Dragon Husband 913

Chapter 913 Overriding!

Su Yuchun stared angrily at the gate of the Jackdaw family, and was furious.

She knew that today it was placed by the Jackdaw family.

How dare a doorman treat Li’s family in the south like this?

That little bitch Wu Bili must have been secretly instigating it!

It must be because of the encirclement and suppression campaign last year!

She is taking revenge on the Li family in South Ban!

Maybe Wu Bili deliberately trampled on Li’s family in the south while holding the four people.

It would be even more uncomfortable to ban the Li family in the south.

I have to say that Wu Bili’s goal of stepping high and holding low is achieved.

“What else can I do! Go back! Let’s stop asking for fun here.” Su Yuchun said angrily.

Several people, from the arrogance and arrogance at the beginning, to now one by one, their heads hanging down, like a bereaved dog, walked towards the car griefly.

At this time, a person suddenly whispered, “You said, what Wiliam said before is not true? He is really a guest of Nanban Li’s family? And those two invitation letters are indeed for His, we just grabbed it…”

As soon as these words came out, the Li family’s footsteps all stagnated.

Several people reacted at once.


It might be true!

That Wiliam said from the beginning that he didn’t need an invitation letter when he came in.

It’s just that everyone took his words as a joke.

And Wiliam did make a phone call in front of everyone and asked for two invitation letters.

The door boy also gave the invitation letter to Wiliam.

Everything was confirmed before Wiliam had said.

If nothing happened just now, how could everyone believe that kid’s fantasy.

Now, I have to believe it.

However, one of the doubts that lingers in everyone’s mind is who this kid is!

Why can the Jackdaw family be so respectful!

“Fart! I’m not arrogant enough to extinguish my own prestige! That kid is worthy! This is all Wu Bili is deliberately disgusting us to ban the Li family from the south!” Su Yuchun suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone quickly put away the speculation just now.

Su Yuchun followed these words and said what she had just thought.

This explanation, everyone suddenly realized.

“Fuck! That Wu Bili is so inhumane, she actually humiliated us like this!”

“No wonder I can’t figure it out. How could that kid be treated by the Jackdaw family without any wonder? That’s how it is!”

“Ho ho, those four people who were used as guns are still unknown, maybe they are still complacent and think they have more face.”

“At that time, they don’t know how they died. If they are caught between our two families, will they have good fruit? If the two families really coax, will the Jackdaw family protect them? A joke.”

Hearing what everyone said, Su Yuchun nodded and said, “Go back and talk about it. They will feel better when they come back!”

And Wiliam and others, under the leadership of the doorman, soon came to the inner hall.

Because it was still early before the banquet, Wiliam had to go and pull out the needle for Guo Yulin according to the previous agreement.

He asked Li Nanfeng and Cheng Su to wait at the venue first, and then went to find Wu Bili.

Chapter 913 Overriding!

In Guo Yulin’s room, Wiliam saw Wu Bili again with an anxious look.

The main hall is also in the room.

Seeing Wiliam, Wu Bili was overjoyed, and came over in one step, and greeted respectfully: “Mr. Lu, you are finally here!”

Wu Bili never saw the arrogance and domineering she had before, some just bowed her head.

Wiliam looked at this woman coldly, with no joy in being promoted.

He naturally knew why Wu Bili was so respectful.

Not for the Jackdaw family’s fortune.

She is still a pretty woman.

Maybe if Guo Yulin is cured, she may turn her face on the spot.

The master of the hall also hurriedly stepped forward and raised his hand to greet: “Master.”

Hearing that the owner of the main hall was very old and called Wiliam a young man as his master, Wu Bili and Mulan’s expressions were a bit wrong.

Wu Bili felt even more dazed.

I first saw him a few days ago, this kid is nothing but a common ant.

Unexpectedly, after a few days, his identity has been completely different.

Above the main hall owner!

To allow a long-established person like the master of the hall to completely surrender and be willing to apprentice, this Wiliam must be extraordinary.

At that time, I was really blind, did not even know the real dragon, and stiffened with him.

Wu Bili was faintly disturbed.

Because she suddenly thought of something.

When she offended Wiliam, Wiliam said a word.

“If you want to beg me for this needle, you need to kneel and knock down three times and throw your five bodies in front of me!”

I thought it was a joke at first, but now I don’t know, this genius doctor Lu, there is still no one who takes this seriously…

Thinking of this, she hurriedly said, “Doctor Lu, how about helping my old Guo Shi with this last needle?”

Wiliam jokingly looked at Wu Bili, who didn’t even dare to look at him, and smiled.

It was Mulan, a woman who always kept her hatred in her heart.

She smiled and said without a smile: “Madam, you are clever as a fool. You just knelt down and knocked down three times, you just shuddered past it?”

Wu Bili’s head buzzed, her face pale instantly.

After all, it is necessary to pay the price for offending the genius doctor Lu!

She wanted to use the prestige of the Jackdaw family to crush Wiliam, but found that this kid was not afraid at all.

With his extraordinary medical skills, there may be more monstrous forces behind him…

What can I do now…

After embarrassing for two minutes, Wu Bili bit her scalp and said: “Mr. Lu, I offended you before, and I can’t blame it! Do you think this is all right! As long as you save our old Guo, I swear that it will be in the right place? Timing, practice three knees and nine knocks! Both you and the master of the hall are extraordinary people, and I will definitely not lie to you.”

Wu Bili was really helpless.

Compared with the short-term humiliation of Lao Guo’s life, or the family property of the Jackdaw family, Wu Bili had to choose to bow her head.

When she agreed to come down, the whole person was lost, and she didn’t think that the kid would come true.

Mulan wanted to say something, but was stopped by Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Wu Bili and said, “Okay, just remember what you said.”

Wiliam was not afraid of Wu Bili’s repentance.

After he finished speaking, he walked to Guo Yulin, who was unconscious on the bed.

And the doorman, suddenly taking advantage of this moment, whispered to Wu Bili reporting what happened outside the door.

After listening to Wu Bili, a sly smile appeared on her face.

“It’s really arrogant to ban the Li Family from the South! I don’t want to trouble them, they dare to take their own humiliation! And so disrespectful to the genius doctor Lu! Well, don’t they want to come in! Just let them in!”

“Let them also see how the scornful kid from the Li Family in the South is such a superior Venerable!”


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