Dragon Husband 916

Chapter 916

Don’t mention how proud Li Chengfeng is at this moment.

Looking around, there are only four positions left.

Two are on their side of Li’s house in South Ban, and two are on the main table.

As for these two people wanting to sit at the main table, that is wishful thinking.

So there is only one possibility left to sit on their side.

That being the case, they would be able to humiliate these two people.

Wiliam smiled when he saw Li Chengfeng stopping him, “Oh, when are the pants changed? The speed is good.”

Li Chengfeng’s head buzzed!

The people around who had seen Li Chengfeng pee on his pants before suddenly laughed out loud.

Other people who didn’t know the truth asked what was going on.

Then, the fact that Li Chengfeng was scared to pee at the gate just now spread to everyone at the scene.

Everyone pointed at Li Chengfeng, and laughed continuously.

Mulan behind Wiliam leaned forward and backward as if she was about to laugh.

She was really convinced by Wiliam, how long this mouth was, so cheap that there is no bottom line.

One sentence disintegrated Li Chengfeng’s momentum just now.

Li Chengfeng’s entire face flushed.

Had it not been for so many people watching, he would have violently beaten the kid!

He said with a cold face, and said sharply: “Huh! Don’t play around here! I’m going to see where you are going to sit! Or, ho ho, standing with the group of people, you have a good temperament. .”

Li Chengfeng said, pointing to one end of the venue.

There, there is a group of waiters who are ready to serve tea and food.

Li Chengfeng didn’t irritate Wiliam with a word, but made the group of Jackdaw family frown.

They were originally from the Jackdaw family, but today they are just guest waiters.

But even so, it is not the Li family in the south forbidden to be humiliated!

Wiliam was too lazy to pay attention to him, so he would continue to walk forward.

But Li Chengfeng thought that Wiliam was going to sit on their side.

With a look in his eyes, Lin Dan, who was sitting next to him, understood.

Suddenly she picked up two drinks on the table and poured them directly onto the two empty chairs.

The drink soaked the two chairs, making them messy.

After pouring, Lin Dandan said viciously: “These two chairs, we forbid Li’s family in the south, we will sit for pigs and dogs, but not for you.”

Li Chengfeng laughed loudly, “Oh, I’m really sorry, the chair is dirty, you can sit if you don’t dislike it.”

Everyone in the audience was looking at Li’s house in Nanban.

There was a trace of unhappiness in his eyes.

The Southern Ban Li family is also a famous family anyway, it was rampant for a while earlier, and it was the object of everyone’s attachment.

Now it has fallen to this point.

So pretentious with two boys.

This kind of temperament, how worthy of the honorable title of Shangwu School.

The Nanjin Li family thought they were showing up, but in the eyes of everyone, it was just a clown.

Wiliam looked at Li Chengfeng like a fool, and said lightly: “Are you sick? Bored.”

Having said that, he took Mulan and continued walking forward.

This time, he directly passed the two tables and headed towards the main table.
Li Chengfeng’s face froze instantly.

He yelled to Wiliam from behind, “Bold! How can you go there! I don’t know good or bad things!”

And everyone was stunned.

Everyone didn’t know Wiliam and Mulan, they really regarded them as ignorant young people.

Now, these two young people are going to the main table?

Are you too brave?

This is not a banquet in the country, you can sit around casually.

Li Chengfeng and everyone instinctively thought that Wiliam was because the two chairs of Li’s family were dirty and there was no place to sit.

So I went to the main table ignorantly.

But Wiliam didn’t care about Li Chengfeng and sat down at the main table.

Mulan did not hesitate, even with a hint of banter.

And seeing where Wiliam was sitting, everyone stagnated.

Where Wiliam sits, on the left, is today’s master of the Jackdaw family, Wu Bili!

On the right, the distinguished guest of the Jackdaw family, the owner of the hall!


This is too crazy!

Su Yuchun and Old Lady He frowned together, wondering if this kid would be so courageous.

Li Chengfeng originally thought that Wu Bili would definitely take action and let these two people get out.

But she didn’t think so, Wu Bili didn’t raise her brows, she just said, “Let’s open the table.”

This inaction made Li Chengfeng stunned again.

He couldn’t help but walked over and said in a deep voice to Wu Bili: “Hello Madam, I’m really sorry, these two servants are embarrassing to you, I will let them go! I won’t mess up the order of the venue today.”

He said politely, but Wu Bili suddenly sneered.

She just saw Wiliam being made things difficult by the people who banned the Li family from South, and she was already furious.

However, she still resisted.

In order to surprise you dogs later!

Therefore, Wu Bili did not publicly declare Wiliam’s identity, but she said in a cold voice: “Our Jackdaw family is not the master who keeps guests away. In my opinion, the visitors are guests, and they are all my distinguished guests of Wu Bili. You guys. Since the only two chairs besides this side are soiled, doesn’t it mean that you let them sit here?”

All the people at the scene were dumbfounded.

I didn’t expect Wu Bili to say such a thing.

Li Chengfeng was even more beeping!

What an international joke!

Everyone saw how the Jackdaw family humiliated the Li family just now.

Now Wu Bili opens her mouth and says that the visitor is a guest, and she doesn’t feel blushing?

He was about to defend, but he heard Su Yuchun shout: “Chengfeng, come back!”

Li Chengfeng could only go back unwillingly.

Su Yuchun looked at the main table with a cold face, and said: “Chengfeng, you were careless just now! You shouldn’t get these two chairs wet. This must make Wu Bili upset. It’s all right now, but I gave Wu Bili use them again People have a chance to humiliate our Li family!”

Li Chengfeng cursed the gods and gods secretly in his heart. He didn’t want these elders to be human spirits, and such small actions would be used by Wu Bili.

Naturally, they didn’t take Wiliam’s seat at the main table seriously, but they saw it as a good excuse for Wu Bili to humiliate the Li family by holding the two of them.

“The banquet has begun, let’s do this first, and discuss this matter after the banquet is over.” Su Yuchun is only thinking about how to curry favor with the master of the hall.

As for the mysterious master of the main hall, Su Yuchun looked around and found out that he thought that such a big man definitely did not want to attend such a secular banquet.

Wu Bili didn’t talk too much, and directly greeted everyone to start eating after serving.

After drinking for three rounds, Su Yuchun felt that the time was almost time, and she compared her eyes with Granny He.

The two of them took their drinks and walked towards Wu Bili with Li Chengfeng.

Wu Bili’s eyes flashed when the Li family came.

You guys, it’s finally here!

I can’t wait!


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