Dragon Husband 915

Chapter 915 Finale!

Su Yuchun looked like a fairy with insight into the world, and said arrogantly: “In the beginning, the Jackdaw family used those four people to humiliate us, so I won’t say anything.”

“Now that they are like this, doesn’t it mean that I have banned the Li family’s reputation in the south? The Jackdaw family only dared to embarrass us temporarily and express the short-term malice like a child. But, do they dare to keep doing this? Don’t dare at all!”

“Therefore, in order to make up for the infringement on our Li family in Nanban, they will agree to let us all go.”

“After this time, the Jackdaw family feels that we are owed and offended.”

Su Yuchun explained that Li Chengfeng and Mrs. He immediately understood.

Ho Ho, what a cunning Jackdaw family!

“Huh! Jackdaw family, you think that if you lose and make up for this, I, Su Yuchun, will not care and even be grateful to you! Don’t think about it! For the sake of the overall situation, I will bear you for the time being! I will find this place in the future. Come back!” Su Yuchun said viciously.

“Chengfeng, immediately notify everyone, turn around and head to the Jackdaw Family! This time, we have to hold our heads high and enter the gate!” Su Yuchun said grimly at last.

A convoy immediately transferred to the Jackdaw family.

When standing at the gate of the Jackdaw family again, everyone felt like a world away.

It’s too unreal.

From not being able to get in any of them, to the whole family now!

The feeling of hell to heaven is nothing more than this.

Su Yuchun held up her head and walked towards the gate with a cold face.

This time, she came with a heart of purging fire.

The door boy saw Li’s family in Nanban again, and he did not stop him this time.

Let them in very neatly.

When Li Chengfeng passed the doorman, he deliberately patted the doorman on the shoulder, and said with a smile: “Little guy, it’s still not sensible enough. We ban the Li family from the south, can you stop it?”

The doorman wanted to reply, but he resisted.

He couldn’t wait, and wanted to go in, take a good look at the shocked face of Nanjin Li’s family later!

As soon as the people from Nanban Li’s family entered, they saw the seats reserved exclusively for them.

Two tables!

And it’s still next to the main table!

The two signs on the table stand with four striking characters, Li Family is forbidden to the south!

And when they looked at other tables, there was no sign at all.

Even the other two martial arts families in Lingcheng didn’t receive the same treatment as the Li Family of Southern Forbidden City.

For a time, the South Ban Li’s family was in the limelight and suppressed the audience!

There were already a lot of people at the scene, and everyone looked at the Li’s house in the south, where the brigade came in, and they talked a lot.

All of the people in the Li family in Nanjin were proud of the spring breeze, sweeping away the malaise they had previously experienced.

They grandly accepted the eyes of the four directions, as if they were accepting worship from all directions.

Mrs. He saw Li Nanfeng and Cheng Suyi sitting in the corner at this time.

She leaned on a cane and walked slowly towards them.

Everyone is watching closely.

Mrs. He led people, standing in front of Li Nanfeng, looking at Li Nanfeng condescendingly.

“Li Nanfeng, I’ll give you another chance! Will you follow us?” He asked majesticly.

Li Nanfeng shook his head without speaking.

Li Chengfeng jumped out directly and sneered: “What? Are you still unable to see the situation clearly? Oh, yes, your eyes are blind, so naturally you can’t see clearly. Then I’m an uncle, let me mention something. you.”

He looked around and said vigorously: “You are sitting in the corner of the corner. If we don’t come over, no one will look at you at all. You are the poor worms at the scene! And we banned the Li family from the south. !”

Speaking of the Li Family in Nanban, he also raised his voice a few times.

“Our position is there! Below one table, above a hundred tables! Moreover, that is the VIP seat exclusively for our Nanban Li family! Do you understand the gap with you here?”

Li Nanfeng’s face was calm, without talking.

On the contrary, it was Cheng Suyi. Because Li Chengfeng maliciously mocked her man’s blindness, she directly said angrily: “If you want to sit down, sit down, what a mockery here! We like to talk to Wiliam, what’s wrong!”

Speaking of Wiliam, Lin Dandan behind Li Chengfeng stood up and laughed: “That kid, where is that kid now? I can’t wait to see him look shocked. Also, you really think that , That kid brought you in? Don’t think too much of him! You are just being used as pawns!”

Cheng Su saw Lin’s faintly sullen look, but he was really angry, and said, “I believe you a ghost! You don’t even know how good Wiliam is!”

“How awesome? I don’t know where I’m hiding now. I still have to be awesome? When he comes out later, I may still communicate with him.” Lin Dandan was completely confident at this moment.

“Enough. Since they don’t know how to promote, let them go.” He said, she walked forward.

A group of people sitting on their own chairs, vigorously, nodded to the people around them.

Sitting here, the scenery is infinitely good.

At the moment, Wiliam and the others were still drinking tea in the inner hall.

Wu Bili naturally reported to Wiliam that the Li family of Nanban had also come together.

Wiliam didn’t take it seriously.

Then Wu Bili looked at the time and said, “Master Lu, the time is almost there. Otherwise, I will go out to watch the venue and entertain the guests? You will come by yourself later?”

Wiliam nodded, “Go ahead.”

After all, Wu Bili is the host today, and there are many places that need her to entertain.

The main hall owner also said to Wiliam, “I have some friends outside, so I went out to say hello.”

The two of them got Wiliam’s answer and walked outside.

Wu Bili also specifically confessed: “Doctor Lu, I will arrange the positions of you and that little sister in the main position later.”

Wiliam smiled, not caring.

Only Mulan looked depressed.

This kid is younger than himself. Why is he called the genius doctor Lu and he is the little sister?

The skills are not as good as people, and even the status is not as good as people, so angry.

It was almost seven o’clock in a flash.

Under the auspices of Wu Bili, almost all the seats on the scene were filled.

After all, the grand occasion is rare. Everyone wants to join in the grand event, and also want to meet the legendary master and the mysterious master master.

The main hall owner is naturally at the main table.

There are two places empty on the main table.

And because of the exclusive seat on the Li family in the south, there were just two empty seats.

At this time, the people in the venue were pushed away.

Everyone looked at.

Seeing the person, Li Chengfeng sneered directly, “This kid, I didn’t know where to hide just now, but now he is coming out again. The time count is really accurate.”

Wiliam and Mulan walked slowly inside under the gaze of everyone.

No one knew this man and woman.

Just when he passed the seat of Li’s house in the south, Li Chengfeng slowly stood up, and said without a smile: “Oh, isn’t this our awesome Master Lu? He also appeared on the finale and made it very grand. Sorry, you are too late, we don’t have your place.”


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