Dragon Husband 934

Chapter 934

This is a big fat difference!

As a result, many young people who banned the Li family in southern China raised their hands one after another!

They knew that Wiliam was just a warrior in the middle of the inner strength.

Among the ten inner strength warriors, they are all considered the weakest.

This is not a matter of discretion.

No one wants to miss this opportunity to not only sling the enemy, but also serve the family with unlimited glory.

But at this time, a person slowly stood up.

“I come!”

Li Chengfeng!

Li Chengfeng’s face was full of gloom at the moment, and he was not at all happy because the family was about to revive.

He had already turned his head with hatred, just thinking about breaking Wiliam into pieces!

Seeing Li Chengfeng’s appearance, people at the scene couldn’t help but hesitate.

Even Mrs. He frowned and said, “Chengfeng, don’t be impulsive. According to the rules, you are over forty years old and you are not eligible for the competition.”

However, Li Chengfeng said loudly and loudly: “The rules? Are there rules for this competition? First of all, isn’t it said that you can’t compete under Huajin? But what about the kid? There are nine other people. There are no rules. “

“Also, since the people above are supporting us this time, they will definitely open one eye and close the other. So, Aunt He, what are you hesitating?”

When everyone heard what Li Chengfeng said, they nodded, “It’s true, it seems that the kid broke the rules first, then we can’t be blamed.”

However, Mrs. He was still silent.

Li Chengfeng seemed to know what Old Lady He was thinking. He stared at Old Lady He and said, “Aunt He, I have another suggestion. I don’t know if it is appropriate?”

“You said.” Mrs. He asked.

“Since the heavens doomed us to ban the Li family from the south to get the Biluo heart and soul, that is to say, we ban the Li family from the south, and finally there must be a real Patriarch. Instead of discussing who will kill the enemy here, we might as well discuss it. , Who is more appropriate to be the head of the house?”

As soon as the topic came out, everyone at the scene was silent.

Everyone knows that Li Chengfeng and Su Yuchun have always been in charge of the Li family in Nanban.

It’s just that there is no proof of identity of Biluo’s Heart and Blood Ball, which is a bit unfair.

Now, it seems to be the time.

Li Chengfeng, do you want to compete with Granny He for the position of Patriarch?

“Since you have said it, I don’t know what suggestions you have?” Mrs. He threw the question to Li Chengfeng.

Li Chengfeng suddenly said: “This time we banned the Li family in South Korea to have such a god-given opportunity, it is the luck that Aunt He brought us, and Aunt He is still the highest-ranking person among us. She is the head of the family and is justified. What do you think?”

Everyone was stunned, not thinking that Li Chengfeng would support Mrs. He as the head of the family!

And Mrs. He’s eyes were also shining, she seemed to know Li Chengfeng’s thoughts.

The people at the scene no longer hesitate, and Qi Qi said yes.

“Therefore, the day of the Youth Test Martial Arts Conference is also a great day for the new head of our Southern Ban Li Family, Aunt He, if you can rest assured, I will handle your succession ceremony alone, how about?” Li Chengfeng said again.

This time, Mrs. He also laughed, “Then you will have to work, this time, you will also work hard.”
The two looked at each other and reached a tacit deal.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the game.

In the past few days, Wiliam has been locked in the room and concentrated on refining the blood of conscience.

During the period, he made some phone calls to explain some things.

Mulan lost her temper at the back.

When Wiliam went out, she didn’t see Mulan.

Did not answer the phone.

While on the road, I received a message from Mulan saying that she didn’t want to be embarrassed in the past.

Wiliam didn’t think too much, and drove to Li’s house in Nanban.

At this moment, the South Ban Li family swept away the previous malaise.

Starting from the gate, the lanterns and festoons are beaming.

And there is a huge crowd around a wide performance platform.

Those who came were all rich and powerful, and they all knew what would happen here today.

Such a festive arrangement is not for the game, but for a grand coronation ceremony after the game.

To this end, Mrs. He specially put on a grand black gold cheongsam, looking very solemn.

The game hasn’t started yet, and there is a group of people around Granny He complimenting and congratulating.

Mrs. He took it for granted, accepting the blessings of the Quartet.

When Wiliam came in, this harmonious atmosphere was instantly broken.

The people who banned Li’s family from the south saw Wiliam, all eyes were fired.

Li Chengfeng was even more murderous.

Even Lin Dandan walked up to Wiliam’s face and smiled coldly: “You really dare to come! Why? Now regret it, do you want to come and admire the scenery of our Nanban Li family? I tell you, it’s too late. We ban Li’s house in the south, but no cat or dog can suppress it.”

Lu Yezheng paid attention to Lin Dandan and walked directly to a corner.

No one was willing to pay attention to Wiliam, and some even feared him three points.

Because he is a notorious murder doctor.

Because the main hall owner left Lingcheng on the night of Su Yuchun’s accident, he didn’t really stand up to explain to Wiliam.

Wiliam stood alone, looking around.

He saw the Jackdaw family.

Naturally, Guo Yulin would not show up, but Wu Bili, Guo Xiliang and others showed up.

Wu Bili didn’t have the kind of politeness to Wiliam before.

She put on a good look and stared at Wiliam provocatively.

Guo Xiliang finally didn’t sit on the green tiger this time, looking like a fool, whistling to the beauties around him.

Before the game started, a lottery was conducted.

Twelve people were divided into six groups to catch and fight each other.

Twelve into six, six into three.

The last three people competed for the first place.

Because everyone knows that today’s game is just a matter of action, everyone is not concerned about the game.

At the end of the first round of the draw, Wiliam got one of Gu Yuehu’s family.

Judging from his age, that person was only in his twenties, even younger than Wiliam.

When she saw Wiliam, as if she saw a broom star, she cursed unlucky.

Then the game didn’t start, so she retired.

The people at the scene laughed.

At the same time, everyone looked at Wiliam more jokingly.

With him, there seemed to be a clown for fun.

The first two rounds were dull.

Everyone was shocked by Li Chengfeng’s murderous look, and they knew that Li Chengfeng was going to avenge his mother today.

Therefore, Li Chengfeng was directly recommended to the top three.

Wiliam naturally followed the light. Who would dare to do something to Wiliam before Li Chengfeng?

There is also Guo Xiliang, everyone dare not mess with this scum.

So in the last three, they became Wiliam, Li Chengfeng and Guo Xiliang.

The three people draw lots. I don’t know if it is a black-box operation. Li Chengfeng has a bye and directly becomes the candidate for the championship.

But Wiliam met Guo Xiliang.


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