Dragon Husband 924

Chapter 924

After Guo Yulin yelled this sentence, seeing Lu Yewan speaking, he thought that Wiliam could not understand what he said.

He said eagerly again: “Mr. Lu, do you know what you are doing! What will be the consequences of doing this?”

Wiliam replied this time: “I know it naturally.”

“Then you pay it back!” Guo Yulin was about to be pissed off by Wiliam.

Still too young, after all, I don’t know how big this world is, or what the foundation of this world is!

“If you can, let’s do it this way. We are also clear of grievances.” Wiliam said at last.

Guo Yulin was silent for a full two minutes, and finally raised his head suddenly.

“Although I know what your intention is to do this? I can only say that within my scope of authority, I will do this well.” Guo Yulin’s face became very ugly.

Even under Wiliam’s invisible eyes, there was still a bit of anxiety and hesitation.

But Wiliam glanced at Guo Yulin in surprise when he heard Guo Yulin’s words within the scope of his powers.

However, he didn’t ask anything more.

I’m afraid, if you continue to ask, it is the secrets of the Jackdaw family.

“By the way, Dr. Lu, what are you going to do next? Do you want to consider coming to our Jackdaw family? After all, there is a Jackdaw family to take care of, and you are considered a place to shelter…” Guo Yulin asked again.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “I’m afraid you have forgotten. As soon as you did that thing, your Jackdaw family dare to accept me? Besides, I’ve never planned to send it under the fence. After all, I have enough of this kind of taste.”

When Wiliam said these words, he seemed to recall the sorrow and sorrow of joining Zuobai’s house over the past ten years.

He said faintly: “Next, I will use my strength in exchange for the capital to settle down in Lingcheng.”

Guo Yulin shook his head and found that Wiliam could not be seen clearly.

If you want to settle down, why make such a request.

In the end, he seemed to have thought of something, and said to Wiliam: “In this case, I have a suggestion, you might as well listen to it.”

“In about a week or so, our four martial arts families in Lingcheng will hold a three-year youth martial arts test contest. Your medical skills are extraordinary, but I don’t know how your martial arts cultivation is?”

At the end of speaking, Guo Yulin looked at Wiliam hesitantly.

Wiliam frowned slightly, “To elaborate.”

“This youth martial arts test contest is held once every three years. It is hosted by our Jackdaw family, Hongyu Chen family, Gu Yue Huyue, and Nanban Li family in turn. This year is the turn of the Nanban Li family. At home. There are two types of participants, one is the young children of our four major families, and the other is the dispersal of martial arts. Do you know what dispersal of martial arts is?” Guo Yulin kindly asked Xia Luye.

Wiliam nodded, “I know.”

He was in Lu’s house in North in his early years, and he naturally knew these doorways better.

In this world, martial arts schools are mainly divided into four ancient places and three schools.

Among them, the four ancient places are the places where the four ancient martial arts converge. Among them, the snowy area is the largest, and then the green forest, yellow sand and blue sea are below. The representative family in Qinglin is the medicine knife family, that is, the family wealthy family that Wiliam knows, Tian Tian sister belongs to.
As for the Lingcheng where Wiliam they are now, it belongs to a small city in the land of the blue ocean.

The three major schools, also known as the three major humanities, are martial arts, craftsmanship, and martial arts.

Martial arts is like a family of martial arts who live on traditional martial arts such as the Li family in Nanjin. The martial arts people can be divided into physical training and instrumental training.

Physical training is the largest branch of humanity in the world. It stimulates the potential of one’s body and rises above others.

In the case of weapon repair, it is simple to practice various weapons.

It’s just that in this world, instrument repair is a bit weak, and sword repair and backward repair in instrument repair have been declining for years.

As for the other two factions, artisanship means that some strange men and women specialize in some magical and weird things, such as mechanical puppets, to promote the spirit of artisans.

With that counted, Wiliam glanced at Guo Yulin in front of him amusedly.

Their family of jackdaws can be regarded as artisans, and they live on beasts.

The next genre is Shudao.

Shudao is to engage in other professions, such as pharmacists, poison masters, and the North Lu family where Wiliam is located, are the likes of Shudao.

In addition to the three orthodox sects of humanity, there are many self-cultivating people in the world. These people are called Sanwu before they have officially entered the martial arts family or the martial arts sect.

“Since you know, I won’t explain much. This second type of martial arts, we also allow young people to come to the competition, after all, the current martial arts, although it is self-cultivation, but also organized and disciplined. , It’s just the supporters behind him, and there is still no official sect. By the way, our so-called youth are limited to under 40 years old according to the customary rules.” Guo Yulin said slowly.

Wiliam nodded, “Why are you telling me this?”

Guo Yulin looked serious now, and said, “This is what I want to say next. In this youth martial arts test contest, if the final winner is Sanwu, there is a very special reward, that is, enrollment or standing. Zong’s recommendation letter.”

“Enrolling? Lizong? Recommendation letter?” Wiliam suddenly became interested.

“Well, if the winner is Sanwu, you can choose the four major family sects to join on the spot. The family sects cannot refuse to accept. However, it is even more popular with the recommendation letter of Lizong. There are generally some forces behind Sanwu. They have been suffering from not having the opportunity to formally establish a sect. This letter of recommendation for establishing a sect will allow the forces behind Sanwu to officially establish a sect and be recognized by all the orthodox families.” Guo Yulin said.

Wiliam suddenly became interested, “Then I want to ask, who really needs to approve the establishment of the so-called orthodox sects? Or who will judge who is authentic and who is not authentic?”

Guo Yulin was a little stunned by Wiliam’s question.

He thought for a while, and finally said helplessly: “Actually, I don’t know much. Anyway, as far as I know, above all of our wealthy families, there are faintly existing institutions that specialize in managing these wealthy families, otherwise we Even though people enter the ordinary world and kill the Quartet there, isn’t it a mess? This recommendation letter is derived from the above institutions, and all wealthy families must admit. There is no doubt about this.”

Wiliam was lost in thought.

On top of these wealthy families, there are actually management institutions.

He only felt that the road under his feet was getting longer and longer, spreading to an almost invisible end.

“Okay, I participated in this youth martial arts test contest!” At the end of Wiliam, his eyes gathered light again, and his words seemed like the most important thing!


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