Dragon Husband 927

Chapter 927 Su Yuchun’s Death

“You! What do you want to do!” Su Yuchun didn’t think of it at all, Mrs. He seemed to be a different person now.

She was unable to walk before, but now she is so agile!

It’s not like a sick person at all!

At this time, a bold guess appeared in Su Yuchun’s head!

“You! Your sorrow has long been healed, right! You have been showing weakness to me!” Su Yuchun shouted out loud.

At this time, Mrs. He made a very cheerful voice, “You only know now, but unfortunately, it’s a bit late.”

Hearing this, Su Yuchun’s head buzzed!

This damn old woman!

Still underestimate her, follow her way!

Su Yuchun has always been very strange. Tonight’s old lady He seems to have no opinion at all, and she doesn’t want the usual self-serving old lady.

Unexpectedly, she has been hiding awkwardly, waiting for herself here!

“What are you going to do to me! I am the nominal Patriarch of the Li Family in Nanban!” Su Yuchun shouted sharply.

However, Mrs. He smiled slightly, “It used to be, after I came back, you were not anymore.”

“You! You! I should have known that you are alive!” Su Yuchun was so angry that blue veins appeared on her forehead.

“Actually, you have really become smarter in the past few years when I was away. I thought of this method. I didn’t think you would have said it first. Hohoho, it is worthy of praise.” At the moment, Mrs. He, Sweeping the previous malaise, it became fierce.

“Then I, just follow your method and continue talking. Isn’t it looking for someone who has been healed by that kid? Also a celebrity? There are only three people in Lingcheng who meet these two conditions. , You, me, and that Guo Yulin. Guo Yulin, I will not move for the time being, after all, I still have some connection with him. And I, for the time being, don’t have the same mind, and I will find someone to treat that kid Then hit it backwards.”

“You don’t know how good that kid is, ho ho, as long as we dare to send another person to him, he can use a little clue to understand our strategy. So, the most direct way is to use the three of us. If you find one of the people, you can only wrong you.”

Mrs. He finished in one breath.

Su Yuchun’s eyes widened with anger!

On the one hand, she sighed that she was not an old lady in terms of strategy!

What she was thinking about was to find another ghost for the dead, and she didn’t realize how old he was!

Just look for them among the three ready-made people!

And still find yourself!

On the other hand, she was even more angry at Granny He’s despicability!

Su Yuchun asked herself, since she and Mrs. He have been repaired, she hasn’t moved. Mrs. He has been murderous.

Unexpectedly, this old woman is a white-eyed wolf, and now she bit her benefactor!

For an instant, Su Yuchun also recalled what happened before.

She had difficulty setting up the passage: “So, you didn’t plan to fix it with me from the beginning, and you concealed evil intentions from the beginning!”

“Ho ho, what are you? It’s good for me to repair the old with you? The benevolence of a woman is hard to be a big thing! You are in charge of the Li family in Nanjin, it’s shameful, go with peace of mind, just take it, do it for the Li family in Nanjin Let’s make the last contribution!” Mrs. He said, suddenly touching Su Yuchun’s eyebrows with one hand.
Su Yuchun almost fainted without any reaction.

Su Yuchun has recovered from a serious illness and is still very weak.

The realm of Old Lady He was above Su Yuchun, and she was deliberately dormant, so she could naturally bring Su Yuchun down with one blow tonight.

After fainting Su Yuchun, she moved some hands and feet on Su Yuchun’s body.

After doing this, she pretended to stumble, ran towards the door, and shouted out: “Nothing! My poor sister Su! She vomited blood and died!”

This night!

The Li family in the south is completely messed up.

Su Yuchun is dead!

Su Yuchun, who has always been regarded as a blind man, died suddenly.

And the focus of this question directly points to Wiliam!

After all, he had just seen Su Yuchun tonight.

Su Yuchun was fine before, but when this kid saw her, something happened to her.

This matter definitely has nothing to do with Wiliam.

Between the halls, Wiliam was immediately surrounded by everyone.

Li Chengfeng cried heartbreakingly as he watched his mother die.

Everyone from Nanjin Li’s family glared at Wiliam, “You kid! I know you are uneasy and kind! Dare to do something with our Li family! Today, I will break your body!”

Wiliam only knew about this just now. He looked at the scene in front of him coldly, without speaking.

On the contrary, Mulan was so angry that he jumped out and pointed at the Li family and cursed: “You Li family are simply white-eyed wolves! All of you have seen Wiliam’s medical skills before! Guo Yulin was cured by Wiliam. This is an indisputable fact, now it’s alright, an old lady has died, and you planted the accusation on him. I also suspect that you did it on purpose!”

However, the Li family is already on the verge of anger. They shouted sharply: “It is an indisputable fact that Su Yuchun died after being treated by Wiliam! Whatever we say today, we will not let him go!”

There was a lot of noise at the scene, and someone said they were about to do it.

But at this time, Mrs. He shouted: “Be quiet, everyone!”

The people at the scene suddenly looked at Mrs. He.

Su Yuchun is dead, and Mrs. He is the person with the highest seniority in the Li family in Nanban, so everyone naturally looks forward to her.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs. He glared at Wiliam angrily, and slowly said, “My heart is uneasy for the death of Little Sister Su! Now, there is still no evidence that this kid is the murderer. We can’t move our hands and feet to others. Let’s take a handle. Besides, Su Xiaomei personally gave him the qualification to participate in the Youth Martial Art Test Conference in a week, and we can’t touch him now.”

As if it were intentional, Mrs. He’s words provoked everyone’s anger again.

“Dog stuff! For the sake of our Su Yuchun being so kind to you, personally giving you the qualifications for the competition, you actually avenge revenge! You can’t die!”

“Evidence! What evidence is needed! There are only people who banned the Li family in the south, he is an outsider, and he has been in contact with Su Yuchun. Who else would kill him!”

The fire was difficult to calm, and Mrs. He seemed to reluctantly agree, and said: “This happened very suddenly. I believe this kid will not have time to make other reactions and preparations. We will immediately go to his room to find out if there is any murderer. evidence!”

Everyone woke up one after another and shouted yes in unison.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly twitched his mouth, looked at Mrs. He jokingly, and said, “Go to my room to find evidence? Then let me guess, what will this evidence be?”

“It won’t be, you still have leftovers from the South Ban Li Family——”

“Those handed down pearls, right?”


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