Dragon Husband 936

Chapter 936

Everyone couldn’t understand why, the two people on the stage were two steps away!

Among them, there is a chasm between internal energy and chemical energy!

Why is Guo Xiliang the one who was beaten up!

What happened to the fist just now!

The dust gradually settled.

On the stage, there was still one person standing.

A seat of white clothes does not seem to be stained with dust.

He just looked at him indifferently, his eyes were neither sad nor happy.

It seems so, as it should be.

Live, silence!

Everyone’s eyes were on Wiliam’s body.

It was as if there was some earth-shattering secret hidden in his body, otherwise, how could he make Guo Xiliang fly upside down with a single blow.

Even Guo Xiliang used his housekeeping skills!

“Cough!” Guo Xiliang on the ground suddenly coughed heavily.

But he coughed up a blood foam directly!

He rose into the sky, his eyes became extremely cold in an instant!

He was moved to kill!

Just now, he relied on his great ability and his realm gap, he didn’t even put Wiliam in his eyes.

I just want to play with him.

However, it is hard to imagine that Wiliam, who was under the mad tiger fist, actually beat himself in the fist!

It is true that Guo Xiliang has the element of underestimating the enemy.

But I have to say that Wiliam’s punch is very strange!

Guo Xiliang’s unfavorable breath of mad tiger, if he meets ordinary people.

Ordinary people who still don’t punch, will be frightened and make a three-pointer weakly.

However, when the mad tiger’s breath met this Wiliam, Guo Xiliang had a strange feeling.

Just now, he seemed to feel that the mad tiger’s aura disappeared as it approached Wiliam’s body.

And it was scattered uncontrollably.

This is unprecedented!

Therefore, Guo Xiliang was careless and underestimated Wiliam’s strength. Only after he punched him, he was blown out by Wiliam.

Looking at Wiliam with an iceberg face in front of him, and then at the extremely complicated eyes around him, Guo Xiliang was completely violent!

Since his scum became famous, he has never been so humiliated in Lingcheng!

It was blasted out by a small mess!

Still in front of so many people!

This will allow him to gain a foothold in Lingcheng in the future!

He rushed towards Wiliam directly.

However, the referee on the side sternly shouted: “Guo Xiliang, you have already fallen off the martial arts stage, and you have lost it. On this stage, you are not allowed to do anything else!”

However, Guo Xiliang raised the referee fiercely, and everyone turned pale with fright!

At this moment, Guo Xiliang is completely like a wild beast possessed, his eyes are red, and even his mouth is still drooling!

He seems to be tearing up this referee directly!

“Xiliang! Put him down!” Wu Bili shouted aside.

Guo Xiliang threw the referee, who was trembling with fear, aside, but he roared to the sky to vent his anger!

He suddenly looked at Wiliam and asked sternly, “Boy! What kind of crooked work did you use! Tell me clearly!”

Wiliam looked at Guo Xiliang indifferently, but didn’t answer.

Crooked ways?


A few days ago, Wiliam faced Guo Xiliang, losing more and winning less.
However, yesterday, Wiliam finally completely refined the blood of conscience in his body.

And as Grandma Lu Lingyun expected, after the end of refining, Wiliam’s realm finally broke through again.

Reach the end of inner strength!

Wiliam, who was in the late period of internal strength, faced Guo Xiliang and naturally had the capital to fight.

But it is only a battle.

A coincidence!

Guo Xiliang is using Crazy Tiger Boxing.

And the breath of mad tiger.

Against others, you may be able to succumb to others before fighting.

But for Shang Wiliam, it was the opposite.

You know, Wiliam’s bloodline is the bloodline of the ancient unicorn!

Kylin, ancient beast!

The length of the beasts!

With the posture of a beast, how can you be afraid of the mortal tiger?

No matter how mad the tiger, in front of Wiliam’s Qilin Qi, his tail will be clamped!

That’s why Guo Xiliang’s mad tiger aura would dissipate by itself when he met Wiliam Qijin.

But how can Guo Xiliang, who thinks highly of himself, understand these reasons?

After understanding, how can he give up?

Wiliam would not take the initiative to speak.

“You lost.” Wiliam said lightly.

Guo Xiliang, originally waiting for an explanation from Wiliam.

But this kid, Zuo Gu said about him.

Now, in front of so many people, he said that he had lost!

How could Guo Xiliang bear this tone!

For a while, the spirit on him was violent!

Suddenly, he blew a whistle in the distance!

Only in an instant!

Everyone just felt that a fishy wind was coming!

Then, a behemoth rushed directly to the stage!

Green Tiger!

Seeing Qinghu, everyone couldn’t help taking a breath!

Wu Bili frowned and shouted: “Guo Xiliang! What do you want to do! Come down to me!”

However, Guo Xiliang, who was violent, couldn’t hear anything.

He seemed to have become a mad tiger, with only one thought left in his mind.

Tore this brat boy to life!

And Mrs. He, who was not far away, was not at all anxious and watched the play jokingly.

In her heart, that kid will die sooner or later.

As for whose hands died, it doesn’t matter at all.

Wu Bili turned pale when she saw Guo Xiliang was disobedient!

After all, this youth martial arts test meeting, but the above is watching!

Guo Xiliang disregarded the rules of the game so much, and still refused to forgive after losing. If the blame comes down from the top, the Jackdaw family can’t finish eating!

“Guo Xiliang! Do you want our Jackdaw family to suffer! You are no longer qualified to stay on this stage!” Wu Bili shouted again.

This time, Guo Xiliang seemed to have heard it.

He seems to be afraid of the existence above.

He yelled, then slapped Qinghu.

One person and one tiger fell into the audience.

He glared at Wiliam on the stage with an anger, and said fiercely: “I can’t get on the stage now, then I will stay under the stage. You’d better pray and stay on this stage forever!”

Everyone took a breath!

This Guo Xiliang stood in the audience and prepared to punish Wiliam!

This cannot be said to be breaking the rules, but it is also a very vicious practice.

It seems that this kid is destined to tremble on this stage today.

As for Li Chengfeng, the corner of his mouth ticked at this time.

Going to be on stage.

Everyone’s hearts were raised all at once.

There is not much time left for this kid.

It is estimated that as soon as Li Chengfeng took action, there was nothing wrong with Guo Xiliang.

But at this time, another change occurred.

Wiliam actually ignored Li Chengfeng’s upcoming move to power.

Instead, it took a step forward.

Step directly off the stage!

Faced with Guo Xiliang.

Everyone stopped breathing.

Is this kid crazy!

Knowing that this martial arts stage had become his amulet, not only did he not cherish it, but he took the initiative to step down!

What is this going to do!

And Wiliam, amidst the consternation of everyone, slowly said a word.

“If you want to fight, I will step down to complete you.”


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