just take the last four beads out. Mom, do you think this works?” Li Chengfeng finally set the tone.

Naturally, Su Yuchun had to put on a look of ashamed, brave words, and vowed to work hard to repay everyone’s concerted efforts.

But at this time, a sneer suddenly spread from the side.

Everyone heard it and saw that it was Wiliam.

“Boy, what are you laughing at! You are humiliating our South Ban Li family for failing!” Su Yuchun was angry.

Wiliam shook his head, and said, “How dare I laugh at you, you are united, I am deeply moved, I laughed, just because I want to remind you of a question. These four beads are used to present treasures. Wrong, but this is just an admission ticket. You have thought that there is no one, enter the venue, why should the master and the master of the master save you?”

“You guys, how many more beads can you take out to bribe those two people?”

Chapter 907

At the scene, there was no sound!

Everyone looked at Wiliam with shame!

Want to scold the street, but can’t scold it at all!

Just now, everyone, rest assured that it is early!

This kid, one sentence shocked everyone’s minds!

What Wiliam said makes sense!

These four beads are only used to exchange admission tickets.

It was used to bribe the Jackdaw family.

But to the master and master of the master, what benefits do they get?

Why did they rescue Su Yuchun and Granny He for no reason?

According to Li Chengfeng’s thinking, wouldn’t it be necessary to present the treasure again.

Four tickets were used to exchange for the admission ticket. How many more do I need for help?

Can’t be less than four, right?

After all, life is much more expensive than admission tickets.

How much will it cost?

Wiliam’s question was like a stone weighing on everyone’s heart.

It’s hard for everyone to breathe.

Li Chengfeng was struck by lightning, and he felt like he was shooting himself in the foot!


This proposal was made by him. He was still complacent just now, and this was done, and his position in the Li family in Nanjin would skyrocket.

After all, it’s no use to please the two elders.

But now, if he follows his thoughts, he will give a few more.

The South Ban Li family will lose more than ten beads!

Li Chengfeng can afford this age-old crime!

If Lu Yezhen said, everyone would not think anything.

Now that Wiliam said it, everyone looked at Li Chengfeng angrily.

This suggestion is simply shit!

And Li Chengfeng is simply the culprit who made the Li Family in the South forbidden!

“You kid! Shut me up!” Li Chengfeng was so angry that he couldn’t help cursing!

Wiliam shrugged and stopped talking.

The scene has become a mess.

Su Yuchun saw that the situation was messed up by Wiliam’s words, and her heart suddenly became irritable.

In her opinion, what did the Thirty-Six Soul Dream Kuizhu count?

Is it more important than your own life?

Not to mention ten, just take them all out, Su Yuchun won’t frown.

The situation was great, but this kid!

It makes people angry!

It’s a shit stick!

Mulan on the side couldn’t help but compare her thumbs to Wiliam, and whispered: “Awesome! Big shit! I’ll take you!”

Wiliam smiled slightly to show his dedication.

The main reason why Wiliam wanted to break this layer of paper was for himself.

Since the Li family in the south is not shamelessly preparing to offer treasures, then for Wiliam, it means that those who come are not rejected.

Rumor has it that after the thirty-six soul dream quib beads are gathered, there is a great miracle, why not take advantage of this opportunity to collect some.

Whether they are dedicated to the Jackdaw family or to the master of the main hall, in the end, they will fall into Wiliam’s hands, there is no doubt.

Wiliam just laughed at these people. If they finally found out that they had painstakingly dedicated their treasures, and finally dedicated them to himself, how would they look like.


“Don’t quarrel! We have no retreat for the Li family in the south! Now that this matter is set, we will go to the end! When the Li family in the south has the courage to break the arm? You still have warriors. Isn’t it enough? Then take out five more and give them to the master of the museum! Isn’t that nine! We banned the Li family in the south, and we can still get it!” Su Yuchun couldn’t help it at this time, and was simply clarified.
People at the scene saw Su Yuchun speaking in person, and they were too lazy to even pretend, and felt aggrieved, but they were forced to accept it.

But at this time, Wiliam glanced at Mulan.

Mulan said in a faint heart, “Oh, take out five more, it’s amazing, but I also have a question, do these five save one life or two? If one is one, it’s barely enough. The two words, tusk tusk, completely fail to reflect the aura and courage of the Li family in Nanban.”

Mulan’s words once again made the people at the scene dumbfounded.

Su Yuchun only felt a mouthful of blood coming out of her throat!

That’s it!

These two people!

