Dragon Husband 928

Chapter 928

Wiliam’s words were like a thunderstorm, and everyone on the scene couldn’t react.

Mrs. He took a deep look at Wiliam, and her heart shook.

Damn it!

This kid is simply the Heart of Seven Orifices!

Everything has to be seen through by him!

However, Mrs. He can only bite the bullet and said to everyone: “Hurry up and find it! Maybe you can really find evidence!”

The people at the scene immediately ran towards Wiliam’s room.

And Wiliam, when Mrs. He mentioned the evidence, she already knew what was going on in her heart.

Ho ho, how ruthless old lady.

I didn’t see it before.

In order to sanction oneself, it is not right. It should be said that in order to seize the power of the Li family in the south, he did not hesitate to act on Su Yuchun.

This move was too ruthless. It not only killed Su Yuchun, who had been at odds with her, but also framed herself, and finally was able to hold power again.

Three kills with one stone, very good.

Moreover, Mrs. He is also very smart, she chose tonight, she just finished treating Su Yuchun, and it was Su Yuchun who just got herself an invitation letter for the competition.

This can more arouse everyone’s emotions.

Wiliam could think of this evidence with his feet.

Wiliam had obtained twenty-four beads from the Li family of Nanban. How could Mrs. He not make a fuss about this?

Naturally, I want to go with the flow, put the other beads in my room, and create a picture that I am seeking money and killing.

Mrs. Ho, Mrs. Ho, I didn’t expect you to hide so deeply.

Mrs. He and Wiliam looked at each other.

The eyes are full of calculations.

At the scene, it is estimated that only Wiliam and Mrs. He knew what was going on.

Mrs. He also knew from Wiliam’s words just now that Wiliam had guessed it.

However, she has nothing to fear.

Because, since ancient times, there is no proof.

As long as the evidence is conclusive, no matter how sophisticated this kid is, no one will believe him.

Moreover, even in the entire Lingcheng, this matter is enough to leave a psychological shadow on people.

Who else would dare to ask Wiliam to see a doctor?

His reputation is completely ruined.

After a while, a group of people returned hurriedly.

Holding a brocade box in their hands, they scolded angrily: “Lady He, you really made it! Sure enough, in this kid’s room, they found ten handed down pearls, which is different from the previous ones!”

“Hmph! Now the evidence is conclusive! This kid came here after coveting the 36 soul dreams of our Nanban Li family, and he killed Su Yuchun!”

Mrs. He was holding the brocade box, her hands and feet trembling.

She braced herself forcibly, walked in front of Wiliam, and threw the box in front of Wiliam.

“You! What else do you have to say now!”

Wiliam looked at this brocade box, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, “Ho ho, ah, in order to frame me, even your last ten beads were contributed. I really made you take pains.”

Mrs. He knew that Wiliam was talking about herself, but she still scolded angrily: “You don’t tell the truth here! I’ll ask you if you did it!”
Mulan was about to argue for Wiliam, but at this moment, she saw a shocking picture.

Wiliam even put the brocade box away and threw it to Mulan.

Then, he said leisurely: “I can’t be ashamed of your painstaking efforts, I will take these ten beads as mine, since you have planted them on me, don’t think about taking them back! “

All the people at the scene were silent.

What did they hear!

This kid, on the territory of the Southern Forbidden Li Family, is still arrogant to this point!

How dare you take these ten beads as evidence in public!

However, at this moment, there is only one thought in everyone’s mind, and that is to punish the murderer.

No one cares about the value of ten beads anymore.

After all, more than 20 of them had been sent out before, and they were numb.

“You admit it!” Mrs. He was aggressive.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Even if you admit it, so what?”

Mulan was almost about to vomit blood from Wiliam.

She pinched Wiliam’s waist with one hand, and grinned and cursed: “Did you take the wrong medicine? You are ravaged and addicted or something else! Do you like being abused so much! It’s obviously not what you did, you Admit it!”

Wiliam looked back at Mulan helplessly and said, “Now I said it wasn’t me. Do you think they would believe it? Since they don’t believe it anyway, it’s better to take these ten beads and get comfort.”

Mulan almost spit out a mouthful of old blood, “Nima! You have to face it! Consolation is not such a comforting method!”

When Old Lady He saw Wiliam admit it, she actually laughed wildly in her heart.

She knew that this kid was forced to have no way out.

Only admit this way.

And Mrs. He even appreciates this kid a bit.

When the disaster is approaching, it is still calculating, how to admit it is more appropriate.

Just now, he actually admitted for ten beads, really helpless in helplessness.

Mrs. He didn’t even put these ten beads in her eyes.

Even if she knew, Wiliam had thirty-four beads after he got the ten beads.

No, thirty-five.

Plus her grandson’s jade pearl.

But, so what?

Without the most important first bead, the blue heart bead, the other thirty-five are rubbish.

This kid is probably still complacent.

“Okay! You kid, it’s kind of kind! Now, thanks to the invitation letter of the Youth Test Martial Arts Conference, we can’t do it to you! But you remembered it! The Youth Test Martial Arts Conference a week later is your death date. I want to kill you in front of all the people in the city! Revenge for Little Sister Su! Don’t even want to escape Lingcheng! Get out of here!” He shouted violently.

Wiliam snorted, and directly took Mulan away from Nanban Li’s house.

After doing all this, Mrs. He relaxed in her heart.

Dealing with this kid is really shocking.

Fortunately, she had planned this plan for a long time, and now it finally succeeded, forcing the kid to bow his head.

It is conceivable that after tomorrow, this kid will have a bad reputation in Lingcheng.

Thinking of tomorrow, Mrs. He was still a little uneasy in her heart.

She was worried that the people in Lingcheng knew about Wiliam’s enmity with the Nanjin Li family, so at that time everyone would say that this matter was framed by the Nanjin Li family.

This effect is greatly reduced.

But this is something that Granny He cannot control.

She can only expect that Lingcheng people will be stupid.

She confessed to her subordinates that early tomorrow morning, the news that Wiliam would kill Su Yuchun through a doctor would be released.

But early the next morning, the Nanjin Li family still didn’t release a message, and suddenly a message that shocked Lingcheng came!

Guo Yulin, the master of the Jackdaw family, was poisoned again last night and fell into a severe coma!


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