Dragon Husband 929

Chapter 929

Mrs. He was drinking morning tea, when she suddenly heard this message, the cup broke.

Unbelievable flashed in her eyes!

Last night, she was still worried. It was just the fact that the kid quack doctor missed his life in the Li family of Nanjin, would Lingcheng people believe it.

Now, doze meets the pillow!

Guo Yulin unexpectedly recurred the old poison and was bedridden again!

This message was shocking and happy to Mrs. He!

Originally, she had to admit that Wiliam’s medical skills were somewhat sophisticated.

How could it be that this time the ship was really capsized in the gutter?

If this is the case, not only is the Li family banned from the south, but now there are even members of the Jackdaw family to testify!

This will be able to fully realize the fact that the kid is incapable of medical skills and has gained a false reputation!

“Quick! Go and verify the truth of this matter! Report to me immediately!” He shouted sharply.

In her heart, the more excited, the more disturbed.

I’m afraid this matter is a rumor.

However, after a while, the subordinate confirmed the authenticity of this matter.

Mrs. He suddenly took the case and said ecstatically: “Hahaha! God helped me too! God is on my side and wants to kill that kid for me!”

“Immediately spread the message from our side, I want that kid to be ruined within today!”

Today is definitely not a peaceful day for Ling Cheng.

Originally last night, Ling Cheng had been going crazy, and there was a young genius doctor who became famous in the first battle.

And when it was heard that the young genius doctor still had no ownership, the other two wealthy families, as well as some dignitaries who suffered from the disease, all wanted to ask the young genius doctor to act as soon as possible.

But I didn’t expect that in the morning, there would be a bolt from the blue in a row.

Two people who were treated by a juvenile genius doctor.

Guo Yulin of the Jackdaw family is sick again!

In addition, Su Yuchun, who was in power in the name of the Li family forbidden in the south, was directly killed in netherworld.

These two messages directly confuse everyone.

Young genius doctor?

Only shot three times, but caused one death and one injury!

And the one who died and injured was the Patriarch of the martial arts family!

For a while, everyone panicked.

They were very fortunate, but fortunately they didn’t even invite the boy!

Otherwise, you may be cured!

The wind and wind also swept the entire Lingcheng instantly.

To say that this person named Wiliam is young and frivolous, and is a shame to the medical profession!

What’s more, he has already clamored on the Internet to drive this boy out of Lingcheng!

At this moment, Wiliam and Mulan were living in the hotel.

In Wiliam’s room.

Listening to the ups and downs outside, Mulan looked at Wiliam with frowning brows, and cursed directly with anger!

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! This must be the conspiracy of the Li Family of Nanban! They want to ruin your reputation!” Mulan shouted.

Wiliam was silent on the side, as if he was worried.

Mulan said again: “Also, what’s the matter with the Jackdaw family! Why did Guo Yulin get sick again? Wiliam, tell me, what is going on!”

She was puzzled.

She still had some confidence in Wiliam’s medical skills.
She was very transparent about the Li family ban in the South last night.

Now that Guo Yulin of the Jackdaw family appeared, she was puzzled.

Not to mention that Guo Yulin was saved by Wiliam, Wiliam can be said to be his lifesaver.

Guo Yulin still owns…

Thinking of this, Mulan’s heart is even more blocked!

Seeing Wiliam didn’t speak, her violent temper came up, and she rushed over and shook Wiliam’s shoulder, “You said, are you dumb?”

Wiliam watched Mulan jump like thunder, and finally gave a wry smile and said, “There are two explanations, which one do you want to listen to?”

Mulanfeng stared, “Listen to both!”

Wiliam slowly said: “The first explanation is that I made a mistake in practicing medicine and saving people. It was not 100% successful. This is a question of probability. Su Yuchun was wronged by the Li family in Nanban, but Guo Yulin is probably This is a problem.”

Mulan was taken aback and looked at Wiliam in disbelief, “You mean, he was really sick? Did you cure him yesterday?”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, this is my first guess. After all, haven’t you always despised my medical skills? Now you have got your wish.”

Mulan was so angry that he vomited blood for three liters. Is this still the time to play with her lips?

“What about the second explanation?” Mulan asked again.

Wiliam shook his head with a helpless expression, “The second explanation is even more heart-palpiting. I’m afraid Guo Yulin is turning back.”

“Anti-water? What do you mean?” Mulan asked.

“Yesterday, I reached an agreement with Guo Yulin to ask him to do something for me. At that time, I saw him hesitate. Today, I finally know his position.” Wiliam said.

Mulan was confused when she heard, “Speaking!”

Wiliam said again: “In short, Guo Yulin intends to bite us back for himself.”

“Bite you! Bite you! It’s a bite! Why did he do this!” Mulan poked her fingers on Wiliam’s forehead.

“Then I don’t know.” Wiliam said, and fell silent again.

Why would Guo Yulin do this…

I’m afraid, it has something to do with what he said yesterday…

Within his power and responsibility, but what if it is not within his power and responsibility…

Things seem to have become more complicated.

Mulan asked Wiliam a few words, but Wiliam refused to speak.

She was so angry that she slammed the door out.

Go straight to the Jackdaw family!

She was really angry.

Originally, after yesterday’s events, Mulan already had a slight affection for Guo Yulin in her heart, and she was planning to slowly accept the fact that they were a father and daughter.

Today, it became like this. Not only was she angry at the gratitude and revenge of the two families to Wiliam, she hated Guo Yulin for being such a dogged person.

She wants to ask!

When she arrived at the Jackdaw family, she met Guo Yulin smoothly.


Guo Yulin didn’t know anything about it, and he even played a set of dragon and tiger boxing vigorously.

A trace of embarrassment flashed on Guo Yulin’s face when he saw Mulan approaching, he quickly drank his subordinates back, then walked over, and asked with concern: “Mulan, why are you here? Sit down!”

With that said, Guo Yulin still went to La Mulan.

Mulan flicked her sleeves and said coldly: “I’m so familiar with you, my name, you don’t deserve to be called! I’ll come over and just want to ask you one thing!”

Guo Yulin’s face became stiff, he sighed, and slowly said, “I know what you want to ask me.”

“Guo Yulin! Are you still a human! Wiliam is your savior! It’s fine if you don’t repay your gratitude, what’s the matter now! Unite with the people from Nanjin Li’s family and bite Wiliam back! You do this, don’t be afraid Is it thundering in the sky!” Mulan said unceremoniously.

Guo Yulin looked helpless, and said slowly: “Mulan, listen to my explanation. First of all, I didn’t unite with the Nanjin Li family to bully the kid. You know, I let the message out first. I don’t know, Nanjin Li’s family will follow me…”


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