Two dung sticks!

However, this statement also makes sense.

The people who banned the Li family in the south were completely desperate.

Especially Li Chengfeng, almost collapsed.

Is it necessary to take out fourteen beads at once!

This is really bloodletting!

Don’t say it, he became a sinner of the Li family in the south, it’s a certainty.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Wiliam gave Mulan a thumbs up, “Congratulations, I’m a little messy.”

Mulan rolled her eyes at Wiliam and whispered: “You are polite, I learned from you.”

She looked at the mess of people at the scene, and felt happy.

Don’t say, following this kid, step by step, it becomes sour and sour.

Finally, Su Yuchun forced a decision, and the matter was quickly settled.

First take out the four beads to present the treasure and exchange the invitation letter.

Then take out ten spares.

Maybe the master of the museum and his master are very elegant, and they don’t charge any money.

The idea of ​​Nanban Li’s family is really beautiful.

Mulan watched these people dreaming humbly, and couldn’t help muttering: “Hoho, no money, high-mindedness? Believe it or not they can gnaw you away from the Li family in the south so that there is no bones left.”

With that, she glanced at Wiliam specifically, “You are right.”

Wiliam nodded solemnly, “You know me more and more.”

Mulan has a black line.

This kid is getting shameless.

This trick was simply taking advantage of the fire and robbing it. It was to peel a layer of skin on the wound of Nanjin Li’s family and sprinkle a layer of salt.

The point is that the Li family in Nanban doesn’t know who sprinkled the salt.

“Okay, I’m going to make preparations. I will go to the Jackdaw family early tomorrow morning to get in touch with their people.” Li Chengfeng couldn’t stay any longer, and asked Ying to leave.

Finally, this meeting finally broke up amidst the noise.

Wiliam was the last to leave.

Only when he was leaving, he was caught by Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng turned a deaf ear to the drama just now, as if it had nothing to do with him.

In his heart, there was only Wiliam alone.

“Wiliam, did you really help me get two invitation letters just now?” Li Nanfeng confirmed.

Wiliam nodded, “When did I lie to you?”

“Okay, thanks, I think, you already know my way.” Li Nanfeng said.

Wiliam naturally knew.

The misfortune of Li’s family in the south and the changes of his grandmother made Li Nanfeng completely frustrated.

Therefore, Li Nanfeng decided to get out of this stagnant water!

With his hands and feet, start a new era!

And this is exactly what Wiliam wanted Li Nanfeng to do.

Man, take it seriously!

Overcome thorns and thorns, ride the wind and waves, standing proud alone is the respect!

After Li Nanfeng left, Mulan also grabbed Wiliam and asked, “What the hell are you going to do? Can you spoil me, otherwise I won’t sleep at night.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, then looked at Mulan seriously, “Of course you can’t sleep, are your short skirts ready?”

Chapter 908

“Fuck you bastard!” Mulan was stunned for a while, and suddenly shouted at Wiliam in a collapsed manner!

He just grabbed his little skirt and didn’t let go, right?

Let people not sleep well!

After Mulan roared this sentence, she seemed to rush out of the chamber as soon as she fled. She didn’t dare to stay in front of Wiliam for a while.

Wiliam looked at Mulan’s leaving figure amusedly, shook his head, and left slowly.

Only that night, there was another scene that made Wiliam look speechless.

In the middle of the night, Wiliam was refining the blood of conscience in his body, and suddenly heard the sound of small footsteps outside.

It seemed that someone was sneaking close to the room where Wiliam lived.

When Wiliam rushed to the door, he suddenly saw a figure suddenly appeared at the door.


To be precise, it is a pair of legs.

Wiliam didn’t even think about it, and opened the door with just one click!


A familiar voice suddenly sounded by Wiliam.

Then Wiliam didn’t have time to react, and he felt a pile of things pressed hard on him.


Wiliam was pressed directly back to the ground.

He glanced intently and almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

It was two long legs that hit him.

In the moonlight, it seemed that there was still a misty brilliance.

Wiliam followed these two legs and looked online, and he was even more speechless.

It’s really special to wear a short skirt without leggings.

At a glance.

“Get up and drive quickly.” Wiliam wakes up and pushes away the classmate Mulan who has attacked the strong man this night.

Mulan lay on the ground, covering her eyes with her hands, her desire to die was gone.

She was going back and forth, but couldn’t sleep thinking about it.

Finally, harden your heart, good women must do what they say!

She didn’t want to owe the bastard.

So Mulan poured two bottles of wine for herself.

