Dragon Husband 920

Chapter 920

Seeing this dark shadow clearly, the people at the scene actually called out in unison.

Here comes the head of the Jackdaw family!

Guo Yulin!

Guo Yulin is still shrinking and crouching at this moment, but there is a horrible anger on his face!

How could Guo Yulin appear here?

Didn’t the rumors say that he was poisoned and had been in bed for a long time?

Seeing how he walks and stalks, where is the slightest sign of serious illness?

After Guo Yulin fanned Lin Dandan, he suddenly stuck Lin Dandan’s neck with one hand!

He is indeed angry.

He woke up a few minutes ago.

The first thing he did when he woke up was to think of the scene before the coma.

That girl named Mu!

It is the flesh and blood of him and Mu Xiaolou!

So he immediately called a servant, wanting to find the woman.

But I just heard that the woman was at the banquet right now.

So Guo Yulin hurried over.

Who knows, as soon as I came over, I heard a noisy woman swearing at his daughter!

The curse was terrible, and it even described the woman he loved in this life as a profane woman!

Seeing Mulan’s aggrieved red eyes again, Guo Yulin couldn’t help it anymore and rushed over.

After mentioning Lin Dandan, he shouted indifferently: “The Jackdaw family, let you be presumptuous?”


He actually threw Lin Dandan directly to the ground!

That vigorous posture directly caused Lin Dan Dan’s body to rebound from the ground.

Lin Dandan received this blow, and a mouthful of blood spurted out and passed out into a coma.

Seeing Lin Dandan’s miserable appearance, the atmosphere on the scene almost solidified.

Su Yuchun’s mouth is even more open.

The appearance of Guo Yulin directly shattered her previous conjecture.

She originally thought that Guo Yulin was still seriously ill in bed, and that words of recovery were just a gimmick created by Wu Bili and that Wiliam.

I didn’t expect that, looking at Guo Yulin’s abundance, there was no sign of serious illness at all.

Could it be that Guo Yulin’s poison was really cured by Wiliam?

For a time, Su Yuchun fell into a shock of total denial.

Wu Bili was overjoyed when she saw Guo Yulin appeared.

Sure enough, as Wiliam said, Guo Yulin would wake up.

But what she didn’t think was that Guo Yulin was sober, and his body recovered so quickly?

And seeing Guo Yulin directly adjudicating Lin Dandan, she didn’t even think about Mulan’s identity.

After all, Guo Yulin has been silent for too long.

Wu Bili thought that Guo Yulin was going to use this opportunity to use such thunderous methods to show the entire Lingcheng that his king returned!

“Lao Guo, you finally woke up, I am so worried about you.” Wu Bili said excitedly, standing in front of Guo Yulin.

Guo Yulin nodded to Wu Bili and said, “I’ll talk about it later.”

Then he looked at Mulan.

Mulan’s eyes were still red.

She was also shocked by Guo Yulin’s sudden appearance just now.

At the moment, she has mixed feelings in her heart.

I don’t know if I am happy at Guo Yulin’s awakening again, or continue to anger at this unwilling man’s chaos and abandonment to his mother.
Seeing Guo Yulin staring at her scorchingly, her face turned a little red, and she turned her head and deliberately said to Wiliam, “Thank you just now.”

She slapped Xie Luye against Lin Yanfa.

However, he directly ignored Guo Yulin’s more heart-warming ruling.

Guo Yulin felt a pain and wanted to say another word to Mulan.

However, he noticed that everyone’s eyes on the scene were on him.

Especially Wu Bili was also present.

Some words are not suitable to be said here.

He followed Mulan’s eyes and looked at Wiliam, a little confused for a moment, “Young man, you…”

Before he fell into a coma, he just thought this kid was an ordinary person who had come to report.

Seeing that this kid is very powerful, he has become the focus of the audience for a while, and Guo Yulin feels that this is extraordinary.

Wu Bili said at the right moment: “Old Guo! How could it be rude? Call him the genius doctor Lu! The poison on your body was cured by him!”

As soon as these words came out, there was a loud boom!

When Su Yuchun and others came over just now, everyone still didn’t realize what was going on, they just listened to them in detail.

Now I suddenly heard that Guo Yulin’s rumored incurable disease was cured by a little boy. Everyone was dumbfounded!

Even Guo Yulin’s eyes widened. He looked at Wu Bili in disbelief, and asked aloud, “Isn’t Daguan treating my disease?”

He knew that Daguan was mainly here to treat him.

At this time, the master of the pavilion showed a kind smile and said to Guo Yulin: “Master Guo, you have shown your love. If my master takes the initiative, where is the turn to show my ugliness”


Mention everyone’s heart!

No way!

This kid is the protagonist of the banquet tonight, the master of the main hall?


This is too shocking!

As a child teacher, he is still the master of the main hall!

Simply appalling!

Just when Guo Yulin was stunned, the main hall owner continued: “Guo Clan Master, you must also know that the poison that I have brought to you this time will only last your life, not save your life.”

“However, now that my master takes action, you can be a hundred years old and worry-free.”

This sentence burst the audience again.

Guo Yulin originally thought that his life was just barely continuing, and he did not dare to hope that he would be cured.

Hearing these words, his eyes turned red, and he grabbed Wiliam’s hand and couldn’t speak excitedly!

He already felt hopeless in life.

But when his life was dying, he saw his own daughter.

It is precisely because of this that he is extremely eager to extend his life and make up for this debt in his lifetime.

Unexpectedly, dreams come true!

Life, not to mention, healed!

He stared at Wiliam closely, feeling mixed.

Originally, I only thought that Wiliam was a mortal, which was not worth mentioning.

But I totally did not think that this son is so extraordinary that it is suffocating!

The medical skills are more powerful than the master of the main hall, and he can cure others!

The identity is even higher than the master of the main hall, and it is the teacher!

“Thank you for the kindness of Dr. Lu! This kindness, this kind of virtue, the Jackdaw family, will never forget!” Guo Yulin could not say anything else, but bowed deeply to Wiliam.

With him taking the lead, all the Jackdaw family members bend over to Wiliam.

“This kind of grace and this virtue, the Jackdaw family will never forget!” the doormen shouted together.

The atmosphere at the scene was grand and mad.

The prestigious Jackdaw family bowed their heads!

The little-known Maotou boy stands proud!

What a shocking scene this is.

The people on the scene saw Wiliam’s calm look, and there was only one thought left in his mind.

After tonight, the genius doctor became famous!

All the high-ranking people in Lingcheng will be known to no one!

Come in the dust!

Jump to the top of Lingcheng!


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