Dragon Husband 914

Chapter 914 Two tables!

When Wu Bili said these words, she was actually gritted her teeth!

There was only one thought in her mind.

That’s this kind of desperate feeling that a dog looks down on people and can’t bear it alone!

There is also such a heavy price brought by the ignorance of the big guys, and I can’t bear it alone!

The cliff will take the Nanjin Li’s family and taste it together!

When the doorman heard Wu Bili’s words, he was immediately excited, and hurriedly walked outside the door to make a call.

Wiliam came to Guo Yulin’s side and first checked Guo Yulin’s body.

Then his hand lit up, and a red light flashed across like a meteor.

The main hall owner quickly calmed his mind, this is a rare opportunity for on-site internship.

Wiliam already had a handful of Long Live Red Lotus in his hand.

He pointed out like lightning, and the main hall owner had no time to react, that the last silver needle had been inserted into Guo Yulin’s body.

Then Guo Yulin, who was in a coma, was shocked, and a trace of blood slowly appeared on his extremely pale face.

Wu Bili was full of excitement, and once again marveled at the magic of this genius doctor Lu.

But this is not over yet.

After Wiliam waited for a minute, he suddenly patted Guo Yulin with both hands!

Following Wiliam’s shot, everyone only saw Guo Yulin’s body, Qi Qi flying out of seven silver needles with red light!

And what made people strange was that the silver needle was suspended in front of Wiliam without falling, as if it had a sense of wisdom.

There is a drop of black shiny blood hanging from the tail of every silver needle!

When the master of the hall saw this scene, he shouted out in shock, “Master, can your silver needle not only cure poison, but also remove it?”

The master of the main hall is very skilled in medicine, and he can naturally see that the seven drops of black shiny blood are so strong that they cannot be cured!

It is the heart-attack poison planted in Guo Yulin’s body.

The owner of the main hall has never seen anyone pull out poison like this, let alone a magic needle so strange!

Mulan smacked her tongue secretly.

Their Qilin power naturally knows that the personal tokens of the Qilin Lord are different.

The same is the unicorn ring.

The other is a red long live safflower on this needle.

This is the second time Mulan has seen Needles of Red Flower.

For the first time, Wiliam used them as defensive weapons, making it difficult for Mulan to penetrate half an inch.

And this time, the silver needle played its due role.

Hanging pot helps the world.

It’s amazing to be able to heal and martial, to attack and defend.

With a wave of Wiliam, seven silver needles flew to the top of a bowl, and seven drops of black blood fell into the bowl.

Then he put away the silver needle, let out a breath, and said, “It’s almost there. In two hours, he should be able to wake up.”

Wu Bili was shocked and suspicious, just so casually, the incurable disease that has troubled Lao Guo for more than a year is so good?

It’s too incredible.

She asked startledly: “Mr. Lu, do you mean that Lao Guo can be cured in the future?”

Wiliam nodded, “If there is no accident, it should be so.”

Wu Bili couldn’t believe it, so she looked at the main hall owner.

The master of the pavilion said kindly: “What my master said was wrong. Hey, I wanted to learn something. Now it seems that this magical silver needle has a close connection with my master. This needle is really only my master. Do it yourself.”
Only then did Wu Bili relieved her mind, and said quickly: “Hurry up and watch the tea for Master Lu and the master of Daguan!”

And at this moment, Li’s side was forbidden in the south.

Li Chengfeng, Su Yuchun and Granny He were sitting in a car.

The two elders closed their eyes slightly, as if they were resting, and they seemed to calm down their anger.

The atmosphere was very suppressed along the way.

Li Chengfeng didn’t dare to breathe because he had messed up this matter.

But at this time, his cell phone rang suddenly.

He instinctively wanted to hang up the phone, but at the sight of the electricity, his whole body was agitated!

It was from the Jackdaw family!

To be precise, it was the arrogant doorman from the Jackdaw family just now.

Before Li Chengfeng came to the Jackdaw family to give gifts, because he was turned away, he could only keep the doorman’s phone number.

He ignored the interruption of the two elders’ rest, and quickly picked up the phone, “Hey!”

On the other end of the phone, the voice of the doorman from the Jackdaw family came.

“You, my wife said just now, you can come to the venue, if you want to come, hurry up.”

The doorman’s voice was still so rude.

But to Li Chengfeng, these words sounded like the sound of nature.

His face flushed, and he confirmed excitedly: “You mean, we can go to the banquet now?”

The two people who had closed their eyes opened their eyes at this moment.

They glanced at each other, their eyes full of disbelief.

The doorman said loudly on the phone: “Are you deaf? Come soon!”

Li Chengfeng’s voice trembled, “Okay! We’ll be here soon!”

Speaking of this, Li Chengfeng hesitated again and said, “Then, should my mother go with my Aunt He?”

The doorman looked a little impatient, and said directly: “If you want to come, please come and report to me first. I’m going to adjust the seat soon.”

There was a burst of ecstasy in Li Chengfeng’s heart!

What do you mean!

What does this mean!

How many do you want?

Isn’t it limited to the two elders now?

He courageously said weakly: “Then we have twenty people. I have to report to the elders first. See which ones go. Can you wait a few minutes?”

“What are you waiting for? Twenty, isn’t it? I’ll just open two tables for you, so be it.” The doorman finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Until now, Li Chengfeng was sluggish.

Twenty, two tables!



He laughed wildly with excitement.

Su Yuchun, who was sitting in the back seat, saw that Li Chengfeng was crazy, and asked eagerly: “Hurry up, what’s the matter! Can we go there now? How many!”

Li Chengfeng smiled so that his mouth was crooked, and shouted excitedly: “You can go! And, all twenty people can go! They opened two tables for us!”

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He were directly stupid when they heard this.

Li Chengfeng laughed even more happily, “Hahaha, I couldn’t believe it at first, but the door boy said just now, hahaha! It’s a reversal, we ban the Li family in the south, this is going to get ahead!”

Su Yuchun reacted and laughed frantically, “Hahaha! Good coming! Good coming! This should be the hospitality I deserve from the Li family in South Ban! Jackdaw family, Jackdaw family, you can correct it now if you know your mistakes. Quite timely!”

Mrs. He was still in despair, and asked blankly: “The Jackdaw family, what is this fancy! We didn’t let us in before, but now we let more than 20 people in!”

Su Yuchun smiled, patted Granny He on the shoulder, and said, “Well, I know the reason. I’ll tell you.”


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