Dragon Husband 935

Chapter 935

Seeing such a match, many people couldn’t help but be speechless.

Wiliam actually faced a scum.

This is really worth seeing.

One is a trifle of fame and reputation, martial arts is not worth mentioning.

The other was a scum that moved Lingcheng, with a brutal method.

Now everyone is worried about whether Guo Xiliang accidentally beat the kid to death with one punch.

In this case, Li Chengfeng must be even more irritable.

When the time comes, the irritable Li Chengfeng will face the ferocious Guo Xiliang, which is something to watch.

Wiliam stood in front of Guo Xiliang, and Guo Xiliang sneered.

“Unexpectedly, the two of us would meet together,” Guo Xiliang said loudly.

Wiliam knew what he meant.

Originally, Guo Xiliang wanted to give Wiliam a fist and clear away obstacles.

But because of the appearance of Bi Luo’s heart and blood, his assisting punch seemed unnecessary.

If Guo Xiliang followed the previous agreement, he should pretend to be defeated by Wiliam, and then let Lu Yeshun confront Li Chengfeng.

Guo Xiliang would not do this.

Because he is Guo Xiliang.

How could he lose to a small clerk in front of the whole city.

No one can lose to Wiliam.

Therefore, this is the last dead end Guo Xiliang and Wiliam want to encounter.

“What are you going to do now?” Wiliam asked slowly, ready in his heart.

Guo Xiliang smiled lazily, “Of course, you have to take a good look, how many catties are you kidding?”

While speaking, the referee gave an order.

This disparity in strength has officially begun.

Everyone was guessing below, how many seconds and how many punches would it take Guo Xiliang to kill this kid.

Naturally, Guo Xiliang would not kill Wiliam, after all, Guo Yulin’s orders were there.

He laughed, then blasted towards Wiliam with a punch.

He didn’t have to do his best, because in his heart, a warrior in the middle of his inner strength would not let him kill a chicken with a sledgehammer.

But Rao is so, his fist screamed like a tiger descending the mountain.

The warriors who were on the scene, seeing this punch, were already speechless.

They have seen the gap between internal energy and Huajin.

With the same punch, the inner strength warrior hit it, like a Mianmianjianghe.

But even if it was beaten by the Huajin Warrior, it was still like a stormy sea, full of momentum!

“Guo Xiliang! Keep your hands!” Li Chengfeng, standing below, shouted directly.

But the next second!


Wiliam advances instead of retreating!

With one punch, it hit Guo Xiliang’s tiger fist head-on!

A roar came from the two fists!

The fists of the two were facing each other tightly.

And Wiliam didn’t retreat a little bit!

This scene can make those who just wanted to watch the good show dumbfounded.

No way!

A small chopstick in the middle stage of internal strength can actually catch Guo Xiliang’s punch directly!

Even if Guo Xiliang stays in strength, if this punch goes on, he is a normal late-stage martial artist who dares not to resist directly!

Did this kid take Hercules pills?

So fierce!

Li Chengfeng frowned slightly in the audience, and he didn’t expect Wiliam to take Guo Xiliang’s move.
The old lady on the side looked at Li Chengfeng and asked, “What do you think of this kid?”

Although Li Chengfeng frowned, he still confidently said: “This kid is a bit interesting, but compared to me, after all, he is far behind. Guo Xiliang is a little underestimated.”

Mrs. He nodded, “It’s so good.”

Her gaze turned to a high platform.

On the high platform, two things were placed.

One is an exquisite letter of introduction.

And another thing, under the sun, still gleamed with blood.

Bi Luo’s heart and blood.

These two things appeared on this high platform early in the morning.

No one knows who sent this thing, and how?

But everyone knows that this is directly placed here by the person above.

Before the end of the game, no one has the authority to move these two things, including Mrs. He herself.

On the stage, Guo Xiliang showed a surprised look when he saw that Wiliam took his move and did not retreat.

Then, he twitched the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: “You still hide it quite deep, then go ahead.”

As he said, he punched again with the other hand!

This time, a strange aura seemed to linger on the fist.

This breath makes people feel extremely cruel.

With a punch, it makes people seem to hear the roar of a tiger!

The people below opened their eyes wide and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Crazy Tiger Fist! This is Guo Xiliang’s famous skill! Now this kid has some pain!”

Guo Xiliang has lived with beasts since he was a child, so every one of his moves is to imitate tigers, leopards and jackals.

In the boxing power, naturally entrained the coercion of the beast!

This is what makes him most different from ordinary people!

Ordinary people are the coercion of people, and he is the coercion of beasts.

Are humans and beasts stronger than beasts?

Natural beasts are even more deceptive!

At this time, Wiliam also punched.

The aura on his body also soared instantly.


When the fists were facing each other, the entire performance stage trembled severely.

The people at the scene were stunned!

This kid can also play such a powerful force!

I can’t believe it!

However, he should still be far behind compared to Crazy Tiger Boxing.

This move, Guo Xiliang should use 80% of his power.

How could Wiliam stop it!

A gust of wind blew between them at the scene.

Li Chengfeng was below, laughing coldly: “Victory or defeat, already divided, don’t mean anything.”

Sure enough, when his voice just fell, a figure flew out from the gust of wind!

The people at the scene also fell in their hearts one after another, and as expected, the outcome was already divided.

This kid, being able to block Guo Xiliang’s punch, is already an eye-opener.

But it can only stop here.

I really thought that he was a child, and he could resist the Huajin martial artist.

wishful thinking.

Li Chengfeng stood up slowly and shouted coldly: “Forbidden Li family members to the south, prepare to collect the body of that kid.”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly heard unbelievable screams from the crowd!

“Damn! Look! Look! Are my eyes blind?”

“Wipe, how is it possible! What the hell is going on!”

“My God! That kid, who is that kid!”

Li Chengfeng was stunned for a while, then he followed everyone’s fingers and looked over.

At this look, he trembled all over!

Just now, someone flew out!

Even the speed of flying backwards is extremely fast!

So fast that everyone can’t see who it is.

However, everyone has only one idea.

Still need to see clearly?

The realm gap is there, and you can know who was blown out without even thinking about it.

Now, the one who flew out has landed.

Everyone wanted to see the kid’s miserable situation with joking.

But it was found to be extremely terrifying!

The one who flew out was not Wiliam!

Surprisingly Lingcheng scum!

Guo Xiliang!


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