Dragon Husband 912

Chapter 912 Enter!

The members of Li’s family in the south looked at Wiliam together.

They are all holding fire in their hearts.

The Jackdaw family has no bottom line.

Not only received the four handed down beads from their Li family, but also gave them an invitation letter.

Now when I reached the door, I didn’t even let in.

He even called out Qinghu deterrence!

Isn’t this Chi Guoguo banning Li’s family in the south?

The Southern Forbidden Li family has fallen to the point where the Jackdaw family can tease.

Li Chengfeng was even more sad and angry.

He was the most embarrassed on the scene.

She was so scared to pee her pants in public.

Now, he just wants to find a substitute for the dead, to transfer this deep shame for him!

And Wiliam is the best choice.

Mulan laughed from the side and looked at Li Chengfeng jokingly, “Tsk tusk, such a big person, still peeing on his pants, Li Jia can be forbidden in the south.”

Li Chengfeng’s face became stiff, and he coldly snorted: “We can’t get in even if we have an invitation letter. Then I have to see it with my own eyes. If you don’t have an invitation letter, how can you turn your hands over for the clouds and rain!”

Lu Yezhe spoke, but he lifted his steps and walked towards the gate of the Jackdaw family.

Mulan hurriedly followed.

Cheng Su looked at Granny He in awe, and followed Li Nanfeng with him.

And the group of people from Nanban Li’s family saw that Wiliam really dared to pass, and they all showed weird smiles.

The green tiger just now gave everyone a strong deterrent.

Rao has several masters of Huajin in the Li family of Nanban, but he has always fought with people, where he has fought with this beast.

Now that a mere kid has passed by and there is no invitation letter, doesn’t the green tiger want to swallow them alive.

He looked at Li Nanfeng coldly, and said coldly: “This is the path Li Nanfeng chose by himself, and he has to pay for it!”

“Ho ho, let’s get closer and watch the show.” Lin Dandan suddenly suggested.

The malicious Nanjin Li family nodded together.

They longed to see Wiliam’s four people be humiliated by the Jackdaw family.

While Wiliam and the others were walking on the way to the door, Cheng Su was very nervous and couldn’t help asking: “Wiliam, do you really have a way to let us in? The big tiger just looked terrifying… “

Wiliam smiled slightly, “The Li family is forbidden in the south, and the hearts of the people are fierce. Just follow me.”

Cheng Su was stunned one by one, still recalling these words, and several people had already reached the gate.

The doorman greeted the guests who had piled up just now, without even noticing Wiliam’s arrival.

But at this time, Lin Dandan suddenly jumped out and shouted at the door boy, “Hey! Attention everyone, the four of them are going to sneak into the venue!”

In a word, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention, including the doorman.

The door boy looked ecstatic when he saw Wiliam’s figure.

But Lin Dandan didn’t dare to go over, so he continued to shout jokingly not far away: “I remind you, the four of them have no invitation letters, and they have nothing to do with our Nanjin Li family. They are just a bunch of hillbillies. , I want to mix in to get the light.”

The people of Li’s family in the South gave up their thumbs up after hearing Lin’s faint shout.

Su Yuchun also nodded happily, and said: “Yes, just to draw a line with the four of them, otherwise the Jackdaw family may even blame the four people for their wicked debts on our Li family.”
Everyone on the scene immediately began to point to Wiliam.

The doorman frowned slightly when he heard Lin’s faint words, and quickly greeted Wiliam.

When Li Chengfeng saw that the doorman had taken the initiative to greet him, he laughed, “The show has begun, everyone is optimistic!”

But the next second, the Li family, who was waiting for the good show, were stunned.

They saw in disbelief that the door boy, who was still aggressive and did not put the Li family in his eyes, was now replaced with a respectful smile.

He walked to Wiliam’s body and bowed directly at them with a ninety degree bow.

Then, the doorman said respectfully: “You are here, please come in!”

This scene frightened everyone.

Including Cheng Suyi.

The Li family behind them all had eyeballs falling to the ground!

what happened!

These four people didn’t have an invitation letter at all, and they were from the countryside. How could they get such a welcome from the doorman!

The Li family in Nanban didn’t get this treatment when they came to visit!

Isn’t this slap the Li family in the face?

Wiliam nodded towards the door boy and smiled: “Thank you.”

After speaking, he was going to walk inside.

The doorman had just experienced the attitude of the Li family, and compared to the way Wiliam is now polite, he admired the young man even more.

As a distinguished guest of the Jackdaw family, his attitude is so humble.

What the hell is that group of Nanban Li Family!

Still so arrogant!

At this moment, Li Chengfeng reacted, stepped up to Wiliam, and asked the boy sharply: “Wait! Are you mistaken! What qualifications does this kid have to enter the venue! I want to participate in you! “

These words represent the doubts in the hearts of the Li family.

But the doorman sneered directly, “Come on with me? Are you sick, right? What qualifications does he have to enter the venue, can you control it? I want to say something, are you happy?”

After speaking, he led Wiliam around the sluggish Li Chengfeng, and a group of people walked in.

Mulan turned her head and smiled at the Li family who was going crazy, “I’m sorry, I let you down, you just wait outside, and goodbye.”

A group of Li family members have fiery pain on their faces.

How full they were just now, how embarrassing and humiliating they are now.

They were going to go in, and then smiled to see the four people embarrassed.

Now it’s completely reversed.

The point is that they still don’t know what went wrong.

There is no place to spray a mouthful of old blood!

As soon as Cheng Su looked at the doorman who was still alive and well just now, he greeted Wiliam step by step in front of him, only feeling like a world away.

All this, in Cheng Suyi’s view, was so unreal.

Even when the Li family in Nanban was turned away, Wiliam was still very alone.

How did he do it?

She was thinking, feeling her palm squeezed.

It’s Li Nanfeng.

Li Nanfeng seemed to understand Cheng Suyi’s doubts, and said lightly, “Don’t worry about what Wiliam did. This is a miracle that belongs to him. Remember one sentence, stay with Wiliam and do nothing, just Do one thing.”

“That means surrendering to him unconditionally and trusting him.”

Cheng Su stared blankly at Li Nanfeng, whose face was calm at the moment.

It seemed that the shocking scene just now was just taken for granted in Li Nanfeng’s mind, and it was not worth mentioning.

She murmured to herself, “I finally know the reason why you rebelled against the entire Li family and went to Wiliam two days ago. I have eyes, but I don’t look at people like you.”

The Li family outside watched the four of them enter, and it took a long time to react.

Li Chengfeng asked stupidly: “Mom, then what do we do now? It’s really a steal!”


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