Dragon Husband 922

Chapter 922

“We! It’s hard to chase after a word!” Su Yuchun squeezed out such a sentence aggrievedly.

The Nanjin Li family behind them were also blushing.

It’s so angry!

First, he was willing to pluck it all, and took out the most precious things in the Li family in Nanjin.

The result is given to the enemy who does not share the same sky.

Originally, everyone knew that even if it was revealed, the Li family in Nanjin suffered a dumb loss.

It’s good for this kid, let me say this one more sentence.

It is equivalent to let the Nanjin Li family respectfully give away the things again.

This feels not to mention how disgusting.

Disgusting than eating shit.

He really wanted to do it but couldn’t do it.

Wiliam looked at Nanjin Li’s family that was about to explode, and chuckled, “Okay, then I still live in your Nanjin Li’s house at night?”

A lump of shit was not finished, and I was fed another lump.

The people of Li’s family in Nanban felt they were going to be full.

This kid is simply a big bitch!

Don’t bring people like this!

Su Yuchun’s whole body was shaking.

In particular, this is to bring the enemy back to the sedan chair and worship him as a god.

You kid, knowing that both sides have enmity, why are you going back to our southern ban Li family to dry wool!

Do we have a mine in Li’s house in South China? You still reluctant to leave and come back to live!

However, she didn’t dare to say, because Wiliam was cheap, but her words were justified.

He doesn’t go to the Nanjin Li’s house. It is estimated that in one or two days, the Nanjin Li’s house will have to worry about why the genius doctor Lu hasn’t come, whether he regretted it or something.

Therefore, with this kind of entangled and complicated psychology, no matter what Wiliam said now, in the eyes of the people of the Li family in Nanban, it was a lump of shit smashed at them.

I don’t want to eat, but I can’t help it.

Tears were coming out of Mulan’s laughing beside her.

Wiliam looked at Mulan in his spare time, “Are you in a better mood now?”

“Yeah.” Mulan’s face suddenly reddened, thinking that this kid molested the Nanban Li family so much. Could it be that he saw me being unhappy and wanted to make me smile?

No way?

If this is the case, isn’t it the ancient beacon show lords?

For a while, Mulan was a little afraid to look at Wiliam.

The people who banned the Li family in the south did not want to stay at all at this moment.

Staying longer, the shit can be eaten as a midnight snack.

Su Yuchun hurriedly left the venue with the people from Nanban Li’s family.

Guo Yulin said to Wu Bili: “You greet the guests first, I have something to say to the benefactor.”

As he said, he gave Wiliam a look.

Wiliam naturally knew that when he was about to leave his seat, he clicked on Mulan next to him.

Mulan is also the heart of Qiqiao Linglong, her mouth is flat, and she is extremely wronged.

Wiliam sighed, and whispered, “Always face it.”

Only then did she grieved and walked with Wiliam towards the back hall.

Seeing that Wiliam had done another favor, Guo Yulin said to Wiliam: “Mr. Lu, I don’t know how to repay you for your kindness to me.”

Wiliam saw that Guo Yulin was already absent-minded. Although he was speaking to himself, his eyes were already on someone behind him.

He smiled slightly and said, “Then I will avoid it.”

Guo Yulin is overjoyed.
However, Mulan held Wiliam very firmly, and even in order to keep Wiliam, she hooked Wiliam’s arm directly, looking aggrieved as a little pet that was about to be abandoned by her owner.

Guo Yulin has a black line.

Wiliam was also speechless, “Don’t be fooled.”

Mulan said seriously: “Master Lu is my master, what can’t you say in front of him?”

Guo Yulin was taken aback, master?

Do young people now play so well?

He looked at the two people in this posture, thinking that they must be lovers in love.

It is normal for couples to play small games and call them masters.

Guo Yulin felt pretty good for the nominal son-in-law, Wiliam.

After all, Wiliam was young and promising, and he was still his lifesaver, enough to be worthy of Mulan.

So he immediately regarded Wiliam as his own, and said with a smile: “Well, our family is not outsiders.”

Wiliam still said, Mulan blushed again, “Who is in the same family as you.”

“Okay, okay, let’s not talk about it, let me take you around the Jackdaw family.” Guo Yulin suggested to ease the embarrassment.

The three of them strolled in the other courtyard, where the environment is deep and peaceful.

However, the sensitive Mulan suddenly wrinkled her nose, “What smell?”

Wiliam sniffed it seriously, only to feel a refreshing floral fragrance.

“It’s orchid.” Guo Yulin said with a smile.

The words are suddenly full of tenderness for memories.

“I like a woman, and that woman knows that I like orchids, so she told me to help me grow orchids in a yard… It’s a pity that she is no longer there. I specially hired a garden expert to cultivate orchids. Now orchids are full of gardens. In the past few decades, the flowering period has continued and has never withered, but that person can never come back…” Guo Yulin said choked, his eyes were red.

Mulan couldn’t help shaking her body when she heard this.

She turned her face back to Guo Yulin, but she happened to fall into Wiliam’s eyes.

With tears in his eyes, all pretending to be strong, at this moment, the smoke disappeared.

Wiliam listened to Guo Yulin’s words, and then looked around. Sure enough, there were pots of orchids and plants in front of him.

Wiliam understood right now, and Guo Yulin felt affectionate.

“She’s called Mulan.” Wiliam suddenly said to Guo Yulin.

This is the first time Guo Yulin heard Mulan’s name.

However, the moment he heard the name, he burst into tears!


Wood is a small wooden building!

Orchid is orchid grass!

Mu Xiaolou unexpectedly named his daughter Mulan…

Isn’t this just a memorial to your own Youlan past?

Thinking of Mu Xiaolou’s deep affection and the infatuation for his daughter, Guo Yulin only felt that his guilt for Mulan deepened.

He couldn’t help calling Mulan, “Mulan.”

Although Mulan had red eyes, she stubbornly turned her head away, ignoring Guo Yulin.

Guo Yulin smiled bitterly, knowing that he owed more over the years, and he did not dare to expect Mulan to recognize her father at once.

He shook his head and said, “You guys will talk for a while, I will go to the bathroom.”

Wiliam naturally knew that a man’s tears could not be easily revealed.

After Mulan waited for him to leave, she suddenly seemed to be unable to hold back her tears.

Suddenly she patted the fence in front of her bitterly, and said in a complicated manner: “I hate my mother! I hate my mother even more! She is pretending to be infatuated because of her infatuation! She lied to Guo Yulin, or Guo Yulin Lie to my mother! Wiliam, can you tell me!”

Wiliam watched Mulan’s obsession deepen, and suddenly walked forward and looked at Lanhua in front of him and said, “Actually, they have never deceived between them. Some of them are just misunderstandings… Mulan, you know why your mother has to endure the humiliation and help you. Are you looking for training resources?”

“I guessed wrong before, and now I know your mother’s real hard work.”

“If you know, you won’t hate your mother anymore!”


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