Dragon Husband 917

Chapter 917

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He put aside the unhappiness in their hearts for the time being, and put on flattering smiles on their faces.

With drinks, they came to Su Yuchun and the main hall.

Li Chengfeng frowned and looked at Wiliam and said, “You kid, we have to discuss important matters with Mrs. Wu and the master of the hall. You still won’t let me go.”

He thinks that Wiliam is really an eye-catcher here.

Wiliam smiled slightly, not caring, and pulled the chair back to make room for them.

Su Yuchun squeezed in with satisfaction and said to Wu Bili: “Mrs. Wu, how are you, thank you for inviting us to the Li family in Nanjin today to join in the grand event.”

Wu Bili also talked to them, and if they didn’t talk about business, Wu Bili would never take the initiative to bring it up.

A few people chatted awkwardly for a while, and Su Yuchun cut to the point and said: “Mrs. Wu, I heard that the master Guo was suffering from a physical illness recently?”

Wu Bili said without a smile: “It’s okay, after the diagnosis and treatment by the genius, it is not far from being cured.”

Hearing the words “healed”, Wu Bili was suddenly excited.

She knew that Guo Yulin’s poison was deeper than hers.

He should be cured.

Visible the god of geniuses.

She smiled and said, “Then can you ask the genius doctor to help me take a look at this old bone?”

Wu Bili stared at Su Yuchun and said, “It took a lot of money to get a genius doctor to take action. You, want to see a doctor? What do you want to pay?”

Su Yuchun knew that the one who should come will always come.

She was heartbroken and said: “I have prepared five handed down pearls of our Southern Forbidden Li family. As long as the genius doctor can cure my disease, I will offer these five handed down pearls with both hands.”

However, Wu Bili suddenly laughed.

Suddenly attracted the attention of many people around.

Su Yuchun’s expression froze.

What are you laughing laughing!

I banned the Li Family’s handed down pearl, in your opinion, it is just a ridiculous thing?

Wu Bili finished laughing and said coldly: “Mrs. Su, it seems that you are totally sincere in coming to seek a doctor, five handed down pearls? You are not ashamed. I still feel shame for the genius doctor, please go back. Good wine and good food.”

Su Yuchun scolded this shameless Wu Bili in her heart, but she could only gritted her teeth and asked: “What do you mean by Mrs. Wu? What should we do? Just say it! As long as it can be done, I am not stingy in banning the Li family in South China. Home.”

Wu Bili had naturally consulted Wiliam before.

She jokingly said, “Since you come to seek medical advice sincerely, then count it.”

With that, she stretched out two slaps.

The ten fingers dangled in Su Yuchun’s head.

Su Yuchun just felt his head burst!


Black-hearted little bitch!

It turned out to be ten when you opened your mouth!

This is the life of the Li family of Nanban!

Her face became extremely pale, and she said in a cold voice: “Mrs. Wu, I think you are the lion who speaks loudly, right? You did not take advantage of the fire. Besides, the genius doctor himself doesn’t say that. Can I think that , Are you commanding blindly and corrupting the reputation of the genius doctor?”

A big hat was directly worn on Wu Bili’s head.

But Wu Bilisi is not messy. She smiled and said: “I am naturally also considering the reputation of the genius doctor. I can invite the genius doctor casually. Then the genius doctor should not be busy in the future? Just count this. If you can accept it, accept it. , Just get out.”
Wu Bili also became rude.

She had always looked at the people in Nanban Li’s family unhappy.

A year ago, it was this Wu Bili who escaped, causing Guo Yulin to become very poisonous.

Now she still has the face to come to the Jackdaw family, almost looking for death.

“You! Wu Bili! You really want to be such an enemy of my Nanban Li family! You have thought about the consequences!” Su Yuchun’s tone also became cold.

However, Wu Bili didn’t reply this time, so she turned her back to them and chatted with others.

“Damn! You wait! Let’s discuss it.” Su Yuchun was about to explode.

She resisted her anger, and took Mrs. He and Li Chengfeng to go back to discuss first.

Li Chengfeng was also very upset. He glared at Wiliam, who was indifferent beside him, “What do you look at! Believe it or not, I will dig out your eyeballs!”

After finishing speaking, he followed Su Yuchun back to relieve his hatred.

When several people returned to their seats, Su Yuchun relayed what Wu Bili had said.

“Bang!” A loud bang suddenly sounded at the scene.

It turned out that someone from the Li family in the south was so angry that he directly took the case.

In this shot, all the eyes of the audience turned to the South Ban Li’s house.

Su Yuchun glared at the man fiercely.

The man shrank his neck and quickly sat down.

Facing the anger of his family, Su Yuchun pondered for a long time. This time, he said as if he was iron-hearted: “It’s the same sentence as before. Since our 36 soul dream beads are in vain, it is better to give full play to their maximum value. Yes, look at it.”

Everyone already knows Su Yuchun’s thoughts, so how dare to refute it.

Su Yuchun nodded and said, “Don’t worry, when I get better, I will find this place from the Jackdaw family sooner or later!”

With that said, she took Mrs He and Li Chengfeng to find Wu Bili.

“Ho ho, are you ready?” Wu Bili asked with a smile.

Su Yuchun stared at Wu Bili fiercely, “Okay! I promise you! As long as the genius doctor can cure me and my eldest sister He, I will offer ten beads with both hands!”

However, Wu Bili looked at Su Yuchun like a fool.

Until I saw Su Yuchun, I was embarrassed.

She did make a deal just now, and wanted to include Mrs. He.

Now it is obvious that Wu Bili can’t hide it.

Wu Bili also had patience and said directly: “I said one last time, ten beads for one person, twenty beads for two people. Also, the beads are offered first, and then the diagnosis and treatment is not possible. If you can accept it, accept it. Don’t accept getting out as early as possible, and the province will be an eye-catcher in front of me!”

Su Yuchun was so angry that she really started stomping her feet, “Wu Bili! Don’t deceive people too much!”

However, Wu Bili rolled her eyes and stopped talking.

“Okay! I promise you! I still don’t believe it! I have a rich family background in South Ban Li’s family! You think this will make us retreat! Dreaming! This beam, we are settled! Become a peak, go get it Twenty beads are coming!” Su Yuchun shouted loudly as if she was mad.

Li Chengfeng was stunned.

Twenty, plus the previous four to make twenty-four!

Then two were missing.

In other words, thirty-six soul dream quizhu, from now on, only ten are left in Li’s house!

This is too sorry for the ancestors!

However, he had no idea, so he had to go outside and fetch twenty beads from the car.

Twenty beads are packed in two very delicate brocade boxes.

Su Yuchun pushed in front of Wu Bili and said coldly: “Now, you can always ask a genius doctor to see us!”

Wu Bili snorted and nodded.

Then, under the eyelids of the Li family, she suddenly respectfully raised the two brocade boxes in front of Wiliam, and said respectfully: “Mr. Lu, this is a twenty-five gift from the Nanjin Li family A handed down pearl, can you see if you can give them an injection?”


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