Dragon Husband 933

Chapter 933

When Wiliam heard this message, the vague premonition in his heart came out again.

Biluo’s blood, isn’t it in Wiliam’s own hands?

Why, in this competition, there will be another bead of blue blood?

I’m afraid, someone is going to take a fake Biluo heart and blood and kill the three with two peaches.

And when the people from the Li family in the south heard this message, everyone was excited!

Nanban Li Jiabi, who had disappeared for several years, has lost his heart and soul, and has come back out of the arena!

Moreover, it was still used as a reward for the first place in this competition.

Perhaps, many people don’t know the significance of this Biluo’s heart and blood to the Li Family of Nanban, but the effect of Biluo’s heart and blood alone has attracted countless people.

The people from the southern ban on Li’s family were all gathered in the hall at this moment, with expressions of excitement.

Mrs. He was trembling all over.

“God bless! I banned the Li family from the south, and I am finally going to recover! The missing Biluo’s heart and soul has reappeared!” Mrs. He prayed to the sky first.

And some people asked excitedly: “Grandma He, why does Biluo’s heart and blood appear this time and be used as a reward? Who did it?”

Mrs. He smiled and said loudly: “Who else can anyone else! Have you forgotten, who is behind our youth martial arts test meeting? It must be the person above, seeing our southern ban, Li Family, going downhill. , So with the title of hosting the contest this time, Biluo’s heart and blood was bestowed on us. This means that the upper hand is supporting us!”

The people at the scene were all speechless!

The people above, they also only heard their voices but did not see them.

I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

What kind of person is on top, and the shot is generous enough!

“Grandma He, then this time, we must get the first place! Even if we work hard, we can’t let the first place fall into his hands.” Someone said loudly.

Mrs. He sneered, “Ho ho, what silly thing to say! Don’t you understand what I mean? Why do we have to show up the baby of our southern ban Li family when we hold this competition? This is the top change The law rewards us with the things from the Li Family in the South! I think that as long as normal people can guess it! So who dares to fight against the person above? Therefore, this competition is basically a formality. Even if someone has real abilities, he dare not win this first place. Therefore, this first place can only belong to our Nanban Li family! This is beyond doubt.”

Mrs. He’s words stunned everyone present!

Some older people even shed tears.

Over the years, it has been too hard to ban the Li family in the south.

The family situation has fallen in succession.

One of the most important reasons is that Biluo’s heart and soul, which represents the identity of the head of the Nanjin Li family, has been lost.

It’s alright now, as long as you have the Biluo’s heart and soul and become the new Patriarch of the Southern Forbidden Li Family, the revival of that house is near!

Before, they were still a little dissatisfied with Mrs. He because other beads had been pitted away.

It’s alright now, because the appearance of Mrs. He seems to have brought good luck to the Nanjin Li family.

Happy events again and again.

“If this is the case, it would be great. Everyone will surely retreat in the face of difficulties and complete our southern ban on Li’s house.” They laughed loudly.
However, Mrs. He suddenly closed her smile and said coldly: “We don’t need to consider the first place in the competition, and others will give it to us. Therefore, for this competition, we only have one task left.”

Everyone’s hearts shuddered.

A figure appeared in his mind.

Li Chengfeng gritted his teeth even more!



It’s Wiliam!

Li Chengfeng’s hair became much grayer overnight because of the loss of his mother.

For this Wiliam, Li Chengfeng wanted to kill his enemies more than anyone else!

Lin Dandan was aside, with a vicious face too.

Since I met Wiliam, she has lost all martial arts, and her hands are still bandaged.

Even in the public, Guo Yulin was beaten to vomiting blood and unconscious.

She attributed all the original sins to that kid.

“Yes, that’s him! The enemy of the Li family in Nanban, this time, he will have to give him a stop, let him go to netherworld, and kowtow to my Su Xiaomei to confess his guilt!” He also said viciously.

In her heart, she also hated Wiliam.

On the one hand, this kid is defiant again and again, stepping her face completely on the ground.

On the other hand, this kid didn’t know what demon was done to Li Nanfeng, Li Nanfeng obeyed his words, this was something that never happened.

Even now, Li Nanfeng would rather live in a hotel outside than go back to Li’s house in Nanban.

“Come and see, the contestants of this competition.” Mrs. He suddenly took out a list.

Everyone looked at.

There were originally twenty or thirty people on it.

But at this moment, most of them have been removed with a red stroke, leaving only about ten.

“These people were originally players who were willing to participate in the competition, and we also sent out invitation letters as they wished.” He explained.

She pointed to the people who had been struck out with a red pen, and said: “These people, after hearing that the prizes of this competition are full of hard work, they called as soon as possible and expressed their willingness to withdraw directly from the competition.”

Everyone was stunned, and ecstatic after the reaction, “Sure enough, as Grandma He said, but normal people don’t dare to compete for the first place. This is to show our favor to the Li family in Nanban in advance.”

For a while, everyone who banned Li’s family in the south felt bright on their faces.

This is the first time in several years that they feel proud of being a family of martial arts and being worshipped by all quarters.

Mrs. He nodded with satisfaction, and said, “Let’s take a look at other people.”

Because Mrs. He has been away from home for many years, she doesn’t know many people in it.

At this time, someone explained the past one by one.

After an explanation, the people from the Southern Forbidden Li family laughed again, “Hahaha, these people are some superficial people, and they are not the strongest young people in the martial arts family. It seems that they also know it in their hearts. I just don’t want to retire directly and get someone else’s tongue, so I silently expressed support to us in this passive game.”

There are eleven people in that list.

Among them, ten are internal warriors.

In this world, it’s simply a state where you can’t get to the stage.

It can even be said that in Wu Xueshi’s family, they are all fledgling boys.

Only one has reached the state of Huajin.

That is Guo Xiliang.

“Ho ho, over there, the Jackdaw family, I’ll go to mention them. Now the question is here, who of you is willing to be the first shattering knife in the rise of the Li family in Nanban!” Mrs. He As he said, the finger suddenly pointed to a name!



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