When she really changed her short skirt and came to Wiliam’s room, she suddenly woke up from alcohol and hesitated again.

After all, it is too shameful to stand upside down to a man in a short skirt without wearing leggings.

I am not a monkey!

So Mulan was playing tricks right now.

The little bastard didn’t say he was going to be in front of him anyway.

Is it okay across the door?

And there is no rule whether he is awake or not.

It’s not fortunate to see him falling asleep.

Mulan decided to perform a handstand directly at Wiliam’s door.

Then quickly returned to the room.

Never thought about it!

Wiliam never sleeps most of the night!

At the moment she was standing upside down, she opened the door directly!

As soon as the door opened, she fell straight down the door.

Even if it falls down.

It happened to fall on Wiliam’s body.

The legs are still facing Wiliam’s face…

What a special thing!

It’s better than performing a handstand directly in front of him.

I’ve been seen all over.

Mulan felt like she had lost her wife and lost her army.

She looked upset.

“What are you still doing on the ground? Are you planning to stay here tonight?” Wiliam looked at Mulan, who was covering her face in shame.

He also didn’t expect Mulan to come out like this in the middle of the night.

I don’t even think of these two goods, performing handstands at the door like crazy.

Mulan whimpered, like an irritated little wild cat, jumping up to scratch Wiliam.
Wiliam flashed around and looked at Mulan with a smile.

Mulan tonight is really well dressed.

Wearing a short, short pleated skirt, red and white.

In order to match this short skirt, she wore a tight-fitting umbilical dress on her upper body, which stretched those long legs indefinitely.

And her hair was loose and wavy, and it was obviously taken care of.

Chi Guoguo is going to seduce a man’s little fairy.

Mulan flushed even more when she saw Wiliam’s playful eyes, she covered her face and ran out.

I was embarrassed tonight.

The next day, Li Chengfeng took four beads to the Jackdaw family early in the morning.

The members of the Li family in the south were all up early, waiting in the meeting hall together.

Waiting for Li Chengfeng to return triumphantly.

Wiliam and Mulan weren’t waiting there.

Mulan knew that Wiliam had the habit of running in the morning. Although she was so embarrassed last night, she still went out for a morning run with Wiliam.

At more than eight o’clock, everyone finally waited for Li Chengfeng.

However, seeing Li Chengfeng’s face and his empty hands, Su Yuchun’s face instantly paled.

“Chengfeng, what’s the matter? What about the invitation letter?” Su Yuchun stepped forward and asked sharply.

Li Chengfeng seemed to come back suffocating his breath all the way, and now he finally vented it out!

He slammed his hand on the table, causing the table to hum!

“A member of the Jackdaw family! It’s too much! I lowered my breath to offer treasures, and I didn’t even see Wu Bili’s face! That’s all! The two doormen didn’t even put me in their eyes!” Cursed aggrievedly.

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He looked as sinking as water, “What then? Didn’t you give out four beads?”

“Sent it out! The door boy took my beads away, and then left a word, saying let me go back and wait for the message, they will pass it on to Wu Bili.” Li Chengfeng said even more depressed.

At this moment, everyone in the audience was not calm.

Everyone looked at Li Chengfeng in grief and angrily for a while.

“Li Chengfeng, didn’t you say yesterday that four beads can be in place in one step!”

“Now it’s fine, and the beads are taken away, so I’ll leave a perfunctory sentence! It’s too shameful!”

“The members of the Jackdaw family are really deceiving people too much! How has the Li family in South Ban Jin been subjected to such humiliation!”

“What can I do now! I banned the Li family from South China and gave out four beads for nothing! This is going to be cursed by my ancestors!”

The people at the scene exploded into a pot of porridge, but Li Chengfeng, Su Yuchun and others continued to speak with gloomy faces.

“Enough! Shut me up! Wait a minute! I forgive the Jackdaw family for not daring to do such an empty glove white wolf thing!” Su Yuchun finally shouted loudly.

The people at the scene had to stop talking.

“Wait, when will you wait! The Jackdaw family obviously look down on us, they are playing us like fools!” someone whispered.

“If the Jackdaw family really dare to do this, then our South Ban Li family will never let them go!” Su Yuchun bit the bullet and said harshly.

But everyone at the scene knew that this was really convincing.

Is the Southern Forbidden Li family qualified in front of the Jackdaw family?

But at this moment, two people suddenly appeared at the door.

Wiliam and Mulan ran back in Chen Chen.

Everyone didn’t care about it.

