Dragon Husband 918

Chapter 918 Shock!

This scene directly scared Su Yuchun and others!

They watched, and the twenty handed down beads they had reluctantly sacrificed were now enshrined in front of a Maotou boy!

It’s still up to Wu Bili to personally lift it!

More importantly, this kid is still the person they hate!



What’s the matter!

Wu Bili, why would you be so respectful to a brat!

Li Chengfeng jumped out and shouted loudly: “Mrs. Wu, what do you mean! Are you playing with us!”

This is the first reaction in the hearts of the three of them!

Wu Bili is playing with them in the South Ban Li’s house, just like before at the door!

Use this kid to humiliate them!

However, Wu Bili said in a cold voice, “Hoho, the Nanban Li family who looks down on people with a dog’s eyes! Don’t you know that Dr. Lu is the biggest guest tonight! Dr. Lu is the master of my Jackdaw family. The genius doctor of the world! The genius doctor Lu is the best genius who can save you!”

As soon as the call came down, Li’s family was banned in the south, like an ice cellar!

They looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

At this moment, Wiliam, calmly, said to Wu Bili lightly: “You can put it away for me first.”

Wu Bili nodded and said, “Yes, Doctor Lu.”

She deliberately yelled at the genius doctor one by one, even her attitude deliberately became very humble!

She deliberately banned Li’s family in the south in disgust!

Now, seeing the dumbfounded look of the Li Family in Nanban, Wu Bili couldn’t mention how happy she was!

It’s this expression, how cool it looks hahaha.

Let you feel the feeling, look down on the heavy price this kid has to pay!

“How could it be him! Impossible! Impossible! You must be playing with us! He is just a hillbilly! Where is the genius doctor! You jackdaw family, don’t do anything if you collect things! You are inferior to animals!” Li Chengfeng The first one does not believe this shocking fact.

How could Wiliam change from being an ant to even the Jackdaw family to compliment three points!

And if that’s the case, how can the Li family be offended in South China!

It’s just self-defeating!

Therefore, there must be fraud in this matter!

However, the owner of the large museum on the side could not help it.

He snorted coldly and said: “You dare to speak to my master like this, he is broad-minded and doesn’t care about it, but don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

His word is like thunder in nine days!

The bombing again made Nanjin Li Jia dumbfounded!

Su Yuchun looked at the master of the main hall with a dull expression, and said bumpingly, “You, you said, is he your master?”

The owner of the pavilion made a sullen face and nodded, “Exactly.”

Now, all of them are not calm!


Wiliam, a young man in his twenties!

He turned out to be the master of the most respected and respected curator!

This is too weird!

However, these words came from the mouth of the main hall owner!

There should be no fakes!

At this time, Li Chengfeng suddenly slapped his head and couldn’t help exclaiming: “No wonder! No wonder you came to our Li’s house two days ago. To this kid…”
He suddenly thought that when the master of the museum went to the Nanban Li’s house before, the Nanban Li’s family actually wanted to use a knife to kill people, so that the master of the museum humiliated Wiliam.

At that time, the main hall owner was uncharacteristically, and his temper became very strange, and even let Su Yuchun slap himself.

It is also called cure.

Now think about it, that is the master of the big hall secretly sanctioning the Li family!

Li Chengfeng almost collapsed in his heart!

If this is true, the Li family is asking for trouble!

Actually want an apprentice to humiliate Master!

At that time, the master of the pavilion was able to hold back his temper, which was considered very good.

All the doubts before, suddenly disappeared at this moment!

And Su Yuchun was also stupid.

Wiliam, the master of the main hall, is the protagonist of the banquet tonight, and the only healer who can treat her.

No wonder he vowed before that he would be able to come in without an invitation letter and that he had to come.

It turned out that it was not Kyogen.

It’s the fact!

If he doesn’t come, how can the party be held?

And as the protagonist of the banquet, why do you need an invitation letter?

Since he is the protagonist, he should be sitting at the main table!

Poor Li Chengfeng, thinking he was going to sit on the side of Li’s house, smudging two chairs smugly.

Who could have imagined that this kid would not even bother to sit on Li’s side in Nanjin.

That is simply surrendering status.

It’s ridiculous!

Su Yuchun suddenly wanted to slap herself a few more times!

Her head is still groggy, she can’t accept this fact at all!

Suddenly like a dream!

How could things become like this!

This kid is not a frog at the bottom of the well!

It’s a dragon across the river!

Before that, how did the Li family treat this kid?

Attacking others again and again, humiliating him, and insulting him!

Thanks to this kid’s broad-mindedness, he doesn’t care about it.

So far, what a price has been paid by the Li Family in South Ban!

If he had been kind to this kid before, and he would take care of the doctor, where would he need any remuneration?

Now, the Li Family of Nanban has to pay 20 handed down pearls to repay the price of arrogance and unreasonableness before.

Su Yuchun’s eyes went dark, and she was going to collapse.

Fortunately, Li Chengfeng held her in a hand without making the scene more embarrassing.

Mrs. He on the side looked at Wiliam who was indifferent, and her heart broke down even more.

She couldn’t think of why this kid only came to this world for a few days, so he made such a sensation!

Let the Jackdaw family be impressed!

And it was another thing that broke her even more.

Originally, her relationship with Wiliam was pretty good.

But he came here, the ghost was obsessed with his heart, and wanted to suppress this kid’s edge.

As a result, it is like holding water with your hands.

The tighter you hold, the faster the water will run away.

Until now, this kid was so sharp that she couldn’t open her eyes at all!

If you can maintain a good relationship before, then her Otsuki Liuqiu needs to find someone else?

It’s fine now, going around and around, offending this kid, and paying the price of ten handed down jewels, it turned out to be on this kid!

Thinking of the reality of this world, Mrs. He also wanted to get dizzy!

He completely lifted a rock and hit himself in the foot!

And Cheng Suyi in the corner burst into tears after seeing this scene.

She clutched Li Nanfeng’s hand tightly and muttered to herself: “Nanfeng, I finally know the reason why you believe him so much. He exists in this world, which is a miracle in itself!”

Li Nan was not surprised, and smiled and touched Cheng Suyi’s head, “He will be more radiant, you have eyes, you can wait and see.”

Just as the scene was in a state of horror, there was a sharp voice suddenly shouting: “You guys, don’t be fooled by this kid! I know the truth!”


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