Dragon Husband 923

Chapter 923

Mulan was taken aback and looked at Wiliam stupidly.

In Mulan’s heart, her mother did this, on the one hand, because of her mother’s vanity.

On the other hand, her mother didn’t even think about her feelings. In the name of maternal love, she gave her unlimited pressure and guilt.

Wiliam looked at the magnolia blossoms in the garden, and said with emotion: “When you see these flowers, you should know that Guo Yulin is not the kind of man who abandons his wife and children. Therefore, your mother has worked so hard for you all these years. , The real purpose is to get you back here.”

When Mulan heard this, her eyes narrowed, “Impossible! According to you, if my mother really thinks this way, she should never blame the man.”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, she never blamed Guo Yulin. With the purpose of sending you back, she begged you a bunch of training resources for you to return to this world. At the time, you won’t be too far behind your peers, so that people in the Jackdaw family and even outsiders look down on you.”

Mulan is stupid!

This is the first time she has heard this statement.

My mother asked for cultivation resources so that when I came back, I could keep up with the world’s cultivation speed?

But in the next second, tears came from her eyes!

Although she heard it for the first time, she knew it at all.

All previous doubts and censures have turned into tears that can be understood at this moment.

The grievances and sadness that my mother has endured over the years have also emerged in Mulan’s heart.

She howled and cried, and finally squatted directly on the ground, hugging her knees helplessly.

The complicated attitude of love and hatred towards her mother for many years finally reached a unity under the words of Wiliam.

The hatred is eliminated, and what is left is endless distress and love.

Wiliam looked at Mulan, who was crying bitterly, and could not comfort him.

Let her cry.

Wiliam has enough reasons to believe that after today’s crying, many misunderstandings between their mother and daughter should be eliminated.

After a long time, Mulan slowly stopped sobbing.

She stood up and looked at Wiliam gratefully.

When she was about to say it, her eyes suddenly drenched.

Not far away, Guo Yulin walked over again.

Mulan flushed immediately, and said to Wiliam, “I’m waiting for you outside.”

She did not dare to face Guo Yulin with this crying face.

Seeing Mulan leaving hurriedly, Guo Yulin looked at Wiliam in surprise.

Wiliam casually explained: “It’s not a problem, she is smarter than you think, and stronger.”

Guo Yulin suddenly looked at Wiliam with a serious look.

With Mulan here, the dialogue between the two men naturally does not have to be as taboo as before.

Now, as the old man, Guo Yulin is re-examining Wiliam.

This kid has both strength and background.

But these are not important to Guo Yulin now.

What Guo Yulin is fancy now, is the character of Wiliam?

Judging from Wiliam’s previous actions, Guo Yulin could vaguely see something.

This kid’s expression has been calm, and Taishan collapsed before his face changed.
Obviously a kid with extraordinary courage and courage.

But Guo Yulin thinks deeper.

Wiliam obviously suffered humiliation and did not refute, even his face remained unchanged.

This is very worth pondering.

Or, Wiliam simply dismissed the humiliation before him.

But in this case, he needs to have the supreme status and the state of mind of the king to treat the humiliation in front of him as a trick.

Or, it means that this kid is very deep in the city, and can tolerate any humiliation for major events, even without compromise.

What Guo Yulin was obviously afraid of was that Wiliam was the last kind of person.

If this is the case, Guo Yulin had to doubt that Wiliam was close to Mulan’s true purpose.

Guo Yulin suddenly smiled at Wiliam and said, “Mr. Lu, you can’t tell, you are so young and you have such a deep daoism.”

Wiliam also smiled, “Master Guo, if you have any words, you might as well speak up.”

Guo Yulin was taken aback, but was convinced by Wiliam’s fast-talking character.

He no longer hesitated, but pointedly said: “I heard a sentence from someone in Guo, and always felt that it made sense. I wanted to share it with the master doctor Lu and listen to the advice of the master doctor.”

Wiliam nodded.

Guo Yulin just continued: “I heard people say that infatuated people are the most ruthless. I don’t know what you think?”

Wiliam laughed suddenly and stared at Guo Yulin with interest.

For Guo Yulin to say this, obviously Guo Yulin misunderstood the relationship between Wiliam and Mulan.

However, Wiliam Bing was not angry, and it was normal for Guo Yulin to consider issues for his daughter from the perspective of a father.

Wiliam also understood that Guo Yulin’s words were testing himself.

Infatuated people are the most ruthless.

Infatuation refers to the self-righteous Wiliam in Guo Yulin’s heart.

That Wiliam has a deep love for Mulan.

And the most ruthless, it was Guo Yulin who suspected that Wiliam approached Mulan for another purpose.

Seeing Wiliam laughing, Guo Yulin asked, “I wonder what the doctor Lu is laughing at?”

Wiliam shook his head, then strode forward, but dropped a word.

It is an answer and a warning.

“I have heard a different sentence, and I am deeply impressed.”

“The ruthless person is the most infatuated.”

In a word, Guo Yulin fell into a short silence.

He had no idea that these words would come out of a young man’s mouth.

What does this mean?

People who have read through the vicissitudes of life seem ruthless, but in fact they are the most infatuated.

Still, Wiliam already had a person in his heart, so he was ruthless to anyone except this person.

I don’t understand, I don’t understand, but Guo Yulin knows one thing.

This genius doctor was far more intelligent and open-minded than he thought.

“Doctor Lu, you are my savior after all, and you have taken care of Mulan a lot. If there is anything that I can help from Guo, please feel free to tell me, Guo, you must go through the fire and water!” Guo Yulin hurriedly Following in Wiliam’s footsteps, he asked directly.

He didn’t want to owe Wiliam too much favor.

Wiliam stopped and really started to think about it.

This scene made Guo Yulin almost powerless to complain.

Do you want to be so serious? Start thinking right away.

This will make me think you are so realistic.

After a while, Wiliam looked up again, looked at Guo Yulin and said, “Since you insist on asking, if I don’t agree, I won’t give you face, then I will say one thing.”

Guo Yulin listened to 10,000 grass mud horses in his heart.

What do I insist on requesting?

Is it so special that you can climb up the pole, and you are given a small stick, and you rush to the sky directly along the stick.

At this time, Wiliam whispered a few words in Guo Yulin’s ear.

After Guo Yulin heard this, his face was shocked, and he shouted out: “Mr. Lu, you are crazy!”


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