Dragon Husband 925

Chapter 925

Guo Yulin already knew that Wiliam would answer this way.

He looked at Wiliam, and he didn’t seem to be a man who lived under the people.

However, Guo Yulin is still a little worried.

He said: “Don’t agree too early. To participate in this competition, there are two conditions, one is invisible and the other is mandatory. The mandatory condition is that the contestant must be invited by the organizer. If it is in previous years, We generally do not refuse to come. After the hidden conditions are met, we encourage participation. After all, it is a good thing to have new blood joining the city of martial arts, but your relationship with the Nanban Li family now…”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “You don’t have to worry about this. Let’s talk about another condition.”

Guo Yulin nodded and said: “There is also an unwritten rule, that is, the contestants must be under 40 years old, and the realm must be above the level of energy.”

Wiliam asked back: “Why do you say that?”

Guo Yulin said: “This is also for the sake of the players’ own lives. If they have the ability to reach the strength, they may die next to each other on the stage. After all, the realm gap is there. And this unwritten rule can also be screened. Only by losing a large number of people who want to fish in troubled waters can they be called truly outstanding young people.”

Wiliam pondered for a moment and said, “Okay, thank you then.”

“Hey, wait, I haven’t finished asking, what is your martial arts realm?” Guo Yulin asked anxiously from behind.

Wiliam stopped, leaving only a few words.

“Insufficient energy, deliberately win the championship.”

Eight words!

Like a thunderstorm, Guo Yulin’s whole person is bad.

This kid, as Guo Yulin expected, still hasn’t reached the realm of energization.

After all, being so young, wanting to rejuvenate, is simply a dream.

Even if their martial arts family is trying their best to pile up cultivation resources, if they don’t have a certain talent, they won’t reach this state.

But Guo Yulin was really shocked by the second half of Wiliam.

Willing to win the championship.

Those who lack energy, according to the established rules, do not even have the qualification to participate!

He still has the heart to win!

This crazy talk made Guo Yulin unable to complain.

Boy, boy, don’t think that your medical skills are superb, and you can also be a blockbuster in martial arts.

You are too young after all.

At the door, Wiliam met Mulan.

Mulan still seemed embarrassed to look at Wiliam, lowered her head, like a little daughter-in-law who was being bullied, weakly following Wiliam’s footsteps.

What Wiliam said to her before made her feel sad.

Now she can’t wait to plug her wings and fly back to her hometown, hug the poor mother.

“Let’s go back to the South Ban Li’s house.” Wiliam said lightly to Mulan.

Mulan nodded, and the two returned to Li’s house in Nanban.

The members of the Li family are all waiting for Wiliam.

When they saw Wiliam coming back, they suddenly felt a lump of shit floating around your mouth again.

Want to throw it away, reluctant.

I want to eat it, so disgusting.

Granny He and Su Yuchun looked at each other and nodded together.

Su Yuchun said coldly to Wiliam: “Since you have received the handed down pearl of our Southern Forbidden Li family, as agreed, can you treat us poison now?”
She reached an agreement with Mrs. He.

All the words and actions that make things difficult for this kid are bullshit until this kid has completely cured their poison.

After all, life is in this kid’s hands.

So the most urgent task is to let this kid treat them quickly.

As for the rest of the matter, huh, to ban the Li family in the south, I will definitely let this person who humiliated the family suffer to death!

Mulan obviously thought of this too, and hesitantly pulled Wiliam’s sleeve.

Wiliam stepped forward and said frankly: “Okay, get the room ready.”

His tone, his attitude, simply made the people of the Li family in Nanban doubt life.

Just agreed?

He didn’t know what the consequences would be after treating these two elders?

Is there fraud?

He wants to take the opportunity to attack the two old men?

Even Su Yuchun and Mrs. He hesitated.

They feel sad.

Hemp egg!

Believe it or not?


Wiliam seemed to see through their concerns, and said jokingly: “Why? Don’t you dare? Still think I am too simple? I don’t have time to play with you. I need me to make things difficult for you and ask you something else. Would you like it?”

With that said, the people of Nanban Li’s family suddenly began to scold their mother.

This kid, every word is damning.

Just now everyone really thought so, thinking that this kid will definitely make some other requests. Everyone, you come and I bargain, this is normal.

Now that Wiliam said, everyone just felt that the Li family was really so cheap.

I have to be embarrassed again to feel comfortable.

Wiliam looked at them with a sneer, and said: “Okay, I will fulfill you. A week later, if you are going to hold the Lingcheng Youth Martial Arts Test Competition and give me the qualifications to participate, I will immediately take care of you. Are you satisfied?”

Su Yuchun and Mrs. He were taken aback.

They never expected that Wiliam would make such a request.

However, in the next second, ecstasy appeared on the faces of both of them.


Want to participate in the competition!

It’s just right!

Being worried, there is no chance to humiliate this kid in public.

Now he took the initiative to come up to find his death!

Su Yuchun, especially Mrs. He, knew Wiliam’s martial arts realm.

Mid-term internal strength.

In the mid-term of internal strength, he wanted to participate in this worldly youth martial arts test competition.

It is simply seeking a dead end.

Although the unspoken rules of the game stipulate that all participants are above the Huajin realm, there is no explicit stipulation after all.

This kid wants to participate, okay!

Just let you participate!

At that time, let you be on the stage with no place to bury your life!

Let you know that to live in this world depends on your fists!

Not that mouth!

Thinking of this, Su Yuchun directly agreed, “Okay! I promise you!”

Wiliam nodded, “Okay, let’s start.”

Wiliam had known for a long time that the people who banned the Li family in the south would agree to this request.

After all, in the eyes of the Li family in Nanban, Wiliam’s martial arts realm was ridiculously low.

They wanted Wiliam to be ashamed in public.

“Go and arrange a room right away.” Su Yuchun said to the person behind him.

A group of people moved to a quiet small room.

Su Yuchun went in first, followed by Wiliam.

When the others were about to enter, they were stopped by Wiliam, “Why are you going in? Take a group visit to the body of an old lady Miaoling?”

Everyone stagnated, and suddenly a scene that shouldn’t have appeared in their heads.

Spicy eyes!

For a while, everyone was stomped with anger, this kid still has a bit of a moral bottom line!

Su Yuchun in the room was even more furious, wishing to tear this kid on the spot!


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