Dragon Husband 926

Chapter 926

People from Li’s family in the south are forbidden to enter in order to beware of Wiliam’s black hands on the two elders. Where is Wiliam as nasty!

However, when Wiliam said so, they really didn’t dare to go in.

“You are waiting outside the door! If anything happens to me, he can’t get out of the door of this room!” Su Yuchun said fiercely to the people outside.

Wiliam smiled slightly and closed the door of the room.

He really didn’t bother to slap an old lady.

And what Wiliam said always counted.

This is a bargain.

After spending half an hour, he helped Su Yuchun and the old lady finish the injection.

Especially Mrs. He, in fact, the green snake flow on her body was almost gone, even if Lu Yezhen took action, she would be able to recover as usual.

It’s just that this old lady has more thoughts and thinks of Wiliam more despicable.

That night, Wiliam received an invitation letter from Li’s family in the southern ban.

This means that Wiliam has officially qualified for the Lingcheng Youth Test Martial Arts Competition a week later.

At this moment, Mrs. He and Su Yuchun were together in the same room.

Su Yuchun asked Mrs. He, “How’s it going? Is your body’s Yimu flow better?”

Mrs. He still looked languid, and said, “I can’t feel it yet, how about you.”

Su Yuchun showed a look of joy, and said: “I feel that the kid should have no hands or feet. Before, my heart would be aching, but now I don’t have any.”

“In other words, you are cured?” Old lady He frowned slightly.

Su Yuchun nodded, and said: “The kid hangs out, and he doesn’t dare to mess around on our site. Now, we have to discuss and discuss how to deal with that kid.”

Mrs. He asked, “Do you have any good ideas?”

Su Yuchun obviously had it in her heart for a long time. She gritted her teeth and said: “Huh, that kid really doesn’t know how to promote. We will definitely not let him off from the Li family in the South. Although it is in the youth martial arts test competition a week later , He will definitely be in a different place, but there is still a week in between, how can he let him go?”

Mrs. He frowned and said hesitantly: “If you had said it earlier, we would not have given him the invitation letter just now. Now the invitation letter has been given…”

Su Yuchun naturally knew Mrs. He’s concerns.

The Lingcheng Youth Martial Arts Test Competition held once every three years is something someone is staring at.

And this youth martial arts test contest has a rule.

That is, as long as they are qualified for the game, no one can attack the players before the game.

Even the organizer of the competition!

Legend has it that this rule was set by the people above.

In order to prevent someone from coveting the contestants, the competitive opponents were eliminated before the match.

In other words, the identity of Wiliam contestants is now protected.

This is exactly where Mrs. He hesitates now.

“Huh, who said that we are going to attack him, his life, I have to stay in the arena a week later, what we have to do now is to make him live within this week!” Su Yuchun Said grimly.
“What are you going to do? That kid is now well-known throughout Lingcheng for his medical skills, and he is sought after by high-ranking people in the city. It’s a bit difficult for us to move him.” He said slowly.

“Ho ho, since ancient times, people who have achieved fame and fame are nothing more than two kinds. One is superior in their own strength, and the other is sought after by the world. Of these two kinds of people, the first is what we can’t help but the first Two kinds, ho ho ho…” Su Yuchun said, slapped the table, “how much the world holds him up, we have the ability to throw him down!”

Granny He’s eyes lit up, “You mean!”

She already understood Su Yuchun’s intentions.

What Su Yuchun said was wrong. Wiliam belonged to the second type. He didn’t have any strength himself, but he possessed the skill of medicine and had a long reputation outside.

Wiliam relied on this lofty medical name to support him.

As long as his medical name is pulled down, this kid will be useless!

Even notorious everyone shouted!

This is the biggest difference between Wiliam and those who are known for their own strength.

In the first type, others have little strength and cannot be suppressed at all.

And Wiliam, as long as his reputation is corrupted, he will be devastated.

In the future, who else would dare to ask him to see a doctor?

“I plan to find a way to completely ruin the reputation he just got! That’s how I am happy in my heart!” Su Yuchun said fiercely.

And this idea, no doubt coincided with Mrs. He.

Mrs. He asked directly, “Then what do you think of?”

At this time, Su Yuchun glanced at Mrs. He strangely, “How do you feel weird today? Usually, you have more ideas than me.”

Mrs. He’s face became stiff, and she smiled helplessly: “Hey, I’m old, my body can last a day or a day, so how can I still have the strength to think about other things.”

Su Yuchun took a serious look at Mrs. He and found out that she was abnormal. Then she said: “I thought of a way, and that is to use our people in Lingcheng to pour a pot of dirty water on him, taking advantage of his reputation. If it doesn’t come through, it will be completely strangled in the cradle.”

Hearing this, Mrs. He seemed to think hard, “This is a good way, but how to pour dirty water on him? If ordinary people jump out to talk, who will believe it.”

Su Yuchun smiled at this moment and said: “That’s natural, what is the use of ordinary people, what we are looking for is our celebrity in Lingcheng! Moreover, it must be someone who has been healed by that kid, and then jumped out and said that kid’s medical skills No, so we can achieve the goal we want smoothly.”

Mrs. He immediately took the case and applauded, “Okay! Sister Su, you’ve already thought about it a long time ago. You deserve to be the strongest think tank of the Li family in Nanban. With you, our Nanban Li family will be rejuvenated and worry-free!”

Su Yuchun showed a look of distress at this time, and said: “Now what we are thinking about is which celebrity in Lingcheng should we invite? Hey, because of that kid, the reputation of our Nanban Li family in Lingcheng has plummeted. What is estimated now? Celebrities are willing to help us.”

But at this time, Mrs. He suddenly showed a confident look, and her voice became weird, “Ho ho, this point, I’m a sister, but I’ve already thought about it a long time ago. found it.”

“What! Who is it? Great!” Su Yuchun’s expression suddenly became excited.

But in the next second, she saw in disbelief—

Mrs. He, who has been sluggish, looks like she is more than twenty years younger!

Granny He directly pinched Su Yuchun’s neck with one hand like a steel bar!

Then, Mrs. He showed a domineering smile.

“Is this person you? My dear sister Su, then…”

“Thanks for you.”


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