Dragon Husband 921

Chapter 921

Su Yuchun looked hard to see the extreme when she saw this scene.

Even if all of this is a play performed by the Jackdaw family and Wiliam.

so what?

As long as the drama is true enough, the entire Lingcheng is willing to believe it.

Besides, even if Wiliam’s identity is far from being as detached as he sees now.

But there is an iron-clad fact that is indisputable.

That is Wiliam can heal Guo Yulin.

This is enough.

Su Yuchun couldn’t help asking Mrs. He: “The kid, after having been with you for so long, you haven’t found any magic in this kid?”

The look of Mrs. He is similar to that of Su Yuchun, she muttered to herself: “Mysterious, mystery, this kid is indeed mystery. However, I underestimated him after all. I thought that he would only use sensational martial arts. And the medical skills that specialize in treating some partial diseases, where can I think of…”

Su Yuchun looked at Granny He like this, almost vomiting blood with anger.

“Partial disease! Your disease is a partial disease, and he can treat it! My disease is also a partial disease, and he can treat it too! What are you! I want to be pissed off by you!” Su Yuchun was unable to complain for a while.

At this time, Su Yuchun suddenly discovered that someone was staring at him.

Looking back, she was so scared that she got goose bumps all over her body.

It turned out that Guo Yulin was staring at her.

Seeing Su Yuchun’s recovery, Guo Yulin sneered, “Hoho, long time no see, don’t come here without any problems Su Yuchun.”

When Su Yuchun saw Guo Yulin’s appearance, he instinctively showed a guilty expression, and said with a smile: “Guo Sect Master, it’s great to see you healthy.”

Naturally, Guo Yulin would not believe Su Yuchun’s nonsense. He smiled and said without a smile: “I won’t care about what happened a year ago. After all, everyone has their own ambitions.”

Su Yuchun breathed a sigh of relief when she heard it.

What she fears most is actually Guo Yulin re-reporting the old things and calculating the old accounts.

Since Guo Yulin didn’t plan to care about it, the catastrophe could be avoided.

However, Guo Yulin’s conversation turned around and sneered: “But tonight, you humiliated my savior in public. If I don’t come forward, wouldn’t it mean that my savior will be humiliated on my turf? I am Guo Yulin. How to mention it in the world from now on!”

Guo Yulin’s voice became heavier and heavier, and in the end he shouted directly.

Su Yuchun looked at Guo Yulin, who was rolling over like a mountain, her face instantly pale.

What should come will come after all.

Li Chengfeng stood up at this time and said weakly: “Master Guo, we just didn’t know the true identity of this kid, otherwise you can give me a face…”


Li Chengfeng hadn’t finished speaking, so he saw Guo Yulin punched him.

Li Chengfeng was directly blown out and hit the ground severely.

“What are you! I need to give you face! Even if Su Yuchun is in front of me, face is not worth it!” Guo Yulin said coldly.

At this time, the members of Li’s family in the south were silent.

Guo Yulin suddenly looked at these people.

They all trembled.

“The people from the Li family in the South, you are all here today! Then, all come and confess to my savior!” Guo Yulin shouted coldly.
Su Yuchun’s head bounced, only to feel 10,000 horses galloping past.

They had come here to show off their power and show their glory in front of the entire Lingcheng.

How come the whole family came to stand in line and bowed their heads to admit their mistakes!

its not right!

At this time, Wu Bili also sneered. She looked at Su Yuchun with a dumb face, not to mention how happy she was.

“Su Yuchun, Su Yuchun, why do you think I agree with all of you from the Li family to come over! Don’t you just want to watch you be invincible and let you fall into the abyss!” Wu Bili said at the end, she actually gritted her teeth.

Su Yuchun suddenly turned pale.

Understand, she understands everything!

The Jackdaw family is not for a slap to give a date!

Let the people of Nanjin Li family come here, it is not compensation for not daring to offend Nanjin Li family!

They are from the Jackdaw family at all, and want to see the entire Nanban Li family embarrassing here today!

Now, Wu Bili’s goal has been achieved.

Su Yuchun’s eyes gradually turned red.

Humiliation, bone-chilling!

However, under Guo Yulin’s deterrence, she had nothing to do.

In the end, she could only take the lead, bend down respectfully to Wiliam, and said: “Mr. Lu, we used to be the Li family in Nanjin who didn’t know Taishan. We are sorry! I apologize to you.”

A group of people who banned the Li family in the south are unwilling, so what can they do?

Before, the Jackdaw family bent over to thank the boy, and later, the Nanjin Li family confessed to the kid.

For a time, everyone looked at Wiliam, but it was impossible to describe it in words.

Wiliam looked at Su Yuchun lightly and asked, “Since you apologize to me, don’t say that I bully you, I will give you a choice.”

Su Yuchun was taken aback, “What choice?”

Wiliam pointed to the two brocade boxes on the table with the handed down pearls, and said, “I know you have been very hostile to me, and even wish to kill me to vent your anger. Well, now, I allow you to regret it. , Take back the handed down pearl.”

As soon as these words came out, Su Yuchun’s face turned green.

Wiliam was wrong. He was a thorn in the eyes of the Li family in Nanjin.

When Su Yuchun knew that her beloved bead was going to be given to Wiliam, she felt like a meat bun hitting a dog, thinking that the bead would never go back.

But now Wiliam gave her this opportunity.

She didn’t even feel a little bit of joy.

Instead, I felt uneasy.

Retrieving the beads meant that the agreement with Wiliam to treat the disease was invalidated.

But now Guo Yulin uses his own body to prove that Wiliam has this ability.

Su Yuchun wanted nothing but Wiliam.

Does Su Yuchun dare to give up?

Similarly, does Mrs. He give up her life?

It’s okay if Wiliam doesn’t say it, but now that he says it, Su Yuchun feels that he is being taken out of shit.

It is neither eating nor vomiting.

And Mulan on the side finally snorted, turning from the embarrassment and arrogance to a smile on her face.

She really served Wiliam.

She knew why Wiliam had to make this choice for Nanjin Li’s family.

And she even knew that the Li family in Nanban had no choice.

Then, why does Wiliam want to say it again?

This is obviously not in line with this kid’s straightforward style of doing things.

There is only one reason.

Lu Yete is disgusting the entire Nanban Li family!

He knew that the Li family of Nanjin hated him, and he knew that the Li family of Nanjin wanted him.

The psychology of asking for him is enough to crush the psychology of hating him.

Therefore, the second meaning of Wiliam’s words is obvious–

“I like to watch you look like you want to kill me, but you can’t.”


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