Dragon Husband 930-931

Chapter 930 People!

Mulan interrupted him directly, “Oh, do you still feel honorable?”

“No, hey, listen to me. Actually, I am very grateful for Wiliam’s life-saving grace, but you must know that I am in a high position and seem to have unlimited scenery on the surface, but in fact there are many restrictions. Tell me, the reason why I was like this was someone who instigated me. There is a big man who I can’t afford to provoke me and wants that kid to die.” Guo Yulin said helplessly.

Big shot?

Even the Patriarch of the Jackdaw family is afraid of a big man who can only follow his orders?

After a brief astonishment, Mulan sneered again, “Don’t bully me! Even if you are a big man, what about it! Is your conscience eaten by a dog? Remember, who gave you this life! Just tell me, can you help Wiliam clear up the misunderstanding!”

Guo Yulin suddenly became embarrassed, “This…”

“Okay, I see, goodbye.” Mulan knew what was going on when he saw Guo Yulin like this.

This humble man!

Yesterday, I felt that he used his affection deeply!

In his bones, he is still a man of fame and fortune!

Maybe, he was like that back then, forcing his mother away!

For a while, Mulan only felt upset.

“Wait! Mulan, there is one more thing, I want to tell you.” Guo Yulin said suddenly.

Mulan stopped and looked at Guo Yulin coldly.

“Hey, that kid, are you determined to participate in the youth martial arts test in a few days? I have heard that the people who banned the Li family from the south will punish Wiliam in public in that match. He killed Su Yuchun’s hatred.” Guo Yulin said.

Mulan said coldly: “Thanks to the master of the door for telling me! I thank you and your family!”

Guo Yulin looked embarrassed and suddenly seemed to have made an explanatory decision, and said: “In this way, in order to make up for the debt in my heart, I will send a genius from our Jackdaw family to clear the way for Wiliam Fengshan in the competition. At least, Can you keep him safe, right?”

Mulan’s heart shuddered at this time, and she wanted to scold Guo Yulin, but she couldn’t speak out.

After all, those who know the current affairs are handsome.

Mulan knew that Wiliam was only a warrior in the mid-stage of inner strength. Although he could defeat her before, it was only possible by relying on the home court advantage to mobilize all the coercive forces of Qilin.

But if he was alone, in the middle of his inner strength, in this Lingcheng, he was a bit too embarrassing.

Now, Guo Yulin is willing to send someone out to escort Wiliam…

When it comes to Wiliam’s life and death, Mulan can’t take the initiative to push away.

“Mulan, there are only these things I can do, you really have to believe me, I’m so helpless…” Guo Yulin still wanted to explain.

However, Mulan had already moved forward and slowly left the Jackdaw family.

When she got outside, she couldn’t help but cried out.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

This Guo Yulin disappointed her too much.

And after Mulan left, Guo Yulin’s tangled face also slowly cooled down.

His men slowly came from not far away.

There was even a hint of mockery in Guo Yulin’s calm face.
“That silly boy, you can really fool it casually. I really don’t know how Xiaolou educates her over the years.” Guo Yulin seemed to mutter to himself.

“Sect Master, do you need me to follow her?” the man asked.

Guo Yulin shook his head, “No need, ho ho, she can’t do anything extraordinary, so you can ask Guo Xiliang to come forward to participate in this youth martial arts test contest, and then let him meet the silly girl. “

The man was taken aback for a moment, “Guo Xiliang? That arrogant kid? In this case, your daughter must be ridiculed by him…”

A fierce stern flashed across Guo Yulin’s face, “She hasn’t been deeply involved in the world, and she should know that the human heart is sinister, go.”

The man nodded and left the yard.

And Guo Yulin, playing with an orchid in his hand, suddenly sneered: “This way things will be more fun, isn’t it? That kid is a bit crazy, even I don’t even look at it. How good is this person? When I am Guo Yulin’s son-in-law? Besides, he offended the boss, but it is a capital crime.”

“This youth martial arts test competition is a bit interesting.”

As Guo Yulin spoke, he suddenly used force.

The orchid, which was originally white and flawless, turned black in an instant, and finally withered directly.

His head slowly lowered, making people unable to see the changing eyes.

On the other side, Mulan went back to Wiliam’s side with an anger, and sat on the sofa without saying a word.

Wiliam had already guessed Mulan’s actions, and asked, “What? How about Guo Yulin’s body?”

“Don’t mention that bitch’s stuff to me!” Mulan cursed directly.

Through this sentence, Wiliam knew that Guo Yulin was in good health.

In this case, the matter is even more serious.

Wiliam rubbed his temples and got a headache.

“Hey! Are you really going to participate in the youth martial arts test contest?” Mulan asked suddenly.

Wiliam nodded, “I have to participate, or maybe someone is pushing me to participate.”

Mulan was taken aback, “Why is there someone again! You and that bastard are the same attribute! Can you tell me the whole story!”

“What did he say over there?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

“He said he was forced to be helpless, and there were people up there.” Mulan said angrily, “There are some people who are grandsons!”

Wiliam was stunned for a while, as expected…

He has always wondered why it was such a coincidence. In this youth martial arts test competition, there will be an extremely rare reward such as a letter of introduction of Lizong.

You must know that the participants in the competition are all young people, which does not mean that they have the strength to establish a sect.

At that time, Wiliam felt that this letter of introduction appeared a bit strange.

It seems that someone has long understood Wiliam’s purpose of coming to Lingcheng.

He wants a place to settle down, and he doesn’t want to be left behind.

And for the purpose of going to the North Lorraine family for revenge in the future, he had to have his own foundation in Lingcheng.

The establishment of a sect is the best choice.

Someone caught Wiliam’s idea and threw out this bait.

Wiliam had to participate in this youth martial arts test competition.

But, who is it?

Not only can he understand Wiliam’s thoughts, but also directly influence the martial arts family.

I am afraid that this person’s identity will be completely beyond the reach of Wiliam in a short time!

Just as Wiliam had a headache, Mulan’s phone rang suddenly.

As soon as she answered it, a loud voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Is Mulan? I’m Guo Xiliang from the Jackdaw family. In the name of the head of the house, I will come to help with the punch. Where are you? Come and pick you up.”


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