Dragon Husband 937

Chapter 937

When everyone heard Wiliam’s words, they got goose bumps all over!

What an arrogant kid!

I really thought that if I had a slight advantage just now, I would be able to stabilize Guo Xiliang!

Guo Xiliang, he is not relying on a pair of fists!

If Guo Xiliang’s strength and notoriety are very good!

Then his own strength is barely five points!

There is a five-point bonus, but it is on the green tiger that has been growing with him!

This green tiger alone can already make the warriors of Huajin fear.

And everyone knows it!

In the entire Jackdaw family, Guo Xiliang is the one who knows best about animal training.

He can be regarded as the best man in the Jackdaw family to cooperate with wild beasts.

Now, Guo Xiliang is one with man and beast!

The strength is completely different from just now!

This kid is great!

I don’t know how to write dead words at all.

It’s fine if you don’t kneel down and beg for mercy, and take the initiative to step down!

Even actively provoke Guo Xiliang!

The world is really amazing!

When Guo Xiliang saw Wiliam take the initiative to step down, he suddenly laughed, “You have a kind! I admit now that you are a man! It’s just that your road to a man ends here!”

Wiliam looked at Guo Xiliang unchanged, and said, “If you want to fight, you will fight, where is so much nonsense?”

After seeing Guo Xiliang’s support, Wiliam was confident.

The Qinghu was extremely fierce in everyone’s eyes, but like the mad tiger’s breath, it could not suppress Wiliam at all.

Therefore, Wiliam had the heart, and wanted to use Guo Xiliang’s strength to test what strength he could display after breaking through to the late stage of internal strength.

Guo Xiliang sneered, and the green tiger around him suddenly roared!

one person!

One tiger!

Qi Qi rushed towards Wiliam!

The tiger is ahead!

People are behind!

Tiger grazing!

Road closure!

In the action of one person, one tiger, there was a hint of harmony between heaven and earth.

Everyone who saw this scene once again praised it!

“Hahaha, it really is Guo Xiliang! This person is absolutely brilliant, and the whole family of Jackdaws, I am afraid that no one has made this move!”

“It’s been a long time since I saw this trick. I thought Guo Xiliang would never use this trick again.”

“That kid, be content! It’s a pity to let Guo Xiliang’s people use it all!”

Seeing Guo Xiliang’s trick, Wiliam couldn’t help but want to applaud him.

Sure enough, the world is so big that there are many capable ones.

This Guo Xiliang is also a person who does not take the usual path.

Seeing this, the tacit understanding between him and Qinghu completely surpassed Wiliam’s knowledge of beasts.

Moreover, this green tiger is extremely smart, and he can actually cooperate with Guo Xiliang.

Do people slap the door?

Sure enough, it was extraordinary.

Moreover, Wiliam felt it.

Since the appearance of this green tiger, Guo Xiliang’s temperament has completely changed from before.

Before Guo Xiliang’s aura was extremely arrogant, but it had its appearance.

But behind Qinghu Jia, he obviously had confidence, but he appeared more restrained.

In this way, it makes people feel that it is uncomfortable to be watched by the beast all the time.

In the blink of an eye, Renhu slapped the door close to his eyes.

Wiliam instinctively wanted to hide away.

But that Qinghu seemed to be able to predict Wiliam’s actions in advance.

The tiger’s claw stretched out and directly stopped Wiliam’s action.

When everyone saw this scene, they clapped their hands together!

One person, one tiger, and the final effect cannot be explained by one plus one equals two.

Wiliam could only reluctantly collapse in a hurry.

His arm was suddenly scratched by Qinghu’s paw.

Blood suddenly appeared along Wiliam’s arm.

Everyone was relieved.

This is the correct rhythm of the game.

Although this is no longer an official game.

Just now, the kid did not know how to win Guo Xiliang by virtue of his evil ways.

Now I’m going to taste the power of Guo Xiliang’s unity between man and tiger.

In the next few minutes, Wiliam was even more embarrassed by one person and one tiger.

There is also a lot of color on him.

And Guo Xiliang looks happier as he plays.

He also hadn’t fought so hard with Qinghu for a long time.

The scene burst into applause from time to time.

Everyone’s concerns have all shifted to Guo Xiliang and Qinghu.

As for Wiliam, it was already a complete foil.

Accompanying this man Yihu staged a wonderful play of subtle cooperation.

At the same time, everyone felt that the reason why that kid could last so long was because Guo Xiliang had a playful heart and wanted to torture that guy to death.

The strained heartstrings of the people who banned the Li family in the south gradually eased.

Things are still advancing along the rhythm they expected.

Let’s see now, when Guo Xiliang doesn’t want to play.

Because Wiliam was in it, he couldn’t move forward and couldn’t retreat.

Guo Xiliang looked at Wiliam who was now embarrassed, and suddenly laughed, “Boy, do you regret it now?”

Wiliam did not answer.

Guo Xiliang looked even more proud.

Because Wiliam had been forced by him so that he couldn’t even find the answer.

It seemed that Qinghu hadn’t killed for a long time. The more he fought, the more courageous he was. In the end, he was chasing Wiliam to fight.

Guo Xiliang stood in place instead.

The green tiger showed his power, and the people at the scene immediately applauded again.

But no one knew that, although Wiliam in the field was in a panic, he was constantly calculating.

After some trials just now, Wiliam gradually figured out where the ceiling of his strength was.

Guo Xiliang is not a normal chemical fighter.

As for the normalization of Jin Wu, Wiliam now estimates that he can be completely equal to the early Wu Jin.

Ability to reach the level of Mulan, even above Mulan.

After understanding this, Wiliam gradually became interested and continued to coax with the big tiger.

And Guo Xiliang on the side, after the situation just now, has completely recovered his face, and even the stunt of making people beat the door resounds throughout Lingcheng again.

He was totally uninterested to continue.

Seeing that the green tiger became more and more powerful, it seemed that there was an urge to eat.

Guo Xiliang was about to stop playing, so Qinghu swallowed the embarrassing rubbish.

But at this time, a word suddenly rang from the other side.

“Let’s stop here, I won’t play with you.”

It was Wiliam who pulled out a gap and retreated to the edge of the martial arts platform.

Everyone laughed directly when they heard this sentence.

Yo yo yo!

Do not forget to pretend to be forced to death!

After being chased and beaten by others, I can’t even play with you anymore.

You are running away, can you escape?

This kid, really pretends to be like the wind, always with me!

Guo Xiliang laughed even more, “You have a face to say this and laughed at me, then, in your last pretending voice, go to hell! Green Tiger! Swallow him!”

Qinghu obeyed his orders, and roared up to the sky, making the smoke even worse.

Everyone can tell that Qinghu is excited!

It opened its mouth in the blood basin and bit at Wiliam!

Wiliam was already in the corner, unable to retreat.

Someone closed their eyes suddenly.

After all, the wild beast swallows people, it is rare in this world.

But some people didn’t have time to close their eyes, and they saw a terrifying scene!

Wiliam suddenly exploded with a fierce aura!

This fierce momentum rushed directly towards the green tiger!

That green tiger actually stiffened in the air and crawled towards Wiliam!

In the end, he fell directly to the ground and fell in front of Wiliam!

And Wiliam, with one foot in full view, lightly stepped on the head of the green tiger who had just killed the Quartet!


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