But in the next second, a person wearing the Jackdaw family’s clothes also appeared at the gate of Li’s family.

Li Chengfeng was taken aback, his eyes gleaming, “It’s the doorman from the Jackdaw family!”

Wiliam returned from a morning run, but unexpectedly ran into the doorman of the Jackdaw family at the door.

The boy had seen Wiliam before, and his attitude towards Wiliam was fairly good, and Wiliam recognized him.

When the doorman saw Wiliam, he was overjoyed and said, “Master Lu, what a coincidence, you are really here. I was ordered to come and visit you. These are the two invitation letters you gave yesterday.”

Chapter 909

As the door boy said, he respectfully handed two exquisite invitation letters to Wiliam’s hands.

Seeing the door boy, Wiliam nodded kindly, took the two invitation letters, and said, “Thank you.”

The doorman was flattered immediately and waved his hand quickly, “It should be! Lord Lu, our Jackdaw family is waiting for your ride.”

The door boy was full of excitement. He looked at Wiliam with deep emotion in his heart.

Yesterday, he thought this was just an ordinary kid who came to report to receive the reward.

But I didn’t expect that this young man would shock the Jackdaw family.

It has become the great genius doctor Wu Bili is crazily looking for.

The Jackdaw family hasn’t held such a grand banquet for many years.

Now, break for a young man, stand for a young man.

And this young man named Wiliam, who was in a high position, had extraordinary abilities, but was so approachable, he didn’t look down upon them as a little doorman.

In this regard, the doorman was full of praise for Wiliam’s behavior.

With Wiliam Guang in front, the doorman naturally ignored Mulan, who was sweating slightly from running.

How could the little doorman think of how close this woman he had neglected had with the Jackdaw family!

After he left, Wiliam held two invitation letters in his hand and walked toward the door.

The people inside the door were all stunned just now.

They were far away from Wiliam and could not hear the conversation between Wiliam and the doorman.

However, they saw the doorman’s actions!

The doorman, holding two invitation letters, handed them to Wiliam.

Those two invitations instantly became the focus of everyone.

Li Chengfeng suddenly yelled excitedly, “Hahaha! The invitation letter from the Jackdaw family has arrived! We banned the Li family from the south, it really is not the Jackdaw family can handle at will!”

Everyone at the scene was also excited.

However, no one can think about whether these two invitation letters are for the Li family of Nanban.

Naturally, everyone had forgotten the words Wiliam made in the discussion hall yesterday.

The people of the Li family in Nanban naturally thought that the doorman of the Jackdaw family had come to send the invitation letter to the Li family in Nanban.

Only when Wiliam appeared at the door, the doorman handed the invitation letter to Wiliam, asking Wiliam to pass it on to the Li family.

Even, the doorman’s respect for Wiliam is, in everyone’s eyes, a kind of respect for the Li family in the south.

Li Chengfeng rushed towards Wiliam like the wind, grabbed the invitation letter in Wiliam’s hand, and laughed.

It’s so cool!

Li Chengfeng has been under pressure like a mountain since last night.

Without the invitation letter, he became an eternal sinner of the Li family in Nanban.

It’s all right now, all the pressure is released at this moment.

Those four beads are so worth it!

Wiliam was snatched from the invitation letter and frowned at Li Chengfeng.

Mulan on the side was furious, “You are so sick! This invitation letter is for Wiliam, do you have the face to grab it?”

Li Chengfeng was taken aback and suddenly laughed again.

The people around also appeared behind Li Chengfeng.
Li Chengfeng looked at Mulan like a fool, and laughed coldly: “Are you sick or I’m sick? That doorman came to send us the invitation letter to the Li family. You helped take over, and the invitation letter became Yours? I would like to ask you, what qualifications do you have to let the Jackdaw family send you invitations?”

Mulan looked angry, “You!”

Li Chengfeng interrupted Mulan’s words directly, and continued to laugh: “Two invitation letters, one for my mother and one for Aunt Su. Isn’t this the intention of the Jackdaw family? We banned the Li family in the south, and only two The elderly are eligible to participate in the grand gathering of the Jackdaw family.”

With that said, he handed the two invitation letters to Su Yuchun and Mrs. He respectively.

When the two of them got the invitation letter, their faces were full of excitement.

As if holding in his hand is not an invitation, but a life-saving medicine!

Li Chengfeng even complimented: “Mom, Aunt He, it seems that my strategy last night has worked. Our four beads have fully played the best role! Think about it, why they only sent two invitation letters? It means going on behalf of your seriously ill people, and then will the other party give you medical treatment?”

