Dragon Husband 919

Chapter 919

Everyone looked behind them.

But I saw a woman who ran over angrily.

It is Lin Dandan!

Lin Dandan was also shocked by Wiliam’s incomparably noble status.

She knows Wiliam’s identity better than anyone else.

It’s just a little disciple in the Southern Qilin Gate.

How could suddenly, across thousands of miles of identity!

Become a great genius doctor who makes this martial arts city highly respected.

These are totally two different identities.

Lin Dandan, who was puzzled, suddenly a picture flashed in his head.

This scene seemed to give her a clue, and she held it tightly!

A bold guess appeared in Lin Dan’s mind.

Therefore, she jumped out immediately!

Regarding everyone present, she is the last person who wants to see Wiliam above the top!

And she is the one who wants to see this kid’s infamous defeat most!

She ran up to Su Yuchun and said to Su Yuchun with a miserable look: “Auntie, you are all deceived by them! They are acting!”

Su Yuchun’s face shook, as if she had caught a life-saving straw, she clutched Lin Dandan’s hand tightly, and asked loudly, “You, what are you talking about! Tell me what is going on!”

Can she not be excited?

If the identity of this kid is real, it will definitely be the disaster of the doomsday for the Nanban Li family!

And if this is a booze drama, it’s a different story.

Not to mention that the Nanban Li family can escape from the dead!

Even more, in front of everyone in Lingcheng, he could expose this kid’s ugly face in public and ruin him.

Even the Jackdaw family who can make trouble with this kid, their reputation plummeted!

For Su Yuchun, this is a delightful picture.

Wu Bili looked at Lin Dandan who had come out of nowhere, and was about to speak.

It was stopped by Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Lin Dandan playfully and made a gesture of asking.

It seems to be saying that you can use whatever tricks you have.

Lin Dan glared at Wiliam angrily, then hesitated.

She leaned to Su Yuchun’s ear and explained it quietly.

The reason why she didn’t dare to speak out in person was because she was worried about the identity of the Jackdaw family.

After she finished explaining, Su Yuchun’s pale face showed a hint of ecstasy and hideousness.

She confirmed again: “What you said is true!”

Lin faintly nodded, “If there is any lie, the sky will thunder and thunder!”

Su Yuchun was like a dead tree in spring, without Li Chengfeng’s support, she stood up and laughed.

Just now Lin lightly said something to Su Yuchun.

One thing that can solve Su Yuchun’s biggest doubt.

Su Yuchun didn’t believe in Wiliam’s mysterious and mysterious identity as a genius doctor.

However, a doubt made her have to believe.

That is, she knew that Wiliam had come to Lingcheng for the first time, and she had no foundation at all.

So how did he recognize the Jackdaw family?

How could the Jackdaw family accompany him in acting with a little boy?
Based on this puzzled incomprehension, she could only be led by the nose, reluctantly believing the identity of this kid.

However, what Lin Dandan said just now was really exciting.

Lin Dandan had been troubled by this problem before.

However, at that time, a picture emerged in her mind.

When she came to the Jackdaw family, she saw a crescent moon hanging on the door of the Jackdaw family.

At that time, Lin Dandan specifically asked Li Chengfeng what did that mean?

Li Chengfeng explained that it was the jackdaw crooked moon symbol of the Jackdaw family.

Represents the identity of the Jackdaw family.

Lin faintly looked at the crescent moon, the more he looked at it, the more familiar it became.

Just now, she remembered.

The former master of the Qilin Gate of the East Territory was Mu Xiaolou, Mulan’s mother.

It seems that there is also a jade pendant with this jackdaw crescent moon on his body!

Thinking of this, her mind was suddenly opened.

It turned out that the key to the problem was not in Wiliam’s body!

Wiliam didn’t even know anyone from the Jackdaw family!

The problem is Mulan!

In other words, appeared on Mulan’s mother, Mu Xiaolou!

Before, everyone was attracted by Wiliam and completely ignored Mulan next to Wiliam.

Thinking about it now, this is the biggest core of Wiliam’s conspiracy!

Let people only see the sun and the moon, but not the stars.

Lin Dandan used to be at the Qilin Gate in the east, where he didn’t know some rumors in the arena.

Rumor has it that Mu Xiaolou hooked up men everywhere for Mulan, praying for cultivation resources.

And those who hook up are some very powerful families.

After contacting the Jackdaw Crescent Pei, Lin Dandan decisively determined that Mu Xiaolou must have hooked up with someone from the Jackdaw family.

This is the relationship.

This time Mulan came to get to know the Jackdaw family, and Wiliam also caught the light of Mulan and clung to this rich family together.

This also directly explained why Wiliam had been here in the future, but he was able to connect with the Jackdaw family.

Once this problem is explained clearly, the following is what Su Yuchun thought before.

After they got in touch with the Jackdaw family, they co-acted this play. Today’s grand event was held. The master of the museum was invited, and suddenly a mysterious master of the master of the master appeared.

The purpose is obvious. One is to know that people from the Nanjin Li family want to come to seek medical treatment, so they took the opportunity to set up a platform to defraud the Nanjin Li family’s handed down pearl.

Secondly, it is to publicly humiliate the Li family in the south, in order to repay the enmity between Su Yuchun and Guo Yulin a year ago!

Ho ho!

It’s no wonder that I’ve never heard of the master of the main hall that fell from the sky before?

And maybe, the current Guo Yulin is dying, their Jackdaw family is just lying to the Li family.

The more Lin Dandan explained, the more serious she became. In the end she looked at Mulan with a sneer, “Oh, you little bitch! It turns out that you are the big black hand hiding behind the scenes. You are exactly the same as your mother! You hook up with men everywhere. Your mother hooks up with the people here, then you hook up with that kid! In your bones, you are the slut who can do the best for you!”

“You! Don’t spit people here!” Mulan’s face turned red all at once.

Lin Dandan relied that he was now the chief contributor to debunk today’s scam, and he was not afraid of Mulan, and continued to curse: “Do you think your mother is a good one! She’s a bus! Any man can get on! She is too! What a skill, I used my body to give you today’s glory and wealth, you enjoy all this, you must feel very cool, hahaha…”

Mulan’s eyes turned red all at once!

At this time, Wiliam suddenly stood up.



Two applause suddenly sounded!

But the scene was suddenly quiet and weird!

Wiliam, only slapped!

And another slap…

Surprisingly, it was a black shadow that came galloping!


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