Dragon Husband 911

Chapter 911

Li Chengfeng said with a smug laugh.

Then, he and Su Yuchun and a group of people walked towards the gate with such arrogance.

The two doormen at the gate were welcoming guests at the moment and were very busy.

Suddenly they saw a group of people approaching together, one by one with their heads high, thinking that it was someone from a super family.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a member of the Li family in South Ban.

The doorman who had greeted Wiliam before searched the crowd carefully, but found no figure of Wiliam.

His brow furrowed slightly.

At this time, Li Chengfeng had already reached the doorman.

He looked at the doorman condescendingly, and said loudly: “We are from the Li family in the south, come to the banquet.”

He deliberately said so loudly, that is, to four people including Wiliam not far away.

After Li Chengfeng finished speaking, he threw two invitation letters to the door boy.

The doorman frowned even more when he saw the two invitation letters.

He recognized these two special invitation letters.

This is Wu Bili personally confessed to the exclusive invitation letter to the noble Lord Lu.

But now, why appeared in the hands of these people?

And looking at Li Chengfeng, he also looked pretentious.

This door boy also happened to be the one who had received Li Chengfeng before.

Thinking of the two days ago, Li Chengfeng personally brought four beads claiming to be family heirlooms and wanted to offer them in exchange for an invitation letter.

Li Chengfeng at that time, just like a grandson, nodded and bowed.

Unexpectedly, in only two days, he became an uncle from a grandson.

The attitude is too arrogant.

This stupid person, you still don’t know what Wu Bili said when she saw the four beads.

At that time, Wu Bili only glanced at it, and said directly: “If the Li family is banned from the south, is it worthy to participate in the grand event?”

In one sentence, Wu Bili’s attitude has been expressed.

Even if the people from the Li family in Nanban sent more beads, Wu Bili would not agree to the people from the Li family in Nanban.

With a deep heart, the door boy sneered and looked at the group of people in front of him.

There are more than twenty.

Li Chengfeng thought that the doorman was worrying that they had come to Li’s family from the south.

So he smiled and said: “Little brother, today we come from the South Ban Li family, just to help your event become more prosperous, how about? Let us go in together?”

The doorman immediately chuckled.

Is it true that he will put gold on his face.

I want to see how you can get in today.

“I’m sorry, please go back.” The boy’s tone was already a lot more rude.

When Li Chengfeng heard this, his face became stiff.

I don’t think of the mere doorman, dare to speak so unscrupulously.

He was about to scold the door boy angrily, but was dragged down by Su Yuchun.

Standing in front of the doorman, Su Yuchun’s attitude was much better than Li Chengfeng.

She said politely: “Little guy, we have so many people here, which really embarrass you. Let’s go, my sister and I will take two or three followers, and they will go in to meet the world, don’t have to treat them specially, okay ?”

In Su Yuchun’s view, this is a reasonable request.
Which wealthy family came here without entourage?

But the doorman sneered and said lightly, “Sorry, our Jackdaw family has never had this rule, please go back.”

“Presumptuous! How did you talk to my mother! Do you know who is standing in front of you! Little doorman!” Li Chengfeng scolded on the spot.

However, Su Yuchun shouted coldly: “Chengfeng, don’t be presumptuous!”

Only then did Li Chengfeng take a step back in disbelief.

Su Yuchun stared at the doorman in front of him, and then said for a long time: “Well, since the Jackdaw family has strict rules, then we can’t embarrass you. The rest of you, wait outside the door. Let me go in with my sister.”

With that said, Su Yuchun and the old lady He who was on crutches were about to walk inside.

But the boy suddenly leaned over in front of them, and said without a smile: “Don’t you understand what I just said? I said, please come back.”

The people who banned the Li family in the south were all dumbfounded.

Su Yuchun said angrily: “What do you mean! We have two invitation letters! Do you dare to block the guests? Are you afraid that the master above you will blame it?”

The doorman was not afraid, and said coldly: “I will tell you the truth, even if you have ten and one hundred invitations from the Li family in South Korea today, you are not eligible to enter my Jackdaw family! Get out!”

The door boy had a temper after these repeated arguments.

Li Chengfeng behind him completely exploded, and he rushed directly to the doorman, and he was about to hit the doorman, “You are nothing special! I will kill you now!”

But at this time, a loud roar suddenly came from inside the door!

Beast roar!

Li Chengfeng still didn’t react, and suddenly he felt black in front of him!

A behemoth directly threw him to the ground!

When everyone saw it clearly, they screamed in unison!

What threw on Li Chengfeng was a big blue tiger!

This big tiger, more than two meters long, looks full of explosive muscles!

Everyone has never seen a big green tiger.

And I don’t know if it’s everyone’s illusion.

Everyone vaguely felt that this big tiger seemed to be curled up with smoke!

The green tiger pressed a paw on Li Chengfeng’s neck, and the tiger’s head was fierce, and it roared again at the nearby Li Chengfeng!

Li Chengfeng could see the salivation in Qinghu’s mouth.

After being yelled so suddenly, Li Chengfeng only felt the heat in his lower body and was scared to pee!

Everyone at the scene was shocked.

On the one hand, marveling at the jackdaw family’s ability to tame the beasts, it was able to tame such a rare tiger.

On the other hand, I was even more shocked by the determination of the Jackdaw family!

A little doorman was able to directly dispatch the beasts of the Jackdaw family without letting in the people from the Li family of Southern Ban.

This shows that the Jackdaw family is determined not to let them in today!

“This is just a warning. If you dare to be presumptuous at the door, you will never be merciless next time!” The doorman whistled, and Qinghu put away his paws and staggered towards the inner door.

At this time, the people from the Li family in the south were stunned. They pulled up Li Chengfeng, who was pale in fright on the ground, and ran away not far away.

The doorman sneered behind him before going to greet the other onlookers.

When Li Chengfeng and others returned to Wiliam and the others, they were already angry.

The members of the Jackdaw family are so defiant, today the Li family’s face is lost in front of the whole city!

A group of people cursed at the Jackdaw family for several minutes.

Finally, Li Chengfeng looked at Wiliam with a trace of insidiousness flashing in his eyes, and said grimly, “You kid, can’t you? If you have any, go in and show me now!”


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