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He’s eyes lit up, and their faces were all smiles.

What Li Chengfeng said is too possible.

How else can you explain that there are only two?

Wiliam sneered at the side.

The self-esteem guys still didn’t figure out things, so a group of people began to fantasize about a happy ending.

You banned the Li family to the south, what do you think of the Jackdaw family?

It’s nothing.

Insult yourself!

“Huh! You are not afraid, holding these two invitation letters, can you not enter the gate of the Jackdaw family! I will tell you once again that this invitation letter was sent to Wiliam by the Jackdaw family!” Exasperated, he said viciously.

But the people at the scene were all fools of Mulan and didn’t believe it at all.

They also have no reason to believe.

Because everyone has heard Lin Dandan talk about these two people.

Both Wiliam and Mulan set foot in the city of martial arts for the first time.

Everyone thought that they had little foundation in the city of martial arts, and now they can only survive by relying on the Li family in Nanjin.

How can you recognize the Jackdaw family?

Even if they barely knew each other, would the Jackdaw family give such a precious invitation to a little boy?


“Ho ho, this is what we exchanged for the four handed down jewels. We are not eligible to go in? It’s you guys haha, I suddenly remembered one thing.” Li Chengfeng is now exhausted, and suddenly he wants to trample on him. The thoughts of these two guys who had never known good or bad came.

Li Chengfeng walked around Wiliam, looked at Wiliam up and down, and said jokingly: “Yesterday, didn’t your kid say you want to go to the event too? He said that you don’t need an invitation letter if you go. ?”

Everyone also showed a playful look in their eyes.

They all understood that Li Chengfeng wanted to humiliate these two people in public.

Wiliam smiled and replied, “That’s natural.”

Li Chengfeng laughed again and said: “Now we have two invitation letters in Li’s house in South Ban, and we can go to two people. Then I want to see how you get in. Do you sneak in or splatter at the door? Please let it go? I really want to see.”

Speaking of this, Li Chengfeng suddenly looked fiercely, staring at Wiliam fiercely and said: “Since your kid is so confident, there are no species. The day after tomorrow, come with us to see who can go in infinitely beautifully, and who to look at, because You can’t enter the gate, but you can only be embarrassed outside!”

Chapter 910

The people at the scene laughed loudly when they heard Li Chengfeng’s words.

They all think this is a good way to make this ignorant guy take humiliation.

Wiliam looked at Li Chengfeng and smiled without saying a word.

Li Chengfeng said again: “What? Now counseling? Young man, do you have to be responsible for what you have said? Since you want to admit counsel, then publicly apologize to me.”

Mulan on the side said fiercely: “Look at it! Who is afraid of who! I am afraid that it will be your whole family who will be ashamed by that time!”

But these words can only cause another roar of laughter from everyone.

Everyone looked at Wiliam and Mulan with pitying eyes, and said with emotion that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.

Lin Dandan smiled even more tremblingly, “You two, it seems that you are used to being arrogant and indulgent. You still think this is Yuncheng, this is the city of martial arts! I’ll be your kind words, you are here, you fart. Neither! Just let reality and teach you how to behave.”

At this time, Li Nanfeng spoke suddenly.

He couldn’t see, but he knew where Wiliam was standing.

He walked up to Wiliam and asked slowly: “Wiliam, those two invitation letters are really for you, not for the Li family?”

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng and asked, “What do you think?”

Li Nanfeng was silent for a while, and suddenly said in a deep voice: “I know, now that the invitation letter is in their hands, what are we going to do?”

Wiliam said casually: “I said before that if I go, I don’t need any invitation letters. Originally, those two were for you, but the day after tomorrow, as long as you two follow me, naturally, there is no need for invitation letters.”

The words made everyone laugh again.

It’s getting more and more true, and getting more addicted.

“Nan Feng, dare to show me more presumptuously!” Mrs. He suddenly said coldly to Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng turned a deaf ear.

He just stood in front of Wiliam, without speaking.

Li Chengfeng said at this time: “My dear nephew, do you really believe what this madman is saying? If you want to meet the world, it’s okay for my mother and Aunt Su to speak up and let you in as the next person. It’s just that there are no seats.”

Granny He also nodded, “Exactly.”

However, Li Nanfeng suddenly smiled at this time.

Laughing crazy.

Everyone was stunned, is this another crazy one?

After Li Nanfeng laughed, he suddenly bent over to Wiliam, “Thank you, then.”

