Dragon Husband 932

Chapter 932

“Play a game? Between men? Are you worthy of being a man?” Guo Xiliang laughed directly.

Seeing Wiliam’s face sinking like water, Mulan suddenly became nervous.

She knew that her hesitation just now had definitely made Wiliam very embarrassed.

Now that he has stepped forward, things have gotten worse.

She pulled Wiliam’s sleeve, trying to make Wiliam rest easy.

However, Guo Xiliang smiled again and said, “Okay, I would like to hear, you little bitch, what game do you dare to play with me?”

“Didn’t you say that you are very capable? If you can’t help me get the first place in the competition, you must kneel and apologize to Mulan in front of everyone.” Wiliam said lightly.

When Guo Xiliang heard this, he laughed, “Hahaha, kid, you don’t know at all, who is Guo Xiliang? Looking at the entire Lingcheng, who among the younger generation is fighting against me?”

“Okay, I promise you! But what if I get the first place?”

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “I will let you discipline.”

How can Guo Xiliang’s appetite stop here.

He looked at the man and the woman in front of him jokingly, and said arrogantly: “If I win the bet, then both of you, I will ride! Women, naturally ride at night, man, ho ho, me. In my life, there are no other mounts besides Qinghu. I want to ride you three times around the city. Would you dare to agree?”

When Mulan heard it, her whole body was not good!

Ride the landing leaf and go around the city three times!

This is simply Chi Guoguo’s personal humiliation!

If Wiliam suffers this catastrophe, how can he live alone according to his aloof personality?

“No! Wiliam, you can’t promise him!” Mulan became anxious, but she ignored the first half of Guo Xiliang’s sentence.

It was definitely a nightmare for her.

However, Guo Xiliang snorted and said to Wiliam: “What? Isn’t it a game between men? Can women still make the decision?”

Wiliam also smiled and said, “Naturally, she won’t let her be the master. Okay, I promise you.”

Mulan’s face went dark suddenly, ah, what can’t you do, the first place to eat shit!

“Hahaha, interesting, interesting, this way, I will have more fighting spirit, then it’s OK, I really look forward to it, a week later, I will ride both day and night.” Guo Xiliang laughed and slapped him down. Qinghu rushed out directly, causing another turmoil.

Mulan looked at Wiliam angrily and roared: “Do you know what you are doing! Are you crazy! Are you now asking me to count on him to win or you to win!”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t even think about it.

Indeed, Mulan was tangled at the moment.

If that scum wins, Wiliam will not only save his life, but also get rewards from the competition.

But the price is that both people will be bullied by that scum.

And if Wiliam wins, it means Guo Xiliang lost in the competition.

With only Wiliam’s words, how could he beat young children from a family of martial arts?

Let alone fight against the South Ban Li family.

At that time, Wiliam must have lost his life.

Is it worth it to win the bet and lose your life like this?

These two endings were completely unacceptable to Mulan

“You can’t expect me to be number one alone?” Wiliam looked at Mulan amused.

This is the best outcome of the two scenarios.

Wiliam both won the game and forced Guo Xiliang to bow his head.

However, Mulan looked at Wiliam with a foolish look, “Don’t you know how many kilograms you are yourself! In the mid-inner energy period, there is no unicorn power bonus. You can’t even beat me. Do you admit that?”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, in the middle of my inner strength, I really can’t beat you.”

After hearing this, Mulan’s heart broke even more, too lazy to care about Wiliam, she just twisted her ass and left.

After Wiliam returned to the room, he began to organize his thoughts.

Putting aside all the doubts and conspiracies in this competition, what Wiliam is most concerned about now is his own strength.

Wiliam is indeed only in the middle of his inner strength.

It’s still two levels behind Huajin.

However, Wiliam bears the blood of a unicorn, and has the addition of “Impermanence Medical Classic” and “Impermanence Nine Types”.

The biggest support is the ever-evolving Long Live Red Lotus.

In this way, Wiliam was enough to challenge him.

To put it bluntly, the people in the later stage of Inner Strength had no confidence in winning in front of Wiliam.

But against the top players of Shanghuajin, Wiliam also had no confidence in winning.

However, Wiliam still had support.

That is the blood of conscience that has been half refined in the body.

If the blood of the other half of the conscience can be completely refined within this week, I believe it will not be a problem to break through to the late stage of internal strength.

In this case, he has the possibility of winning against the early masters of Shanghuajin.

And don’t forget, Wiliam still has the heart of Yanhuang.

Although Grandma Lu Lingyun had always asked Wiliam to store the Yanhuang Heart first, she was not in a hurry to take it.

But at the critical moment, the heart of Yan Huang could provide Wiliam with the possibility of fighting again.

That’s why Wiliam had said to Mulan before that he could get the first place.

However, Mulan didn’t know that Wiliam possessed all kinds of mysteries, so she didn’t have any confidence in Wiliam.

As for the scumbag Guo Xiliang, it is estimated that his realm is in the early stage of aging, but he is stronger than Mulan.

He has a fierce reputation, and the green tiger sitting here is estimated to take up half of the credit.

But is it allowed to use mounts during the competition?

Wiliam shook his head, threw out these thoughts, and concentrated on refining blood.

On the other side, Guo Yulin sneered directly when he heard Guo Xiliang’s report, “That kid has good medical skills, but I heard that he is only a warrior in the middle stage of inner strength, a chore, and dare to speak wild words?”

Guo Xiliang laughed loudly, “That’s why I said that kid is ridiculous, he doesn’t know how high the sky is.”

“In this way, if you help with punches, you must help with punches, and you must protect his life. However, if you need a lesson, you still have to let him taste it. Otherwise, if he really relies on his own medical skills, he will feel rampant. Now? Teach him well.” Guo Yulin showed a trace of hideousness on his face.

“Hey, this, I will naturally, after all, I am so good that I have not come out, I am afraid, the people in Lingcheng will almost forget who I am? This is a good opportunity for me to speak again.” Guo Xiliang said. The eyes flickered fiercely.

Guo Yulin looked at Guo Xiliang and nodded.

He looked into the distance.

I’m afraid, things are not that simple.

What does the above mean?

At night, a powerful message swept the entire Lingcheng.

Someone suddenly announced another reward for this youth martial arts test meeting!

And this reward is enough to make this youth test martial arts conference, and even the entire Nanban Li family, are excited!

Because this other reward is actually a bead.

This belongs to the head of the thirty-six soul dreams of the Nanban Li family!

Biluo’s heart and soul!


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