The implication couldn’t be more obvious.

When Li Nanfeng arrives, he will not follow the people from Nanban Li’s family, but will follow Wiliam!

At this time, all the members of the Li family in the south were furious!

As a member of Nanjin Li’s family, it doesn’t matter if you don’t stand with Nanjin Li’s family!

Now he bowed his head to an inexplicable kid!

This is to discredit the famous Nanjin Li family!

“Nanfeng! Do you dare!” Mrs. He also shouted angrily.

Cheng Suyi on the side, seeing Granny He getting angry, quickly pulled Li Nanfeng, and whispered: “Nanfeng, do you really believe in Wiliam? You have to think about it. Your team is equivalent to following South forbidden Li family to draw a clear line, they will not give you a good look in the future.”
Although Cheng Suyi also believed that Wiliam was capable, she was still vaguely disturbed.

On the one hand, I don’t believe that Wiliam’s skills can be extended to this city of martial arts where many talents are born.

On the other hand, he is more worried about Li Nanfeng.

If Wiliam couldn’t get in the day after tomorrow, then Li Nanfeng would definitely become the laughing stock of the Li family in Nanban.

“The rotten, self-respecting Li family of Nanban has already perished in my heart.” Li Nanfeng laughed suddenly and walked backwards.

Everyone was stunned.

This kid!

What to say!


I think very high!

Even perish!

This kid is rebellious!

Even Mrs. He was furious with Li Nanfeng’s madness!

“Li Nanfeng, stop for me!”

However, Li Nanfeng turned a deaf ear.

In the audience, only the cheerful laugh when he left.

Wiliam nodded slightly as Li Nanfeng left.

Li Nanfeng is also a smart man.

He is taking this opportunity to show his attitude to the Li family of Nanban.

In this way, although Li Nanfeng’s reputation in the Li family will drop sharply, this decline is his best umbrella.

Everyone would not think that he was back to fight for the position of Patriarch.

There is no one to calculate him anymore.

It seems that in the past, he was conspired by an adulterer to escape from Li’s house in Nanjin because of his innocence.

And these remarks even showed Wiliam his attitude and loyalty.

I have to say that Li Nanfeng’s remarks seem mad, but he can kill two birds with one stone and he is extremely clever.

Soon, the time came to the evening of the day after tomorrow.

The banquet time is seven o’clock in the evening.

But in the morning, Wiliam received a call from the main hall.

It means that Wu Bili is worried about Guo Yulin’s body, so she hopes that Wiliam can go to the Jackdaw family as soon as possible to give Guo Yulin the last needle.

Because today is exactly the third day of Wiliam’s first six needles.

After thinking about it, Wiliam agreed.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Wiliam took Mulan, and wanted to find Li Nanfeng.

But as soon as he arrived at the door, he ran into the family of Nanjin Li who were waiting in battle.

The people who banned the Li family in the south, as if going to some awards ceremony, dressed very gorgeously.

Especially Su Yuchun, with Jin Yi added on, was too grand.

Mrs. He was sitting in the car with a cane in her hand.

She can barely walk on crutches.

Li Chengfeng looked at Wiliam jokingly, and said exaggeratedly: “Oh, Mr. Lu, is it because he wants to escape so early that we can’t find it? Hahaha.”

Everyone laughed in unison.

“Ho ho, you guys are quite early too, it’s hard for the whole Li family to squat on me here.” Wiliam smiled disapprovingly.

Mulan snorted and laughed.

This idiot skill started again.

Why are the people who banned the Li family in the south waiting for Wiliam?

They obviously also had to go ahead of time, so that they could demonstrate the majesty of the Southern Forbidden Li Family before the entire Lingcheng.

Just happened to bump into it at the door.

After being punished by Wiliam, Li Chengfeng’s face suddenly became ugly, “Ho ho, you have to have this kind of identity to let our Li family treat you like this, but you don’t deserve it.”

“Okay, don’t need to say, since we are going, let’s go there together by car.” Su Yuchun looked at Wiliam coldly and said lightly.

At this time, Li Nanfeng also walked out of it.

They were standing with Wiliam.

The four of them got directly into the last car.

A group of people, a total of seven or eight cars, headed for the Jackdaw family in a mighty manner.

At the door of the Jackdaw family, many people had already entered the door with invitations.

Li Chengfeng glanced at Wiliam provocatively, and said, “Hoho, boy, let me give you a sample first. I’ll stand inside the door later, laughing to see how the four of you are rolling outside.”


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